How to detox your lungs after smoking naturally – 8 easy ways

It has been observed that even former smokers who give up smoking years ago have traces of lung damage.

Even if a person has never smoked, industrial pollution, second hand cigarette smoke, vehicular exhaust fumes all contribute to lung damage at some levels for almost everybody. Similar to the heart, the brain, kidneys and liver, we need the lungs to live. In addition to delivering oxygen from the air we breathe to the blood, whilst keeping all of the other junk from the air out; the lungs also help expel the carbon dioxide, a byproduct of carbon and oxygen diffusion within the human body.

So, if you want to know how to detox your lungs after smoking naturally, then you need to learn some natural lung cleanse tips collected by below.

Here are 10 out of most practical ways you can do to achieve healthier lungs and respiratory system without the added risk of drugs.

How To Detox Your Lungs After Smoking Naturally – 8 Safe Tips

1. Drink Plenty Of Water

how to detox your lungs-drink plenty of water

This might be the most important tip on how to detox your lungs naturally. Part of all detoxification systems is extreme dehydration. Water is important for the human body just after oxygen. It is essential to so many systems of the human body that we are actually made up by about 70% water. Drinking plenty of water will help flush toxic elements and poisons from your body. You might need to pee a lot but it is worth doing.

2. Cook With Oregano To Decrease Congestion

how to detox your lungs-cook with oregano to decrease congestion

The primary benefits of oregano are because of its carvacrol and rosmarinic acid content. Both compounds are natural decongestants and histamine reducers which have positive, direct benefits on the nasal passage airflow and respiratory tract.

The volatile oils in oregno, which are carvacol and thymol, have shown to inhibit the development of bacteria such as pseudomonas aeruginosa and staphylococcus aureus.

You can make use of oregano by using it in cooking both in the fresh or dried forms. Several drops of oregano oil in milk or juice could be taken once per day for as long as you want to get health benefits.

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3. Inhale Lobelia To Relax Lungs

how to detox your lungs-inhale lobelia to relax lungs

Another way on how to detox your lungs is to inhale lobelia. That could help break up congestion and relax your lungs. Due to an alkaloid known as lobeline, which can thin mucus and break up congestion, lobelia is useful for your lung detoxification.

In addition, lobelia could also stimulate adrenal glands to release epinephrine, thereby relaxing the airways and letting for easier breathing. Moreover, because lobelia can help relax smooth muscles, it is contained in a lot of cold and cough remedies. You might add 5 to 10 leaves of lobelia and then vaporize them for inhalation. Then, inhale the vapors for about 10 minutes every day, both in morning and evening.

4. Treat Yourself With Eucalyptus

how to detox your lungs-treat yourself with eucalyptus

Being a common ingredient in many syrups and cough lozenges, eucalyptus is effective in detoxifying your lungs thanks to the expectorant compound named cineole. This could help ease your cough, fight off congestion, and soothe the irritated sinus passages.

Additionally, as eucalyptus includes antioxidants, it can support the human immune system. Add several drops of eucalyptus oil into the hot water and start inhaling for 15 minutes every day to detox your lungs.

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5. Use Peppermint

how to detox your lungs-use peppermint

You can use peppermint in order to soothe your respiratory muscles. Because peppermint as well as peppermint oil includes menthol, a soothing ingredient which can relax the muscles of the respiratory tract and enhance free breathing.

Many individuals use therapeutic chest balms along with other inhalants that include menthol to help in breaking up congestion. In addition, peppermint, an antioxidant, can fight off harmful organisms. Just simply chew on 3-5 peppermint leaves every day to reap its anti-histaminic benefits.

6. Take Hot Shower

how to detox your lungs-take hot shower

This sounds strange but in fact, taking hot showers can help clear your lungs. Just 20 minutes of having a bath with hot shower, or sitting in a sauna, you could get your body off toxins via sweating. Hot water or a sauna could help enhance the secretion of sweat, helping the lungs remove toxic substances.

7. Stay Away From Toxic Products

how to detox your lungs-stay away from toxic products

Eradicate household toxins which are part of cleansers, detergents, bleaches, and chemically scented air fresheners which have significantly strong fragrances and also may harm the human lungs.

The majority of toxic commercial pesticides can emit caustic vapors and gases which irritate the human lungs. You just need to get some good indoor plants which add life to your dwelling whilst eliminating toxins.

8. Drink Sage Tea

how to detox your lungs-drink sage tea

The textured leaves of sage have a heady aroma due to the essential oils which are the source of the benefits of tea for respiratory or lung issues.

Sage is a traditional cure for coughs and sore throats. The rich aromatic properties stemming from the volatile oils of thujone, terpene, camphor, and salvene could be used by inhaling the vapors of sage tea to remove sinusitis and lung disorders. As an alternative, you can brew a pot of the sage tea and then place it into a vaporizer or a bowl.

Just simply inhale the vapors for 10 minutes twice or thrice per day or for as long as you can, as it is perfectly safe and healthy.

There, you have discovered 8 most effective ways on how to detox your lungs naturally after smoking.

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