Top 22 Health Benefits Of Chestnuts You Should Know

health benefits of chestnuts

Chestnut is one of the most important nuts that everybody is using nowadays. And the fact shows that chestnut is low – fat and high energy nut. The minerals which can be found in chestnut are normally present in the reasonable quantities except manganese as well as copper. It is said to be a wealthy source of vitamins. It also has 60 percent water content which makes it become much healthier as well as much different from the other kinds of nuts. Plus, in the chestnut, the researchers have found that this type of nuts contains 1 mg vitamin A; 0.144 mg vitamin B1; 0.016 mg vitamin B2; 1.102 mg vitamin B3; 5 mg folate; 19mg calcium; 1.102 mg zinc and 484 mg potassium and so on. That is the reason why chestnuts can bring us several benefits for health and beauty.

So now it’s time for you to relax and go on reading this article on our page which is going to present to you 22 benefits of chestnuts for your health and your beauty.

Top 22 Health Benefits Of Chestnuts

1. Dental Care And Bone Health

One of the important health benefits of chestnuts is to promote bone health as well as take care of teeth. As you can see, both bone and teeth are important parts of the body. And a lot of people say that the teeth are one of the important parts which help you to look more beautiful. Therefore, it must be necessary to take care of teeth and bone. The fact shows that both calcium and phosphorus are two essential minerals for bone health because they can make up the major composition of bone. Nevertheless, in order to implement the function of calcium and phosphorus effectively, a healthy amount of magnesium is required. In addition, magnesium can form the firm enamel around the teeth and protect the bone from decay as well as degeneration. As mentioned about, phosphorus, magnesium as well as calcium are found in the chestnuts although the calcium in chestnuts is on a lower side.

2. Benefits Of Chestnuts For Preventing And Managing Diabetes

benefits of chestnuts - preventing and managing diabetes

A lot of people don’t realize the important role which dietary fiber is able to play in the regulation, management as well as prevention of diabetes. In addition, the foods which are rich in dietary fiber such as chestnuts are usually considered low glycemic foods. In other words, they don’t cause the blood sugar to rise quickly. This may help in preventing the spikes and dropping in blood sugar which can be very dangerous for the diabetic patients as well as be usually precursors to the growth of diabetes in the recently unaffected. That’s why preventing and managing diabetes is one of the most important benefits of chestnuts for health.

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3. Promoting Immune System Health

Another advantage which is also mentioned in the list of benefits of chestnuts for health is to promote the immune system health. It is said that chestnuts contain the high content of vitamin C as well as the different antioxidant compounds. As you can see, vitamin C both stimulates the manufacture of the white blood cells and acts as an antioxidant which can help to seek out the free radicals within your body and then neutralize them before they are able to cause the healthy cells to change or make oxidative stress near the vital organs. Therefore, this may help the immune concentrate its efforts on the pathogens along with preventing illness.

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4. Benefits Of Chestnuts For Improving Bone Mineral Density

One of the important benefits of chestnuts is to improve the bone mineral density. As you know, magnesium and copper is not the first thing that people think about when they come to the bone health. However, copper is extremely essential in the process by which your body can absorb iron. Furthermore, iron is very important for the bone development and growth. Moreover, magnesium is very good for raising the bone mineral density, together with several different health benefits. In addition, with the vital minerals which are found in chestnuts, you are able to slow or prevent the onset on a lot of age – related disorders including osteoporosis.

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5. Digestive Issues

When talking about the health benefits of chestnuts, one of them is to promote the digestive issues. As mentioned above, chestnuts contain a high content of dietary fiber. It means that they are very strong allies in the gastrointestinal struggle. Furthermore, dietary fiber can help in bulking up the stool along with stimulating the peristaltic motion in your intestines. Therefore, it helps to regulate the bowel movements as well as prevent inflammation and discomfort. Also, dietary fiber helps in optimizing the absorption of nutrients. It means getting more out of the foods which you eat, together with improving the overall nutrient profile.

