Top 5 Benefits Of Vaping Instead Of Smoking Revealed


Smoking comes with a number of detriments, from bad breath to bad health, and many people are putting down cigarettes in favor of vaping. Vaping involves getting your nicotine through a flavorful e-juice. The e-juice is heated by a battery operated device to produce a cloud of vapor instead of a cloud of smoke. The benefits of vaping over smoking are immense, with the top five listed below.

Benefits Of Vaping – Healthier

One of the main reasons people want to quit smoking is to improve their health, and vaping is a notably safer alternative. In fact, a report from Public Health England pegged vaping as about 95 percent safer than smoking, which is a notable number indeed.

Cigarettes are packed with more than 4,000 chemicals, many of which are toxic when lit on fire.

Vaping is non-combustible, using heat instead of a burning flame, which results in a cleaner, less harmful choice for you as well as the environment. E-juice also contains far fewer chemicals, with the best e liquid containing only the minimal amount required to create the juice.

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Benefits Of Vaping – Kinder To The Environment

benefits of vaping - kinder to the environment

Not only does vaping eliminate the noxious smoke that comes with cigarettes, but it produces far less waste. Cigarette butts are by far the biggest forms of litter, with about 125 million pounds of butts discarded across the U.S. in 2005 alone. Butts take up to a decade to degrade, all the while polluting the environment with lead, arsenic, and other poisons.

Vaping device are refillable, allowing you to use a single device over a period of years. While the small, atomizer heads are disposable and require replacement every four weeks or so, they are typically thrown in the trash and not out into the street.

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Benefits Of Vaping – Costs Less

Once you purchase a vaping device, the only costs you encounter are for e-liquid and disposable atomizer heads. Once you start smoking, you need to keep buying pack after pack of cigarettes.

Smoke a pack a day and you’re spending at least $2,000 per year on cigarettes. The annual cost of vaping can weigh in around $900, including the vaping device and replacement atomizers.

Benefits Of Vaping – More Options

Vaping gives you loads of choices to customize your experience. You can choose your type of vaping device, choose your e-liquid flavor, and even choose the level of nicotine in your e-juice.

You’ll never find those kinds of choices with smoking.

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Benefits Of Vaping – Tastes Better

benefits of vaping - tastes better

If you enjoy the taste of tobacco in cigarettes, you’ll be blown away by the taste of real tobacco when it’s vaped. Tobacco e-liquid that’s made from real tobacco, instead of synthetic flavorings, is far superior to the taste of cigarettes. That’s because the tobacco is not competing with hundreds of other chemicals for its savory taste to come through.

With a better taste, more options, less cost, and a healthier alternative for your health as well as the environment, vaping is clearly the winner over cigarettes. Give it a try to see if you agree.

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