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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency constantly in the news and with more people owning it, there’s businesses which now see real world use in it. There are many different respected companies which are currently adopting Bitcoin, allowing people to use it to purchase goods and services. For consumers this opens up the opportunity to use it on things they would already be interested in regardless.

We will provide a great list of all the most popular businesses which currently accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.

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Accepted Locations

There were several options to choose from but we highlight what we consider to be the largest companies.


You can get yourself a sandwich in many different Subway locations with BTC.  All you have to do is have a merchant app to initiate the transaction. There is some discussion online of people who said the process was easy and seamless.


You can add money into your account using Bitcoin. All you have to do is log into your Microsoft account, hit redeem Bitcoin, and then scan the QR code or use your desktop wallet. Microsoft offers software, Xbox items, movies, digital downloads and much more.


For flights, hotels, and cars, Expedia offers consumers the ability to put their BTC to use. This is processed by Coinbase and when attempting to make a purchase you will be redirected to their website which will hold your place for a total of 10 minutes until you finally processed to finalize your payment.


For your electronic needs you can now make purchases on this reliable website. Your web wallet should have the option to pay with Bitcoin, which will allow you to scan a QR code. You can send your Bitcoin to the official Newegg address, and just like hat your process will be initiated.


This was a major first adopted of Bitcoin which offers discounts on many different kinds of items. Their wide use and simplicity made it a great candidate for BTC. The company has even begun to accept many other different forms of crypto.


With Dish you can now make a BTC payment which is set up through h Coinbase.  For American satellite users this now makes it easy to pay your bill conveniently. The company released an official statement about their dedication to helping the crypto world work.


For discounted travel plans, CheapAir is offering users the ability to make payments though their BTC. This company was an early adopter which accepted it since 2024. The California based group is also publishing blogs to help explain what kind of use cryptocurrency has, and what can be done with it.


There is an ongoing movement to accept Bitcoin in the mainstream and with these companies already accepting it; it’s a major step in the favor of crypto in general. Business are taking the hint that crypto is here to stay, and with this it opens up the opportunity to spend it as you see fit.

Already there are major companies which have for years now accepted BTC without much hassle. All you have to do is have your QR code ready to provide the necessary Bitcoin, and some businesses even save your place to ensure you don’t miss an opportunity to book or reserve.

Provided in this guide is an easy to understand explanation as to what the best coins are of this year.

Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash

After the disagreement cause a fork, Bitcoin Cash came as a faster and more productive crypto. This is widely available on many different marketplaces though there’s still debate on which coin is the actual fork, so it remains to be seen what is considered to be the actual true Bitcoin. Since this split occurred in 2024 there is still debate within the community as to what is the preferred coin.

Bitcoin vs Litecoin

Litecoin modeled itself after Bitcoin and as such, has much of the similar protocols. The main difference is that Litecoin is slightly faster and the value isn’t as much as BTC at this time. This is also used as a way to make fast and simple transactions with fewer fees than it would be to do so through a bank.

Bitcoin vs Ethereum

Ethereum is considered to be the 2nd largest coin and it has a strong value appreciation at the time of this review. The Ethereum blockchain is widely adopted by other groups for its streamlined approach, speed, and accessibility. This works as a global super computer which is fully decentralized and backed by a quick processing time.
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Bitcoin vs Dollar

Bitcoin came as a way to combat the potential pitfalls that happen in fiat currency, where it is market manipulation, government issues, and of course centralization. The dollar still is a major fiat currency which is accepted worldwide, though there is fear that with mounting debt there may be inflation and other issues that will eventually occur.

Bitcoin vs Gold

Since commodities were exchanged gold has remained a major player for its real world use. The value has rarely if ever taken a huge dip, and in fast it has seen a steady rise through the years. Of course people don’t trade gold like they would a currency, as it’s meant more for long-term storage.

Bitcoin FAQ

  1. How to buy Bitcoin?
    Many different options exist it just depends on what kind of fees you’re willing to pay, when you need it by, and what your income sources are. You a find it on any exchange, and it’s fairly popular on different websites.
  2. Can I buy Bitcoin at Walgreens?
    There are some ATMs that offer Bitcoin, but they are not serviced or owned by Walgreens.
  3. What is the dollar value of Bitcoin?
    You can get it for $9,065 USD.
  4. Can I buy Bitcoin with credit card?
    Some websites offer this capability but the fees tend to be slightly higher than a bank deposit.
  5. How to buy Bitcoins instantly?
    Marketplaces where you already have crypto deposited in offer fast exchanges, you can also try ATMs or several associated websites.
  6. Is Bitcoin mining worth it anymore?
    It is quite competitive and people have already set up expensive rigs but if you have the time and inclination, it may be worth your investment.
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  7. What is the Bitcoin to USD value?
    This changes often but as of this review it is at $9,065 USD
  8. What are some companies that accept Bitcoin?
    There are a lot of different companies including Subway, Microsoft, Expedia, Gyft, Reddit, and many others.
  9. Where is the Bitcoin Wiki page?
    Check it out here:
  10. What’s a good Bitcoin wallet?
    It depends on what you’re looking to get, the most secure would be a paper wallet or hardware such as a secure drive.
  11. How to get Bitcoins?
    There are many options you can use including several marketplaces, ATMs, or websites which offer people the ability to buy from other owners.
  12. What’s a reliable source for Bitcoin news?
    Their Reddit page often has updates as well as simply typing in Bitcoin news on your web browser.
  13. Where can I find a Bitcoin price chart?
    Websites that offer updates include coinmarketcap and coingecko.
  14. What’s the Bitcoin to INR value?
    A Bitcoin sells for 589,702 Indian Rupees.
  15. What is the Bitcoin login page?
    No actual login it only matters if you have a wallet which is apart from Bitcoin.


Bitcoin has a wide net in the world of crypto and as such, is widely distributed through many different methods. This makes it very easy to get a hold of, and it gives consumers the option to be selective. Unlike alt coins you aren’t limited and don’t have to worry about setting up costly or time wasting conversions. Before it was only seen as an investment, there was speculation on whether or not BTC will be adopted by businesses. Fortunately this is now a reality with many popular destinations which accept it openly, and the number of businesses continues to grow.

You aren’t limited to holding to your crypto with no real world use; more and more business are adopting it as an accepted form of currency. What this means for consumers is that they now have the option to spend freely on things they would otherwise get through traditional means. This ranges from food, airline service, coffee, website credits, and much more.
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With the rapid approaching popularity of Bitcoin, it’s likely to continue to grow in its scope and marketplace adoption.

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