6. Increasing Cognition

benefits of chestnuts - increasing cognition

The cognition, as well as brain function, can be improved in the number of ways through eating chestnuts. As you can see chestnuts consist of vitamin B group such as thiamine, folate, riboflavin, and so on. And they are directly related to the proper development and function of neurological. Plus, chestnuts have potassium which is able to increase the blood flow to your brain and boost the good nervous system health. Thus, it may help to increase memory, retention, as well as concentration. That is a reason why it is considered as one of the important health benefits of chestnuts.

7. Benefits Of Chestnuts For Preventing Chronic Illness

If you are looking for the health benefits of chestnuts, treating chronic illness is also mentioned as well. As you have known, chronic illness of all types may be caused by the natural byproducts of the cellular respiration. Consequently, they may cause your healthy cells to mutate. It also results in cancer, oxidative stress as well as the number of chronic illness. And without antioxidants such as those which are found in chestnuts, the body would fight the battles on far more fronts, thus raising the defenses with the handful of chestnuts per day is a good idea.

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8. Lowering Blood Pressure

As you can see, potassium can help to control the water movement within your body. Plus, it can do the function as the vasodilator. That’s why potassium can help to increase the blood flow and release the tension on the constricted blood vessels as well as arteries. Besides, the reduction in the blood pressure is able to promote overall cardiovascular health, along with lessening the risk of heart attacks as well as strokes. In fact, chestnuts contain a lot of potassium. With all the reasons above, lowering the blood pressure is also listed in the list of health benefits of chestnuts.

9. Benefits Of Chestnuts For Improving Heart Health

One of the necessary benefits of chestnuts is to improve your heart health. Why is it said like that? The reason is that chestnuts consist of a lot of good fats which the body needs to function normally although a lot of people think about fat as the bad thing that needs burning off during a diet. In addition, these good fats may help in balancing the cholesterol, reducing inflammation throughout the body, together with lowering the risk of suffering from atherosclerosis and blood clots which can build up in the body. Furthermore, chestnuts can help to lower the risk of suffering from heart attack, stroke as well as coronary heart diseases to the large degree.

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10. Treating Diarrhea

If you are suffering from diarrhea or you have some problems related to diarrhea, chestnuts, particularly the chestnut tree bark, has been known to be an effective treatment. Moreover, the water which you boil the chestnuts together with its bark or shell in is very rich tannins. And tannins can help you to relieve diarrhea when you take reasonable quantities.

Therefore, whenever you suffer from diarrhea, you ought to prepare 3 spoons of crushed chestnuts bark or 3 spoons of chestnuts with shells. Then you take a liter of water. After that, you put the chestnuts into a pot, pour the water into it, and then boil it for about 20 minutes. Finally, you consume this solution about 2 or 3 cups per day. You will see the result after a few days.

11. Treating Respiratory Diseases

benefits of chestnuts - treating respiratory diseases

When talking about the benefits of chestnuts for health, it will be a mistake if treating respiratory diseases is not mentioned. As you can see, the most popular respiratory conditions include a sore throat, cold, cough as well as Bronchitis. In cold, sore throat and cough, the inflammation of your throat may cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Also, there is a continual feeling of the dryness which can cause itching. Therefore, in order to get rid of this specific problem, the doctors often give the patients the cough syrups which contain expectorant. Furthermore, the expectorant can signal your body to manufacture more hydrating secretions which are able to relieve your throat. The fact shows that chestnuts contain the same properties as the properties of the expectorant. So why don’t you use chestnuts in order to get rid of the respiratory diseases?

