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What is BitClave?

BitClave is a search engine that’s completely decentralized and eliminates the sale of your personal information to 3rd party groups. Instead, users can select to share their browsing history to advertisers and get compensated, instead of the compensation going to major groups like Google.
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This was made to give users a more seamless internet browsing experience, where they not only have no say in what is exposed, but also lose on the money they should be earning.

This also helps advertisers looking to personalize their searches, so they are better able to target people who are at the very least interested in what is being sold.

Fundamentals of BitClave

With BitClave you don’t have to deal with unknown third-parties who are taking sensitive information and not letting users know what they’re doing with it.

Because their hyper focused advertising is actually targeted for people who might be interested in certain products, it makes it easier for businesses to know their advertisements are not being completely dismissed which can be a waste of money. This makes any kinds of ads specifically targeted for people who have interest in something like guns, who then may want to learn about bullets, casing, or gun ranges in the area.

The great benefit of BitClave is that unlike traditional advertisements on the net, it’s specially crafted to meet the demands that the web browser user is already interested in. The net is cast much more specifically instead of wider which often leads to wasted money for the business.

If you are using the web browser you can decide whether or not ads would be of interest to you. By allowing this there is an added benefit of not just getting advertisements for somewhat you may like, it also comes at a financial gain. So you’re able to get tokens to have this displayed before you.

If the business is offering something that a user may be interested in, such as some sort of incentive like a discount, then users would be more likely to want to start building a transaction with the company.

If you’re interested in securing your data or at the least not be flooded with advertisements, you can do so by limit the amount of information you allow to be public and you can gain some money off of this transaction. It ends up being a more controlled system where the viewer and potential seller can have a mutual understanding.


This idea is not entirely unique, although it is not as widely popular as other models; there are some decentralized search engines which also have similar kind of incentive plan. Advertising is a huge business and because of this competition, there is a need to stand out in some way.

Certain other decentralized platforms also allow business to display their advertising, but how they do so can vary:

AdEx: This was made especially to prevent fraud and allow users to decide whether they would like to view any sponsored content. This allows people to publish work and get paid for advertisements which viewers click on. It also allows publishers to decide which ads they want to show on their sites.

BAT: This is very similar to BitClave, but with BAT, businesses can have people watch full ads and those who view these ads can get tokens. Much of the same kind of protocol is followed other than how ads are displayed and what the viewer can gain in profit.

Steemit: You can look at blogs and set up social networks on Steemit, and they allow people to publish content with incentives through tokens on content people find enjoyable. The more things are shared, viewed, and discussed, will help to increase financial earnings for the publisher.

The Full Team

Not only is there a legal team of experts, but they also have a 12 person team. They were highly successful acquiring a grand total of .
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5 million USD in exactly 32 seconds.
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Their pre-sale was largely successful and was a clear indication that people were interested in seeing this company becomes successful. They have been active since 2024 and continue to produce new goals and accomplishments which are displayed on their official website.

Historical Trading

They have a total market cap of $29,483,194 USD at the time of this review. They also offer a circulating supply of 501,394,406 CAT.

With a total price of $0.058802 they also are available on difference market exchanges. These markets offer exchanges for BTC, ETH, BNT, USDT, and USD depending on which specific trading place you visit. Since the market is always changing the places where you can purchase it and the total value of a token can vary.

BitClave vs Presearch

Presearch works as a search engine as well, and they are fully decentralized allowing for people to only get the content they’re looking for. People can earn tokens by becoming an active member of the community, and users can also make decisions on future projects. They are currently still in their beta stages, though they to measure a total of 1 billion tokens being distributed.

BitClave vs BAT

BAT or Basic Attention Token work similarly, they are used to stop the unfairness of digital advertisements who get earnings off of consumer information. With BAT, they offer funds for people who watch certain ads, and they work using people’s personal devices. They also prevent against the sharing of unwanted ads.

BitClave vs Nebulas

Nebulas or NAS tokens are based off a decentralized search engine which is still working on their full release. They have partnered up with major investors like FBP Capital and GIFTO, and they have a market value of $8.87 per token. The total supply of NAS is 100,000,000, and they are active on their Reddit page.

BitClave FAQ

  1. Where can I buy BitClave?
    Different marketplaces including Bibox, YoBit, Kucoin, Tidex, Bancor Network, HitBTC, and all with different crypto exchanges.
  2. Where is there BitClave news?
    If you check different crypto news websites they have updated info, and they also share information on their official website.
  3. What is the BitClave ICO price?
    They have gone live and is no longer offering any initial coin offering prices; their market is update and at the time is selling CAT for $0.0731 per token.
  4. What is the BitClave coin all about?
    These coins are offered for people that want to invest in the decentralized search engine, and users don’t give their data to prevent third party advertising.
  5. Is there a BitClave Reddit forum?
    They do have a Reddit forum and members of the community are active.
  6. What are BitClave price predictions?
    No one can say for sure, but they do have a steady price chart which has increased in value since launching.
  7. Is there a BitClave app?
    No official app just yet.
  8. What is BitClave?
    It is a decentralized search engine that prevents the free flow of sensitive consumer information to 3rd parties.
  9. Is there a BitClave wallet?
    You can access their wallet on third website, or you can get your own such as the wallet offered on MyEtherWallet.
  10. Where is the BitClave log in?
    Visit their official website and you’ll see the log in information on their front page.
  11. How to buy BitClave?
    The process is easy and you can find it on multiple markets which allow the exchange of CAT for ETC, BTC, USD, and USDT.
  12. What is the official BitClave Twitter handle?
    It is:
  13. Where to buy BitClave?
    Different marketplaces are offered which are constantly updated. We recommend looking at the answer to question 1 to see all available locations.
  14. Is there a BitClave search engine?
    Absolutely, and you can download it on their website.
  15. What’s a good BitClave exchange site?
    Many different sites are available; it all depends on what kind of crypto you’d like to exchange. YoBit is currently the only marketplace which accepts USD.


This brings back the power of being able to view a website without having your personal likes and dislikes openly known to a 3rd party. By preventing this you are not only not targeted by unwanted ads, instead you’re now able to get money off of select companies who compensate you for that knowledge. With this in mind people are better able to control how their information is handled, or they can decide not to let this be known.

This is all dependent on whether or not you’d like to share your information, and you don’t have to content with the marketing platform of Facebook and Google. This also optimizes search so users can get only the type of content they are looking for, without being targeted for financial gain. The project has officially launched and it offers a unique browser for people to ensure their data is not leaked out for financial gain.

Peter Lehmann

Peter is a blockchain investor and cryptocurrency writer at Since 2014 Peter has advised blockchain startups and ICOs on content marketing, strategy and business development.

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