12 Health Benefits Of Chamomile Tea For Hair, Skin & Whole Health

health benefits of chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is not really common like green tea but it has healthy benefits not less than green tea. Chamomile tea, as its name, is made from chamomile flower and known as an excellent herbal tea. It may get a greater taste when added a fruity flavor. Not only does it have a strong taste and aroma but it also has a range of health and beauty benefits. And the benefits of chamomile tea have been widely recognized for a long time.

In general, chamomile tea is used to heal wounds, to treat menstrual pain, sleeping problems, gum inflammation, abscesses, irritation from chest colds, or some skin conditions like chicken pox, eczema, psoriasis, and diaper rash as well as improve the skin and hair health. To make use of chamomile tea for these conditions, you can use it as other normal beverage or as a tincture, in a bath or an infusion.

With the desire to make your diet healthier, VKool.com now would like to recommend 12 health benefits of chamomile tea for hair, skin & whole health so that you then include this herbal tea in your daily diet. These benefits are for both the internal and external health, which makes it relevant to be regularly consumed. Our writing just aims to give some useful health information but not supply medical methods. Spend a little time reading the article to know more about the benefits of chamomile tea!

12 Health Benefits Of Chamomile Tea For Hair, Skin & Whole Health

1. Relieve Pains

benefits of chamomile tea - relieve pains

Relieving the period pains is known as the first one of the health benefits of chamomile tea. It is because that this tea can relax the muscles with its muscle-relaxing properties. More clearly, the tea brings the relief of menstrual cramps while relaxing the uterus muscles of women. Plus, it increases glycine that gives a decrease in muscle spasms.

Therefore, it is advised to drink at least a cup of chamomile tea a day that prevents the muscles from cramping as well as inhibit the pain from this condition. In other words, drinking a chamomile tea cup after a hard- working day can alleviate the tension effectively. However, it should just be consumed with an adequate amount otherwise, you can raise the risk of nausea.

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2. Relieve Migraines

Another of the health benefits of chamomile tea is relieving migraines pain. According to the study before, the consumption of chamomile tea helps reduce the pain of this common disorder in adults. Maintaining using this tea on a regular and proper basis will aid in curing migraines in a long term.

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3. Fight Colds And Flu

Fighting colds and flu is another of the health benefits of chamomile tea. When you get a cold or flu, your immune system becomes weaker and then the consumption of chamomile tea aids in boosting the system and clear up the disorder by its antibacterial properties. Therefore, you will feel better and recover from diseases more quickly.

4. Prevent Diabetes

Some studies before have indicated that drinking chamomile tea on a regular basis helps prevent more severe symptoms of diabetes. It is because this tea aids in controlling the blood sugar levels that are known as an important factor in regulating this disorder. As a result, you should add chamomile to your daily diet besides maintaining a healthy diet and habit to reverse & treat diabetes.

5. Prevent Inflammation

benefits of chamomile tea - prevent inflammation

Chamomile tea contains anti-inflammatory property so it helps prevent any inflammatory conditions effectively. The studies before showed that this herbal tea not only reduces inflammation but it also stimulates the re-growth of tissues above the lesions and increases the collagen protein generation within the body.

6. Improve Digestion

A confidential one of the health benefits of chamomile tea is improving the digestion, which explains the common existent of chamomile in herbal medicine for many digestive conditions such as colic, diarrhea, and irritable bowel syndrome. Particularly, the combination of blended chamomile with apple pectin can considerably reduce the symptoms of diarrhea in children under the age of 6 months to 6 years old.

In conclusion, chamomile tea can treat many types of stomach disorder by soothing and easing the stomachaches, and boosting the digestive system.

7. Prevent Cancer

As other herbs that are very helpful in preventing the risks of terminal ills, chamomile is also used to prevent cancer. You should consume this tea in combination with other herbals to keep yourself always healthy.

8. Remove Depression

Removing the stress and depression is another of the health benefits of chamomile tea. After a hard- working day, you should relax your body and mind as much as possible to control your life. And chamomile is highly recommended to use during the time of resting due to its comfortable taste and aroma. Herbalists suggest drinking 1 to 3 cups of chamomile tea a day to remove the depression and stress, which has been proven with the figure of 50% decrease in these symptoms. It is also investigated to be beneficial in managing the mild under moderate anxiety problems.

Due to the ability to remove the depression and stress, chamomile tea is used to treat insomnia. With a natural calming effect as a gentle sedative, this herbal tea helps you relax thereby keeping a nice sleep and better bedtime.

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9. Eliminate Dark Circles

The benefits of chamomile tea are not limited with internal use but it also has external ones with the hair and Skin Care including the dark circle relief. You can abuse the used chamomile tea bags if you use them to make the beverage. After cooling the tea bags down, you can place them over your eyes and keep for 5 to10 minutes before removing them off. By this way, the dark circles, as well as eye puffiness, will be effectively eliminated to make the skin around the eyes lighter and whiter.

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10. Improve Skin Health

benefits of chamomile tea - improve skin health

Improving the skin health is known as the most noticeable one of the benefits of chamomile tea. This herbal tea contains anti-inflammatory as mentioned above, antioxidant, and antimicrobial properties that are all helpful in improving the skin health.

You can cool down the chamomile tea then use it as a face toner, a refreshing face mist, or mix it with other natural ingredients to make some facial treatments. The external application of chamomile tea helps decrease skin irritation, heal the process of minor wounds, sunburns, acne scars, and breakouts, reduce the itching, and skin rashes, strengthen and nourish the skin thereby making it beautifully glow. In addition, with the anti-oxidant properties, this herbal tea helps fight aging, which makes you look younger and more confident. The regular consumption of chamomile tea can then nourish and improve the entire body system and prevent the allergic reaction.

11. Rinse Hair

Along with the skin care, rinsing and nourishing the hair health is also one of the benefits of chamomile tea. After shampooing your hair as normal, you can use cooled down chamomile tea as a final hair rinse. Alternatively, you can add it to your hair masks or other homemade hair treatments. By these ways, chamomile tea will play a role in soothing scalp irritation, fighting dandruff, and nourishing your hair, and adding golden glow and beautiful shine to the hair. In addition, the regular use of chamomile tea as hair rinse can gradually lighten the locks.

12. Other Side Effects

Alike when consuming other herbal tea, you also pay attention to drinking chamomile tea to make use of its health benefits and minimize the side effects as much as possible.

  • Don’t drink chamomile tea too much as this can upset your stomach even cause diarrhea.
  • Avoid chamomile tea during the period of pregnancy because it may stimulate the uterine.
  • Control your taken amount of chamomile tea to drive and manage your work as it can make you sleepy.
  • Don’t use chamomile if you are blood thinner as this herbal tea contains coumarin, a compound causing blood thinner condition.
  • Avoid chamomile tea if you have hay-fever or react to ragweed pollen.
  • Carefully consult your doctor before adding it to your daily diet.

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There is more health information including the benefits of other foods and drinks in our main Health page, so you can drop by to get more. After reading our article on 12 health benefits of chamomile tea for hair, skin and whole health, hope that you can find how good this herbal tea is thereby adding it to your daily diet. However, remember to stop consuming or consult your doctor when having any side effects. Leave your questions below and share your knowledge or experience involved in the health benefits of chamomile tea.

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