14 Natural Herbs For Brain Health You Should Know

herbs for brain health

Herbs are known as natural drugs. There are hundreds of natural herbs used for treating various diseases, including the common cold and cancer. Even coming to brain health or better memory, herbs are very effective. Herbs can deal with short-term memory loss, mental fatigue, poor recall capacity or low concentration. Herbs may even have the ability to reverse memory loss and inhibit cognitive decline which often happens when people become old.

In general, herbs are better and safer than conventional medications. Nevertheless, it is essential to understand which herbs are able to offer the best benefits for boosting your memory.

It is now time for our VKool page to show you a new article about the list of top herbs for brain health. This new article will list up to 14 natural herbs with the detailed information about the ability of each herb. Keep reading to understand more!

1. Herbs For Brain – Brahmi

One of the top 14 herbs for brain is Brahmi which is also called as bacopa monnieri. This magic herb is used popularly in Ayurvedic medicine thanks to its brain-boosting abilities. It is one of the main ingredients to treat many improperly cognitive conditions such as poor concentration, poor memory, brain fog, and even depression. Brahmi helps your brain improve mental functioning effectively including how the ability to learn new things, retain what you learn and the ability to remember. Moreover, Brahmi aids in promoting your intelligence and reducing the bad influences of stress on your brain. According to a study published in 2024 highlighted that Brahmi is capable of improving word recall memory and reducing depression and anxiety at the same time. In addition, it is believed that it can reduce insomnia, prevent senility, and heal debilitated adrenal gland.

Hence, you should consume a teaspoon of Brahmi juice which is extracted from its leaves at least 2 times a day.

Also, you can take a supplement of this herb after consulting your doctor.

2. Gotu Kola

Another of the best herbs for brain is Gotu kola. It contains a plenty of nutrients such as vitamins B1 and B6 that are good for proper brain function. This herb has the ability to stimulate blood circulation and plays a role as a brain tonic. Because the wonderful plant is beneficial in improving attention and concentration, it is widely used to enhance memory and heal neurodegenerative disorders.

In accordance with a study published in 2024 revealed that Gotu kola contains neuroprotective properties which are useful in treating deficits related to Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and oxidative stress. Another study published in 2024 found that consuming Gotu kola is able to improve short-term memory more quickly than practicing yoga.

You can drink Gotu kola tea every day to get a healthy brain. You can also take a supplement of Gotu kola (about 500 -1000 mg a day) after consulting your doctor.

3. Herbs For Brain – Ashwagandha

herbs for brain - ashwagandha

There are many popular herbs for brain and Ashwagandha is one of them. It has been known with different names to Indian ginseng or Withania somnifera, which has the ability to rejuvenate your brain. This herb assists in removing beta-amyloid proteins which are responsible for forming plaque having bad affects cognitive function in your brain. It also helps promote neurogenesis to enhance brain power. Besides, it is able to decrease oxidative brain stress, improve memory, boost spatial and visual memory, and reduce nerve cell degeneration.

According to a study published in 2005 reported that Ashwagandha has the ability to regenerate neurites and recover synapses in damaged neurons. This is the reason why it is used to treat neurodegenerative diseases. A study published in 2024 highlighted that Ashwagandha can decrease Alzheimer’s thanks to its compounds. They aid in improving the production of acetylcholine that is an important transmitter of neural signals, thus leading to improving cognitive abilities like thinking, memory, and concentration.

Simply you can chew or drink this excellent herb in fresh, dried, or powdered root form.

4. Oregano

Oregano is known as one of the amazing herbs for brain due to its useful benefits. This plant is capable of neutralizing free radicals because it has a great source of antioxidants. In according to a study revealed that consuming an extract of oregano leaves is good for enhancing mental emotion and regulate mood. This study stated that the compounds in oregano are effective for inhibiting the degradation and reuptake of monoamine neurotransmitters. These substances are responsible for modulating your mood, cognition, anxiety, appetite, and sleep. Therefore, oregano assists in decreasing anxiety and improving learning and concentration.

You can include this herb in cooking or use its essential oil to reduce stress and balance your nerves.

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5. Herbs For Brain – Thyme

One of the top 22 herbs for brain is thyme that is able to support brain health. This herb contains flavonoids which are helpful in increasing its antioxidant capacity. Many studies have stated that it also contains the volatile oils which aid in increasing the content of fatty acids (omega-3), especially docosahexaenoic acid in your brain. As you may know, fatty acids (omega-3) are important for your brain as they have the ability protect it from dementia or age-related cognitive decline. They also enhance learning and memory. In addition, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is responsible for ensuring development and proper functioning of the brain cells.

In order to discover more natural herbs for brain, stay with us for our next post!

6. Rosemary

Rosemary is also known as one of the popular aromatic herbs for brain due to its memory-boosting properties. Along with antioxidants such as carnosic acid and rosmarinic acid, it also contains the great level of acetylcholine. This makes it an excellent herb for improving brain health. Acetylcholine works as an essential transmitter of neural signals. In accordance with a study published in 2003 highlighted that the essential oil of rosemary has the olfactory properties which help produce positive thinks on cognitive performance and subjective effects on your mood.

A study published in 2024 stated that rosemary oil has the ability to improve the accuracy of memory and speed up processing information. Besides, this plant is beneficial in boosting activities of your brain and protecting from neurodegenerative conditions. Therefore, to enhance your brain power, you should put several drops of rosemary essential oil on a handkerchief and then breathe in its aroma. You can drink rosemary tea that is made from dried or fresh leaves.

