17 Typical Sassafras Tea Benefits For The Health In Common

sassafras tea

Sassafras trees scientifically belonged to their own Sassafras genusappear in 3 different extant species in the North America and parts of Asia. This kind of trees is deciduous and able to grow up to 100 feet in height appearing unusual orange bark or yellow which makes them easy to identify. For thousands of years, sassafras has been used as a key component of medicinal, culinary, and societal development in its forms of leaves, branches, bark, stems, fruits, flower, and roots. Sassafras leaves and roots are also abused to make tea is, which makes this tea the citrus scent and distinct flavor of beer.

The sassafras tea benefits are always highly appreciated not only in culinary but also in medical treatment because of its certain natural substances. This kind of tea has been used to cleanse the body, discard colds, relieve pain, reduce menstruation, soothe inflammation, boost kidney health, protect dental health, prevent certain cancers, improve the immune system, and increase energy.

At present, VKool.com would like to show you typical sassafras tea benefits for the health in common. All of the suggested benefits have been found and investigated through reliable sources of information, so you can really believe in it. For those who don’t know or wonder how beneficial sassafras tea benefits are, just spend a few minutes reading our article to have more experience!

17 Typical Sassafras Tea Benefits For The Health In Common

1. Relieve Pain 

sassafras tea benefits - relieve pain

Relieving pain is known as one of the sassafras tea benefits. This is due to the analgesic properties presented in this kind of tea that contains analgesic and anti-inflammatory nature, which is also the reason why the leaves of sassafras tree have been occasionally used to wrap around wounds. In addition, this kind of tea is widely abused as topical applications for pains and aches in many natural healing communities.

2. Sassafras Tea Benefits – Heal Wounds

Because of the ability to relieve pains of the wound, healing wounds is also considered as another of the sassafras tea benefits. To be clear, the stimulant nature of this kind of tea induces blood that has been freshly oxygenated to the sight of wounds thereby actually speeding up the body’s healing process and increasing the rate of metabolism throughout the body. As an advice, sassafras tea should be taken by those who suffer from pains and wounds either light or serious.

3. Relieve Inflammation 

Relieving inflammation is another of the sassafras tea benefits, which makes it popularly used for gout and rheumatism as a reliable remedy through thousands of years all around the world. While inflammation gives effects to the body in various ways, this impressive tea can also help stimulate the gastrointestinal processes and improve the symptoms of arthritis along with headaches in some certain cases. In conclusion, this plant, as well as its tea, should be used as an inflammation reducer as a traditional application of the versatile plant.

4. Treat Respiratory Infections And Illnesses

As mentioned above, sassafras tea has inflammatory properties and in combination with the spicy and numbing flavor of sassafras oil in the roots, this tea helps treat fever, soothe a cough, and clear stuffed nasal thereby relieving the horrible symptoms of a cold and flu.

The sassafras tea benefits include not only treating colds and flu as but also alleviating bronchitis, which makes it ideal for those who have respiratory problems as well.

5. Sassafras Tea Benefits – Detoxify Body 

detoxify body

The sassafras tea benefits, in addition, include the ability to detoxify the body. In fact, the leaves of sassafras trees have been well known to be diuretic because they or their extract can help increase the urination since then removing salts, excess toxins, and fats from the body. In other words, if you want to boost the functioning and health of your kidneys, you should consume sassafras tea as a way to flush your all system with a diuretic.

Moreover, sassafras root tea includes tannins, safrole, asarone, mucilage, and alpha-pinene that will provide you with several health benefits when combined and consumed just in small amounts.

6. Used As A Blood Thinner

That the sassafras tea benefits include being an anticoagulant agent has been well known. This kind of tea can help thin and purify the blood as a metabolic process when consumed in a small quantity, which keeps the body healthy in a long term. The thing you should remember is to take in sassafras tea in just a small quality that may be adequate for your body indeed.

7. Strengthen Immunity

Due to the analgesic and antiseptic properties, strengthening the immune system is also one of the sassafras benefits. In fact, those natural anti-microbial properties can protect the body against outside agents and pathogens either internally or externally, which makes this tea a sweet-smelling shield of your overall health. In addition, the tea can help keep the respiratory system and stomach free from infections and traditionally recommended to prevent colds at their onset.

8. Sassafras Tea Benefits – Boost Liver Health

Boosting the liver health is also one of the sassafras tea benefits. If you want to maintain a healthy liver and proper hormonal function, either sassafras bark or its tea is really a good choice because it helps stimulate the liver and balance your hormones since then offering you a liver cleanse. By this way, the risks of cramps during menstruation are additionally prevented.

