Top 11 Natural &Treatments For Giardiasis In Human

natural treatments for giardiasis

Have you ever suffered from Giardiasis? It is known as an intestinal infection whose cause is a parasitic protozoan, called Giardia lamblia. This disease is not very serious but it still damages your digestive system if you cannot treat it well. People who have Giardiasis often do not know exactly how to treat it, thereby leading to health deteriorated. Going to the hospital is the best solution but if you suffer from Giardiasis at a slight level, you can use homemade treatments for Giardiasis.

In this article, would like to recommend you some natural treatments for Giardiasis. If you want to treat it at home, you can refer to our methods that are safe and natural. We hope that after reading this topic, you will know some basic treatments for Giardiasis and use them properly.

Top 11 Natural Treatments For Giardiasis In Human

I. What Is Giardiasis?

Perhaps, many people might not know what giardiasis is. Therefore, in advance to discovering the natural and treatments for Giardiasis, we will cover some basic facts and information about this symptom. It is useful for you to widen your mind in terms of health issues. If you have never heard about this disease, you should not ignore this part.

Actually, Giardiasis is defined as a disease resulting from Giardia lamblia parasites, occurring in the small bowel. Giardia lamblia can infect and damage your small bowel. It is really a problem with your digestive system, thereby protecting and treating it well. Regarding the infection, Giardia lamblia will form cysts that can be transmitted to people through contaminated foods and beverages. It is also transmitted directly from person to person via their contact. You should aware of this information because it will be the most basic principle of the prevention.

In terms of its symptoms, it is said to be variable. In fact, some people who have no symptoms still get the Giardiasis. Meanwhile, other people may have chronic diarrhea or acute after they swallowed cysts 1 or 2 weeks, which are categorized as Giardiasis symptoms. Particularly, when you get the acute giardiasis, you will suffer from these following symptoms including profuse watery diarrhea, greasy, and foul-smelling. Additionally, you will have occasional bloating, passing gas, as well as abdominal cramping. While those others who suffer from chronic diarrhea will have some symptoms such as greasy, yellow, foul smelling diarrhea, abdominal pain, and weight loss. Their symptoms are quite similar so that it is hard for you to realize what form of Giardiasis you get. However, if you have these symptoms together, you should seek the treatments for Giardiasis immediately.

If you suspect whether you get Giardiasis or not, you would better go to doctors. That is the best solution for you. In the hospital, doctors will give you a test to diagnose. In other cases, many patients do not like going to the hospital, so that they choose to treat at home. Our natural andtreatments for Giardiasis will help you.

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II. Natural Treatments For Giardiasis – How To Treat

1. Garlic

treatments for giardiasis - garlic

Regarding the natural treatments for Giardiasis, we cannot skip the great benefit of garlic, which is known as an ancient herb for many medical purposes. Normally, when you have some problems with the digestion, you might think of garlic immediately. It is a good home remedy for the digestive system. In fact, garlic cloves are very beneficial for disorders such as high cholesterol, hypertension, as well as upper respiratory infection. A lot of studies have shown that garlic can intervene the mobility of the causing factor Giardia lamblia along with its capacity of adhering to human cells. Furthermore, this home remedy also has the direct lethal impact on the parasite. It has the ability to enhance the function of an enzyme that relates to cell degradation. Therefore, people who suffer from Giardiasis should consume garlic cloves, one of the best natural treatments for Giardiasis. Nevertheless, consuming garlic also has some side effects such as upset stomach and raising the risk of bleeding.

Among many ways to consume garlic, eating raw garlic cloves is better than cooking them because when you cook garlic, the active constituents will be destroyed, which reduces the health effects of garlic on Giardiasis. As a result, you are supposed to eat whole fresh garlic cloves or take a garlic supplement. However, if you choose to use the supplement, you should ask your doctor for an advice.

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2. Probiotic Yogurt

One of the natural treatments for Giardiasis that you can apply is to take advantage of yogurt benefits with active cultures. In easier words, you can take probiotic yogurt. As you know, probiotics are beneficial for our health, which helps us fight against pathogens including Giardia. Thanks to a wide range of mechanisms, probiotics can help Giardiasis patients recover quickly and lower the chances of getting this disease. In fact, many studies have shown the same result that probiotics have the ability to reduce the development of Giardia through many ways such as competing for nutrients and for cell receptor sites in our body as well as stimulating the immune system to fight against Giardia. You can take probiotics in any form of whole foods intake and supplements. Acidophilus yogurt, sauerkraut, and tempeh are some great suggestions for you to try.

In general, probiotics are very beneficial for our health, thereby taking it regularly. In addition to supporting Giardiasis treatment, digestive system, as you know, probiotic yogurt is great for skin care and weight loss. I think not only Giardiasis patients should take probiotics but also all of us should increase the number of advantageous bacteria in our body.