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7. Herbs For Brain – Sage

herbs for brain - sage

If you are finding effective herbs for brain, sage is a great answer for you. In traditional medicine, the herb is widely used to improve memory. The essential oil of sage contains active ingredients such as cineole and thujone which are responsible for providing brain-boosting properties. Moreover, sage leaves are high in flavonoid glycosides, flavones, niacin, oleic acid and tannic acid that are beneficial for the brain. Sage also assists in improving concentration and increasing mental alertness as well as attention span. According to a study published in 2003 reported that the essential oil of this herb is capable of improving prompt word recall.

In addition, in accordance with a study published in 2003 stated that sage extract is good for treating Alzheimer’s disease. Another study published in 2006 revealed that sage leaves have the positive effects on memory retention.

To promote your brain health, you should drink sage tea or include sage in your stews, soups, and salad dressings.

8. Cinnamon

Many studies proved that cinnamon is one of the wonderful herbs for brain, particularly Alzheimer’s disease thanks to its compounds. These compounds include epicatechin and cinnamaldehyde which is able to inhibit the improper functioning of tau proteins. These proteins are helpful in stabilizing microtubules. If they do not perform this function effectively and become defective, this results in dementias like Alzheimer’s disease.

The compounds in extracted cinnamon have the ability prevent swelling of brain cells, thus leading to reducing complications regarding traumatic brain injury and even stroke. Furthermore, when cinnamon transforms into sodium benzoate, it will have positive effects on the function of the brain. Hence, taking cinnamon can help protect against a lot of neurological disorders related to age.

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9. Herbs For Brain – Holy Basil

When it comes to the powerful herbs for brain, you should consume holy basil to boost its health. This magic herb is a plenty of the medicinal properties. The essential oil which is extracted from this herb is rich in camphor, nerol, eugenol, terpenes, and flavonoids that are good for your brain. Its methanol extracts have the ability to reduce brain damage if cerebral circulation is decreased.

Furthermore, the plant plays an important role as an adaptogen which helps your body control negative effects of stress by lowering the release of stress hormones. You can drink a glass of basil tea, use basil oil as an aromatherapy or simply chew fresh basil leaves to boost memory and concentration.

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10. Gingko Biloba

Another of the useful herbs for brain is Ginkgo Biloba which is recommended by herbalists for enhancing memory and promoting mental sharpness. This herb contains active phytochemicals which are good for improving memory. Moreover, it is capable of preventing the presence of bad proteins like beta-amyloid which results in Alzheimer’s disease. According to a study published in 2000 highlighted that the memory-boosting effects of capsules have an extract of Ginkgo Biloba which is one of the main ingredients. This study found that Ginkgo Biloba has significant improvements to many aspects of memory, like your long-term and working memory.

Besides, a study published in 2024 reported that Ginkgo Biloba combined with vitamin C is able to control learning as well as mental deficits due to chronic exposure to fluoride.

11. Herbs For Brain – Korean Red Ginseng

herbs for brain - korean red ginseng

Because Korean red ginseng contains an abundance of brain-boosting properties, it is most used in many different kinds of ginsengs. This effective herb is able to improve spatial memory by activating neuronal activity in the hippocampus area. In addition, it assists in protecting nerve cells from contacting beta-amyloid as well as other toxins. This ginseng is also known as an adaptogen which is very helpful in preventing dementia. In according with a study published in 2024 revealed that Korean red ginseng has the positive clinical effects on attention-deficit or hyperactivity disorder in children.

12. Green Oats

Green oats are also known as wild oats or Avena sativa that is another of the effective herbs for brain. This herb plays a role as a nourishing tonic for brain and has a sedative influence on the nervous system. Besides, it can enhance attention and concentration.

A study published in 2024 reported that the regular intake of 1,600 mg of extract of the oat herb is capable of acutely improving attention as well as concentration and keep task focus in people with different levels of cognitive status. In accordance with another study published in the same year stated that people who take the green oats get good improvements in cognitive ability by changing electroencephalogram spectral frequencies in healthy ones. A study published in 2024 highlighted found that taking 800 mg of extract of the oats helps improve the reflexion and decrease thinking time along with completion time.

If you take the green oat extract, make sure that you should see your doctor to have the consultant for the correct dosage.

13. Herbs For Brain – Green Tea

Green tea is also known as one of the natural herbs for brain. Regularly consuming green tea is proven that it is good for positively impacting memory. Its antioxidant property is able to support healthy blood vessels in your brain and help it function properly. In addition, green tea prevents from plaque growth in your brain that is responsible for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. These diseases are the most common neurodegenerative disorders.

In according to a study published in 2024 stated that green tea contains polyphenols which are beneficial for neurodegenerative and aging diseases. This herb has the ability to protect your aging brain and decrease the incidence of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Another study published in 2024 showed that there are the positively neural effects of an extract of green tea on the prefrontal cortex which is the main mediate element for the processing of working memory in the brain.

To get a powerful brain, you should drink at least 2 glasses of green tea regularly to maintain your brain sharp for many years.

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14. Vacha

Vacha means “speech” which is beneficial for communication and is one of the important herbs for brain. It has the ability to promote better concentration, speech, and clarity. It also has a stimulating effect on the treatment of depression and mental sluggishness. Vacha aids in promoting mental clarity as well as a powerful memory and detoxifying brain tissues. In addition, this magic herb is popularly used to cure nervous system disorders. It can enhance focus, clear-thinking, and mental concentration.

All above are top 14 natural herbs which are very beneficial for your brain health. If you have anything related to natural herbs for brain health, freely let your comment below and we will contact you soon. Also, you can share this article with your family members and friends if you think it is a useful article.

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