How to boost immune system fast and naturally

how to boost immune system

By strengthening your immune system, you can fend off diseases and illnesses. In fact, there are various ways on how to boost immune system fast and naturally. Read this writing on Vkool site to opt for the most practical tips and ways to improve your immune function.

How To Boost Immune System Fast And Naturally At Home

1. Limit Your Drinks

limit your drinks

One little cup is good for most people, 2 is okay for some, but drinking more could suppress your immune system. A new research from the Brown University showed that excessive alcohol consumption may be toxic to the immune system caused by dendritic cells. These cells play an important role in seeking and destroying invading microbes. This can lead to more serious and life-threatening infections, even increased vulnerability of colds and flues.

2. Reduce Stress

reduce stress

Next to ways on how to boost immune system, consider your alcohol intake. Once you are stressed, the adrenal glands in your body churn out and cortisil. When acute anxiety pumps up your immune system, the long-term duress can tax it. For example, psychological stress and anxiety raise the risk of common colds and infections. Less often, if you get chronic depression and stress, it can promote your hyper-reactive immunity as well as aggravate conditions like autoimmune disease, asthma and allergies.

While you cannot go to a spa or relaxing places, learn to get rid of stress and do not fire these stressors up over stalled traffic. Some medicines can help you reduce stress, but you can also change your positive mind to boost your mood and immune system.

3. Move Your Body

move your body

Getting about 20-30 minutes of physical activity per day can bolster defenses of your immune system. Exercising gets antibodies as well as white blood cells to move through your body faster. So they can detect your illness sooner; plus. An improvement in circulation can also trigger hormone release that warns the body immune cells in intruding pathogens. Schedule your exercise plan. Keep doing moderate exercises and high-intensity activities, like running and intense gym training that actually can aid in decreasing white blood cell amounts circulating through your body and beating high risks of your illnesses.

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4. Cook With Olive & Canola Oils

cook with olive & canola oils download

Among tips on how to boost immune system, dieting plays a critical role. Both canola and olive oils contain good fats that work as a lubricant for the body cells.

This lubricant can help improve communication and flexibility between the body cells while promoting immune function. Consider consuming a proper amount of omega-6 fats. A study shows that individuals who take about more omega-6 fats found in soybean oils get higher risk of immune system and inflammation problems.

5. Sleep Soundly

sleep soundly

Good sleep allows reparative hormones and growth-promoting hormones to knit up raveled sleeve of your daily life. According to scientists, sleep deprivation can elevate inflammatory chemicals, activate immune function and depress stress response.

The long sleep deprivation may raise higher risk of common colds and illnesses. Mothers whose infants and toddlers break their sleep often have serious respiratory problems and infections. In a study, the researchers planted the volunteers’ noses with specific cold viruses; individuals who slept under 7 hours per night habitually were 3 times more to develop colds than people who slept enough 8 hours or more.

6. Socialize More

socialize more

Next to activities on how to boost immune system fast and naturally, learn to become more sociable.

As you can see, people with social lives often enjoy their better mental health, physical health than most loners do. In another study, researchers planted cold viruses into volunteers’ noses. In comparison with the lonely people, the social group got less susceptible to increasing common colds. Moreover, some got sick but they suffered from fewer symptoms of illnesses in shorter time.

Many people count feathered friends. Animals such as horses and dogs get them outside for exercising. Why don’t you stroke a pet like that for achieving feelings of happiness and reducing blood pressure? Scientific evidence suggests that, most social relationships can help boost the immunity, even animals.

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7. Have More Love

have more love

While widening social relationships is healthy, researches also point out that sexual relationships can give immune system perks. Michael Castleman, the publisher of study, titled Great Sex After 40 in 2004 indicated the close connection between lovemaking and the lowered risk of colds and illness. Particularly, the study found that university students who had sex 1 to 2 times a week had 30% more salivary IgA antibody than people who had infrequent sex.

8. Quit Tobacco Smoke

quit tobacco smoke

Like alcohol, you should change your smoking habit. Smoking triggers the inflammation inside the body, increases the respiratory mucus, also inhibits the hair like projections inside the nose from clearing that mucus. People who exposed to smoke have higher risk of respiratory infections, such as pneumonia, colds, sinusitis, middle ear infections and bronchitis.