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3. Drinking More

treatments for giardiasis - drinking more

As said before, when you suffer from Giardiasis, you will have some accompanying symptoms such as diarrhea, nausea, fever, and so on. A common point of these symptoms is that they require you to drink more and more water to compensate the high amount of water that you lost during having these symptoms. Drinking can increase the level of fluids, which is helpful for dehydration prevention. Therefore, you are recommended drinking more water, fruit juices, sports drinks throughout the day. The higher amount of water you drink the better health condition you get. Drinking can not only support other treatments for Giardiasis but also contribute to the overall health condition. You are required to drink at least two liters of water per day to maintain the usual functions of your body. However, it does not mean that you can drink any kind of water or beverages. In fact, you should avoid drinks that contain alcohol as well as caffeine because these factors have the ability to increase the further loss of fluids.

In general, please bear in your mind that you are supposed to drink more when you get Giardiasis. That is an essential note for you to recover from this disease quickly.

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4. Taking Berberine-rich Medical Plants

Among the natural treatments for Giardiasis, taking berberine-rich medical plants is quite easy and effective as well. Berberine seems to be a common element appearing whenever you get some symptoms like diarrhea. To treat Giardiasis, you also need to add berberine to your healing process. Some people may choose to take in drugs instead of taking medical plants. It is also a good method but consuming medical plants seems to be safer and more natural than drugs taking. We should not abuse medicines too much.

Actually, berberine is an anti-parasitic chemical that has a bitter tasting and is found in natural herbal medicines. You can find berberine in some herbs including barberry, Indian barberry, as well as goldenseal. They are all high-berberine medical plants that help you deal with Giardiasis. According to a study in 1991, berberine had a significant impact on decelerating and stopping the growth and development of some parasites, including Giardia. Therefore, obtaining berberine naturally under the form of herbal medicines is one of the good treatments for Giardiasis. Two main herbal sources of berberine are goldenseal and barberry, as said before. You can search for their detailed functions and benefits to know more about them.

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5. Pippali Rasayana

Up to now, humans have found a lot of treatments for Giardiasis. Pippali Rasayanais one of those treatments. Have you heard this name? Actually, not many know it because it is defined as an Indian Ayurvedic formula that is not very popular. The formula is composed of long pepper, also known as Piper longum, and palash, also called Butea monosperma. Each of them has been used to treat chronic dysentery, intestinal worms, and Giardiasis as well. When they combine together, people have Pippali Rasayana formula that has the synergistic effect. In general, it can stimulate the immune reactions, which allows Giardiasis patients to get parasites out of your digestive tracts. For that reason, Pippali Rasayana contributes to the list of treatments for Giardiasis as well. Infected patients should consider using this method to treat Giardiasis because it is very effective. Nevertheless, consuming long pepper and palash at the same time may cause skin irritation. Hence, you should stop using this formula if you see skin rash develop.

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6. Horseradish

Like other treatments for Giardiasis, horseradish also has the ability to eliminate Giardia parasites out of your digestive tract. An important function of horseradish is to flush out the colon as well as the digestive tract by enhancing the secretion of the digestive fluid. Besides, it also provides some certain strong antioxidants, which are essential to your body. Again, it is an effective ingredient to treat Giardiasis. Actually, there is an amazing combination of horseradish and garlic to treat Giardiasis. If you are interested in this combination, you should not ignore our following recipe.


  • Horseradish (peeled): 1 oz
  • Garlic cloves (peeled): 1 oz
  • Vodka: 17 oz


  • Mince garlic and horseradish root
  • Pour the mixture with Vodka
  • Then infuse it for at least 10 days. Remember to shake the bottle periodically.

After 10 days, take a tablespoon of the mixture three times a day. You are recommended to drink it before eating 30 minutes.

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7. Drinking Beet Juice

As we stated in the previous treatments for Giardiasis, drinking is vital during having Giardiasis. In addition to drinking water, you can try beet juice for a better result. Actually, beet juice is considered as a home remedy for this disease to stop some common symptoms.

In fact, beet juice has many valuable benefits for your health. It is a big pity that people often ignore or do not know the great benefits of this powerful health food. Beets have strong antibacterial as well as anti-parasitic properties. If you get giardiasis, you should think of beet juice initially, instead of other home remedies because drinking this juice is one of the simplest and most effective treatments for Giardiasis. Within a week, if you can maintain to drink several glasses of beet juice per day, you can eliminate the parasite and clear up the infection. You are advised to drink this juice every morning 30 minutes before having your breakfast. Besides, you can eat salads with beets cowberries, as well as cranberries.

Is it hard to do so? I think the answer is no. You should spend a little effort and a small amount of time to blend some glasses of beet juice. Drinking its juice not only helps you fight against Giardia parasites but also improves your health, in general. Actually, beet juice can be a great suggestion for beauty care as well. You will see the amazing effect after consuming this fresh juice.

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8. Wormwood For Giardiasis

Wormwood has been used for medical purposes for quite a long time. It has a lot of health benefits. As the name reveals, wormwood leaves are categorized as herbs for eliminating and treating worms as well as parasites of many varieties. Among its beneficial functions, treating Giardiasis is also included. Researchers have found that wormwood contained certain sesquiterpenes that have the ability to break down parasitic membranes, thereby neutralizing the parasites. In turn, your digestive tract will be infection-free. Wormwood leaves are good home treatments for Giardiasis that you can think of. There are many ways to consume wormwood leaves, including drinking and eating. However, many people may irritate to wormwood; thus, you should try a little amount first to make sure that you do not have any trouble in consuming this food.