While a proper liver function helps with hangovers, you should remember to consume tea when you are aware of how much you have had drunk the night before. And when the liver does well, the metabolic process will be better, which means the toxins will be removed while nutrients will be retained in your body thereby improving the overall health.

9. Prevent Cancer 

The sassafras tea benefits conclude the ability to prevent cancer, which is even though on the process of research but as been demonstrated as a measurable antioxidant in the human body for a long time. This kind of tea functions like other superfoods that help eliminate free radicals, boost the immune system, lower the risks of cell mutation and more subsequent cancer diagnoses.

With just small amounts, sassafras tea can come as an alternative treatment for cancer. It has been indicated that safrole helps improve the conversion from carcinogens to non-carcinogenic metabolites besides inducing apoptosis in lung cancer cells of the human body.

10. Sassafras Tea Benefits – Boost Digestion

boost digestion

Not only does sassafras tea help improve the immune system but it also aids in boosting digestion. To be clear, it deals with some digestion problems by keeping the stomach hydrated and away from harmful agents, which then helps ease gastrointestinal issues like diarrhea and constipation.

11. Treat Kidney Ailments

Due to the diuretic properties, the sassafras tea benefits include the ability to cure problems associated with kidneys as well. In fact, it helps clear the urinary tract, decrease irritation, and heal kidney infections. Therefore, you should keep an eye on this kind of cleansing tea when you are possible to suffer from kidney problems or urinary infections indeed and the diuretic tea will help ease the urinary tract irritation and fight kidney ailments.

12. Relieve Adrenal Stress

You may don’t know that adrenal stress can make the symptoms of menopause aggravated, which is something unexpected for women on the whole. Fortunately, you can deal with this problem by consuming a directed amount of sassafras tea on a regular basis so that it will relieve adrenal stress more effectively in combination with your medical treatment.

13. Sassafras Tea Benefits – Improve Skin Health

Improving the skin health is known as one of the important sassafras tea benefits. This kind of teas has been used for both different topical issues and skin problem for a long time as a traditional method. If you suffer from sores, boils, rashes, and excessive marks on your skin, you can quickly reduce the inflammation and discoloration of the skin by applying a few of sassafras leaves to the worsen skin areas. The reason is that sassafras tea contains tannic acid along with another unique compound called Sassafrid that is believed to bring these sassafras tea benefits to the skin as protective measures.

In addition, this kind of tea has antiseptic, astringent, and antibacterial properties that help treat skin irritation, insect bites, and eczemas by just applying externally a soft rag on the affected area. By this way, the wounds will be healed better as well.

14. Soothe Menstrual Pain 

Menstrual pain is something popular for women, which is often described by some symptoms of heavy bleeding, bloating, and cramping. However, sassafras tea with the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties can help them relieve this pain indeed. For thousands of years, it has been believed as a natural remedy to lessen the pain of menstruation in women and also popularly recommended for women with unusual painful periods by herbalists.

15. Be Good For Male

sassafras tea benefits - be good for male

The sassafras tea benefits include not only something for female but also others for male indeed. To be clear, sassafras bark is really beneficial in enhancing flavor with its unique one and easing the symptoms of men when drinking. In addition, it is good for the male body by resolving hormonal imbalances in men, liver congestion, and disruptions of the genitourinary system as well.

16. Sassafras Tea Benefits – Boost Dental Health

You may don’t know that sassafras twigs used to be abused as an early form of toothbrushes due to its natural antiseptic properties and pleasant flavor that reminds of root beer. Using it as a dental disinfectant is highly recommended to get this benefit of dental health boost. If you want to try a traditional approach instead of a commercial product, grab a sassafras twig and give a scrub to your teeth.

17. Increase Energy

Increasing energy is also one of the sassafras tea benefits, which depends on the stimulant nature in this plant. Consuming this kind of tea when you feel a bit sluggish is really a great idea. In addition, you can chew some the leaves or take a cup of sassafras tea to revive the internal engines and fight against excess weakness or fatigue.

18. Some More Caution

Besides various sassafras tea benefits, you should pay attention to some more caution when consuming it.

  • Just consume small amounts of sassafras tea, 2 to 3 cups a day, and avoid drinking it for a long term.
  • This kind of tea is not for pregnant and nursing women.
  • The sassafras oil is also advised to consume in a small amount, just a teaspoon a day, because of its extremely powerful safrole that can cause violent reactions like vomiting and nausea.
  • Consult a trained professional to get a proper dose of this tea if you want to take the best advantage for your health.

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After reading the article on typical sassafras tea benefits for the health in common in our main Health page, hope that you can know what sassafras are good for then applying and using it properly in your diet. Please let us know if you have any question by leaving them below and share with us other health benefits of sassafras if you really get.

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