12. Maintaining The Blood Vessel Elasticity

Why is one of the health benefits of chestnuts to maintain the blood vessel elasticity? It is very simple. As mentioned above, chestnuts are composed of a lot of essential fatty acids which are required by the body as well as derived from the dietary sources. Particularly, chestnuts are said to be rich in Palmitic acid, Oleic acid and Linoleic acid all of which are safe for the body. Besides that, chestnuts have a low cholesterol level and may help to bring down the bad cholesterol levels or LDL in your blood vessels. Furthermore, LDL may create the deposits of the plaque along the inner lining of your blood vessels, which makes them firm for a period of time. Therefore, the food such as chestnuts may help in clearing the plaque along with discouraging its formation which ensures the elasticity as well as the healthy network of your blood vessels.

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13. Powerful Antioxidant

One of the wonderful benefits of chestnuts for health is that it can act as a powerful antioxidant because of a great amount of vitamin C, ellagic acid and gallic acid. As you know, the antioxidant is very important for the body since it helps to clean the free radicals as well as toxins. Plus, the free radicals are manufactured in your body due to the natural phenomenon of the molecules which react with the active oxygen. As a result, when the free radicals grow uncontrollably, they may harm your cells, even your DNA. They are also responsible for causing cancer. In addition, the heavy composition of antioxidant properties found in chestnuts can help in detoxifying the body and optimizing the immune function of your body.

14. Benefits Of Chestnuts For Loose Motions

Another advantage which is mentioned as one of the benefits of chestnuts for health as well is to boost the loose motions or dysentery. As mentioned above, it is easily found the tannin in chestnuts. And this ingredient can help to control dysentery or loose motions. If you want to get a relief from permanent dysentery, you ought to do the same method as the way which you follow to treat diarrhea.

In fact, it seems to be a folk remedy but it works very effectively. You ought to pay attention that the children or infant is not advised to use this method. Besides that, this method is also used to de-worm in India.

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15. Supporting Thyroid Function

benefits of chestnuts - supporting thyroid function

Thyroid in the neck is said to be the biggest endocrine gland of the body. It is producing two important hormones which are called Thyroxine and Triiodothyronine. Furthermore, the thyroid can adjust the rate at which the body uses the energy, controls the sensitivity of the body to the different hormones as well as makes proteins. Additionally, chestnuts contain ellagic acid which may help in supporting the thyroid function. And ellagic acid may suppress the hormone. Therefore, it is able to bring the control over your overactive thyroid gland. That’s why people say that supporting the thyroid function is one of the health benefits of chestnuts.

16. Aiding Digestion

As mentioned above, chestnuts include a high fiber content. Thus, in the list of the health benefits of chestnuts, aiding digestion is also mentioned because the fiber in chestnuts can absorb the water along with making your stools become soft as well as adding bulk to it. Furthermore, softer and bulkier stools may pass through the gastrointestinal tract more quickly and easily. Likewise, it can help to prevent constipation as well as constipation – related anal inflammation, together with piles. As usual, the fiber in food cannot play its role reasonably if your body is the lack of water. However, chestnuts contain a great content of water which makes them become a perfect choice for you in order to improve the digestion with the right combination of water and fiber together.

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17. Promoting Weight Loss

If you feel that you are overweight and you don’t like that, losing your weight will be a must. However, you ought to do it in the right way because the unhealthy method for losing the weight may lead to several damages to your body in long run. That’s why diet and food, along with taking exercises, are the most necessary part of the weight loss program. And chestnuts are the best and the most suitable choice for you now since they are very low on fat but high on the energy quotient. Besides that, the great fiber content of chestnuts can make you feel full as well as keep you full for a long time. Likewise, the water and mineral composition which are found in chestnuts may help in controlling and replenishing the loss of electrolyte in case you take the heavy exercises every day in order to shave off the extra weight. With all the reasons above, it is claimed that one of the health benefits of chestnuts is to help to lose weight.

18. Benefits Of Chestnuts For Nurturing Pregnancy

For all women, pregnancy is a very important time. Each woman is both responsible for growing the baby inside her and responsible for taking care of herself in the best and the most reasonable way. Furthermore, the growing fetus may drain out as well as consume many nutrients from the body of the mother. That is the reason why a well sufficient and rounded diet is very necessary during pregnancy. Besides that, chestnuts provide vitamins and some important minerals, including calcium, which can make the bones become strong along with balancing electrolytes; therefore, it may help to prevent from the frequent cramping that a lot of pregnant women, particularly in the first trimester. Thus, a lot of people say that one of the health benefits of chestnuts is to nurture the pregnancy.