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9. Birch Leaves To Treat Giardiasis

treatments for giardiasis - birch leaves to treat giardiasis

Mentioning wormwood leaves also reminds me of another home remedy to deal with Giardiasis, which are birch leaves. Like wormwood, birch leaves were also used for medical purposes thousands of years ago. People used birch leaves to reduce inflammation and other conditions as well. In the list of treatments for Giardiasis, birch leaves are also an effective one. You can refer to our recipes below.

Direction 1:

  • Take ¼ oz of birch buds
  • Boil up with a glass of fresh water for 15 minutes
  • Then infuse for 1 hour

You are supposed to drink half a glass of this juice four times in a day and maintain in ten days. After that, you stop drinking for another ten days and then you repeat the treatment. It would have the best effect if you can make three courses.

Direction 2:

  • Take a cup of hot water
  • Put 1 ounce of fresh or dried birch leaves
  • Set aside it for about 5 hours
  • Then consume 1 or 2 tablespoons twice per day

You are also supposed to follow three courses like stated above.

It is an easy method but requires you to maintain the courses frequently. If are looking for natural treatments for Giardiasis, you should also consider this method.

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10. Treat Giardiasis With Coconut

When talking about coconut, people often think about foods and beverages rather than treatments for Giardiasis. In fact, coconut plays an essential role in treating Giardiasis because of its great functions.

Researchers have shown that coconut contains a high amount of auric acid that has the ability to protect and deal with viruses. Moreover, it works well in combating against pathogenic bacteria, including Giardia lamblia. Coconut is a proper treatment for children because it is easier to consume than other natural home remedies. Therefore, if your kids have Giardiasis, you should think of coconut instead of other hard consuming recipes.

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We will suggest you a simple direction to use coconut treatments for Giardiasis.


  • Take a coconut
  • Pour out the coconut juice (make some holes)
  • Split the coconut. Try to remove the grate and rind.
  • Take ½ of the pulp for three-day treatment.
  • Eat the pulp in advance to your breakfast and dinner
  • Note: You should not eat after consuming the coconut pulp for 4 hours.

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11. Onion

If you mention garlic as one of the best treatments for Giardiasis, you should not forget benefits of onion. Along with garlic cloves, onion also plays an important role in helping infected patients recover from Giardiasis quickly. The famous feature of onion is that it has powerful antibacterial as well as antiseptic properties at the same time, which contribute to treating viruses. Here are two ways to use onions for Giardiasis disease.

Ingredients 1:

Onions: 1 pint (ground)

Honey: 1 pint

Direction 1:

  • Combine onions and honey together.
  • Boil them up in a small pot
  • Let it cool

People are supposed to take a tablespoon while children should take 1 teaspoon of the solution in about 30 minutes prior to the meal. Also, you should repeat three ten-days treatment courses to have the best result.

We would like to introduce you another direction to treat Giardiasis with onions. Actually, it is quite hard to consume onions in that way but if you want to have quicker effects on the healing process, you can consider trying this way.

Ingredients 2:

  • Medium onion: ¼
  • Water: a cup

Direction 2:

  • Soak the onion in water throughout the night
  • Strain the onion tincture into a different cup of water
  • Squeeze the onion in the cup and drink it before having your breakfast every morning

If you do not hate onions, this treatment is great and effective for you to try.

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12. Grapefruits

Not only coconuts but also grapefruits can be great treatments for Giardiasis. In comparison with onions, garlics, and other herbs, consuming coconuts and grapefruits is much easier. According to many studies, grapefruits are known as a unique natural home remedy that can fight against many types of parasitic diseases. Giardia lamblia is not an exception. You are suggested to consume grapefruit seeds extract. However, if you cannot find its extract, you can make it by yourself. In fact, it is quite complicated to make a treatment from grapefruits. Here we got an effective recipe using grapefruit seeds to deal with Giardiasis. I think it is worth applying this recipe.


  • Get the grapefruit seeds and peel. Chop it into small pieces.
  • Put all of them in a glass and then fill it with Vodka. Let it be in 2 weeks.
  • Take 1 teaspoon every morning and evening
  • During the process, you can eat half a grapefruit and chew 2-3 seeds.

Note: Do not eat grapefruits if you are taking contraceptive pills, antidepressants, as well as pills for reducing stress. You can ask your doctor for more exact information.

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We have introduced you 11 natural treatments for Giardiasis. In general, because they are all natural remedies, they are somehow safer than medicines. It is better if you can be patient to apply natural treatments. If not, you can seek for other drug treatments. Nevertheless, as we suggested, natural ingredients are harmless for your body.

Among these treatments for Giardiasis, which one you will choose to take? If you are facing this health issue, you can try one of the treatments and give us your feedbacks. It would be great if we can discuss further on this topic. We are sure that besides those 11 treatments for Giardiasis, there are many other ways to tackle this issue. Therefore, we suppose that anyone who has more ideas and recipes can share with us below this article. Also, you are highly appreciated to leave your comments about our thread. For more information about Health, you can refer to our main site.

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