Causes of snoring loudly in toddlers and treatments

Not many children snore when they sleep. However, snoring loudly in toddler may be the warning sign for health problem.

Causes Of Snoring Loudly In Toddlers – The Health Problems Parents Should Know

A research has found that only 10 percent of children snore loudly at night. Snoring is the noise which is generated when they sleep because the air passing from the lung to the mouth is blocked. Snoring in toddlers is considered as health problems, including obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS), the lack of sufficient oxygen for the lung arousals from sleep. It disturbs their sleep and may be the sign of a respiratory infection or allergy. Knowing the causes of snoring in toddlers may help parents determine if their child is healthy. Snoring is common accompanied with inability to breath. Our muscles and body may feel relaxed when we sleep. However, if the air is not able to pass because of narrowed airway, sleep will be interfered and the brain becomes alerted and gives the body signals to wake up. As the result, they cannot have enough quality sleep, which leads to sleep deprivation. Therefore, as the author of, I would like to share with you some causes of snoring loudly and hope that it will help you have a deep understanding about this problem in toddler in order to prevent and cure.

1. Hypothyroidism And Snoring:

causes of snoring-hypothyroidism and snoring

Some researchers have found the connection between hypothyroidism and snoring. The low amounts of the thyroid hormone may lead to hypothyroidism and result in snoring. This disease can be diagnosed by taking some blood samples. The treatments may vary, depending on the patient’s conditions. In order to stop snoring, daily doses of thyroxine or natural methods may be suggested. However, consultation from doctors is needed if you choose medicine to cure snoring.

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2. Large Tonsils And Snoring:

causes of snoring-large tonsils and snoring

Among causes of snoring, large tonsils are the common trigger. It is the physical problems associated with snoring that many children may suffer. The tonsils are large when compared to the throat. As the result, it blocks the airway and makes it difficult to breathe easily. A study conducted by National Center for Health Statistics has found out that over 263.000 children in US experience tonsillectomies each year. Treatment for large tonsils is surgery.
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The doctor will remove tonsils or adenoids. They also may stiffen some parts of soft tissues that cause the problem.

3. Obesity And Snoring:

causes of snoring-obesity and snoring

We all know that obesity is the problem of a lot of ailments. And it is also one of the causes of snoring in toddlers. When the excess weight bears down the throat, it make difficult for children to breathe. Therefore, it is necessary to control toddler’s weight. Feed the baby with various clean and nutritional vegetables and cereals. You should ask them not to eat unhealthy and fatty foods. Guiding your children to have a good lifestyle is the good way to prevent obesity as well as any health problem in the future.

4. Smoking:

causes of snoring-smoking

We all know smoking is harmful for adults and teenagers. Smoking also affects toddlers’ heath. It is not surprising when children or toddlers whose mothers and fathers have smoking habit and do it in front of them suffer most from apnea sleep syndrome and sleep deprivation. It is proven that passive smoking is dangerous for toddlers and increases the risk for health problems. The lung is polluted and cannot perform the oxygen delivering function, causing respiratory infection.

The best way to treat your children is to quit smoking in front of them.

5. Asthma:

causes of snoring-asthma

Asthma will result in coughing, wheezing and snoring. Therefore, it is considered as one of causes of snoring in toddler because it often happens during the childhood. Asthma will affect the breathing tubes and make them narrow, which triggers the inability to breathe while sleeping.
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There are a lot of reasons for asthma. It can be inherited. If your parents had asthma, you may develop that problem. Other triggers are dust, pollen, cold air, mould, etc.

In order to prevent toddlers from snoring or asthma, you should let them sleep in the comfortable and clean room.

More than half a million children in Canada suffer from asthma and most of them experience sleep apnea and snoring loudly.

6. Nighttime Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease:

causes of snoring-nighttime gastroesophageal reflux disease

GERD (acid reflux) is the condition when acidified liquids in stomach go to the esophagus. Abnormal esophageal contractions or empty stomach may cause that problem. And it can lead to coughing, snoring and heartburn during the deep stage of sleep. There are some treatments with gastroesophageal reflux disorder, including lifestyle and diet change, the use of drug and surgery.

Some parents still misunderstand about snoring and do not put any concern although it will become serious issue in future if untreated or undiagnosed. It not only affects the quality of sleep but also impacts on their behavior. For example, they may behave badly and aggressively during daytime. They feel asleep during the day and easily fall into sleep and daydream. Toddlers may have headache in the morning. To diagnose the serious health problem is difficult because toddlers cannot talk clearly what they feel. It requires parent’s attention to small issues like snoring and coughing. If you suspect whether your toddlers have health disease, it is necessary to make an appointment with a doctor in order to diagnose the problem. They will record the sleep, brain’s waves and body’s movements and suggest the suitable treatment for your child.

I have given you 6 causes of snoring loudly in toddlers and I hope that it will help you understand the risk of snoring and it affects to sleep. Finally, I would like to suggest that you should keep eyes on any warning signs in toddler before the problem is too late to be solved. For any question you want to ask me, please leave it below and I will answer as possible as I can.

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