For these harmful effects of smoking, especially tobacco smoking, quit smoking immediately and improve your immune system dramatically.

9. Consume Probiotics

consume probiotics

Next to dieting tips on how to boost immune system, consider probiotics supplements. Beneficial microorganisms colonize the intestinal, upper respiratory tracts and lower urinary. They out-compete harmful “bugs” and boost the immune function. Consume foods including friendly bacteria in live-cultured foods such as sauerkraut, yogurt and Kim chi. Also, you can take probiotic supplements that are available at food stores. By consuming probiotics, you will reduce the high risk of common diarrhea, viral diarrhea, respiratory infections and vaginitis.

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10. Supply Your Body With Vitamin D

supply your body with vitamin D download

Vitamin D has a critical role in boosting the immune function. Vitamin D deficiency is proven to correlate with cancer, asthma, some autoimmune diseases and the susceptibility to infections such as viral respiratory infections. A study pointed out the vitamin D deficiency to a likelihood of getting MRSA in the nose.

There are different choices for you to get vitamin D. For example, you can expose yourself in the sun. Besides, you can take vitamin D supplements or consume foods that are high in vitamin D, such as milk, fish and seeds. A daily allowance of vitamin D set at about 400 IU per day. However, the experts reveal that the new recommended daily allowance of this vitamin will be 1,000 IU a day (similar to 25 UG per day).

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11. Consume Veggies & Fruits

consume veggies & fruits download

Among ways on how to immune system, pay attention to vegetable and fruit consumption. Almost common veggies and fruits are good for boosting your immune system, but opt for ones that are high in vitamins C, vitamin A and vitamin E.

You can get vitamin A sources from carrots, sweet potatoes, and dark leafy greens. This vitamin supports white blood cells to fight off illnesses and infections more effectively. Besides, it also aids in regulating the immune system. All citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons and grapefruit and other sources like papayas, bell peppers, and broccoli also contain vitamin C that enhances the iron absorption from plant-based foods and assists the immune system against diseases. Vitamin E found in seeds, nuts and turnip greens, is proven to fight off the upper respiratory infections and flues.

If you consume a wide range of greens, oranges, yellows and reds as part of dieting, you will get all good stuff to beat diseases.

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12. Choose Vitamin & Mineral Supplements Wisely

choose vitamin & mineral supplements wisely download

Taking essential minerals and multivitamin supplements also helps in some cases. However, you should ask your doctor first as too-high doses of drugs and supplements sometimes can cause side effects, imbalances and suppress the immune response.

Studies on deficiencies of essential vitamins and minerals such as selenium, zinc, vitamin B6, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin C and folic acid are proven to link to immune function. Scientists, however haven’t pinpointed exact levels of nutrients for the optimal immune function. For example, studies on vitamin C for treatment and prevention of common colds have been inconclusive. Micronutrients, especially vitamin A, may be toxic if you take an overdose. Moreover, an excessive level of zinc can suppress the immune function. In short, a proper multivitamin supplement and plant-based diet should meet users’ needs.

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13. Vaccinate


Routine vaccination has a great impact on reducing and nearly eradicating infectious diseases. As you see, most immunizations happen during the childhood. Vaccinations for adults however should be considered, including annual tetanus boosters, influenza vaccines, shingles vaccine for elderly of 60 and up, and pneumococcus vaccine.

14. Eat Lean Protein

eat lean protein

No food can magically fend off illnesses and flues, but certain ingredients take the lead in protecting the body from viruses, bacteria and other germs. Protein is the best one among these foods. The greatest reason to supply your body with protein is due to antibodies to fight off diseases are made of protein. Next, another reason to consume protein is that foods rich in protein such as pork, beef, beans, seafood, and soy contain immune-boosting nutrients. Protein also helps produce white blood cells to beat infections and increase the susceptibility to infections.

I’ve shown you the complete list of tips, ways and foods on how to boost immune system fast and naturally. Make use of them to strengthen your immune system and enhance your overall health significantly.

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