19. Balancing Electrolyte

benefits of chestnuts - balancing electrolyte

Have you ever heard about the electrolyte? It is the fluid in the body and made of magnesium, carbonates, sodium, and potassium. An electrolyte considered as a term means the ions which are able to conduct electricity. Also, in the body, they have a function which is to transport the neuro – transmissions from your brain to other parts of your body and back. Thus, losing electrolyte happens naturally through the excretions and sweating. Generally, it is the diet which can balance electrolyte and replenish the minerals which are contained in it. Moreover, chestnuts have reasonable and safe quantities of magnesium and potassium which are very important for the electrolyte. What is more, the fluid that carries these ions needs a lot of water and 60 percent of water is contained in chestnuts? And the water in chestnuts can be further increased when you boil them.

20. The Vital Oxygen Carriers

As you known, not only copper but also iron is the important element which is required for the blood and its production. Basically, blood is a vessel which transports oxygen to several parts of the body. A component which is called hemoglobin seems to be responsible for this function and to be made of iron. Moreover, the fact shows that the red color of the blood is due to the existence of iron. The different component which helps in transporting oxygen to the body is called hemocyanin. Furthermore, it consists of copper which can bind oxygen molecule between both atoms. In spite of not being as effective as hemoglobin, hemocyanins are enormously essential for this function. Luckily, chestnuts contain both trace metals in sufficient quantities.

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21. Benefits Of Chestnuts For Alleviating Stone

When mentioning the benefits of chestnuts for health, alleviating stones should be listed, too. So why is it listed? The reason is very simple. Oxalate is an ion that is related to increased risk of growing kidney stones. Furthermore, the calcium oxalate is mainly blamed for the kidney stones and gall bladder. And the oxalate levels in the body are often decided by the food which we eat. Hence, a low oxalate diet is usually suggested to control the chances of growing stones.

And do you know that chestnuts are one of the low oxalate food sources? Besides that, the potassium in chestnuts can help to regulate and control the distribution and release of the calcium in your body. It makes sure that the deposition of the calcium in your bones with the smallest amount which may get into your bloodstream, so it can prevent stone formation.

22. Astringent Properties

Chestnuts contain anti-inflammatory properties which make it become a great astringent because of the heavy content of tannin found in it. In addition, tannins can reduce the skin problem and give you a relief from pain and swelling which are caused by the tear in the body tissues. Likewise, it helps to heal the wound more quickly along with soothing. That is a reason why chestnuts are very effective in curing hemorrhoids.

However, everything has two sides. Not only bringing to us a lot of benefits such as promoting heart health, treating some diseases like diarrhea, kidney stones, respiratory diseases, along with nurturing pregnancy, chestnuts also bring to us some drawbacks. For example, when you take a lot of chestnuts, it will lead to spikes of vitamin B6 that can result in the health complications for a long time. In addition, those who are allergic to the nuts, in general, and chestnuts, in particular, have to make sure that this type of nuts is suitable for them because it may cause anaphylaxis, an allergic reaction.

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In short, it can be denied that chestnuts bring us a lot of benefits which are mentioned above. If you are not suffering from any nut allergies, you can roast up the pan of chestnuts and enjoy the benefits which they provide you. However, if you are suffering from the nut allergies, you ought to consult the doctor’s advice before you take them because this article is only for the informative aim. If you want to know more information about other conditions or diseases, along with the benefits of the different ingredients, it just takes you a few minutes to visit our main page Health. In case you know more benefits of chestnuts or you have any questions about this topic, you can let us know by leaving us a message or a comment. We promise to respond your message or comment as soon as we can.

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