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If you want some extra help losing weight, you’re going to need to be careful. Why? Not all products are going to be equally safe, and not all are going to be right for you. That’s why when we saw this product we’ll be looking at today, we wanted to check it out so that we could write a proper review of it for people to read – so that they don’t end up trying to get it by mistake.

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Phendimetrazine Overview

Phendimetrazine is a prescription diet pill intended for people who want to lose weight. Typically this pill is prescribed either in 35mg pills to be taken 2-3 times day, or one 105mg extended-release capsule to be taken only once a day. Care should be taken, because this drug is considered to be possibly habit-forming, so no one should take more than their prescribed dosage.

People with heart problems and those with previous histories of drug or alcohol abuse are advised not to take this drug, but there are also lots of other cases where people shouldn’t.

Phendimetrazine is made by Valeant Pharmaceuticals, a Canadian pharmaceutical company that makes both over-the-counter and prescription drugs. This company has had lots of legal troubles during its life, commonly having to do with securities fraud and conspiracy. In 2024 they were investigated for insider trading and in 2024 they were investigated by the SEC for inflating drug prices.

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Phendimetrazine Claims

Phendimetrazine is supposed to help you shed extra weight by acting as an appetite suppressant. By preventing the user from being hungry as often and having “cravings,” the drug is supposed to help people reduce their caloric intake and thus lose weight as a result. It’s not claimed to do much else. Different version of phendimetrazine may add other drugs to the mix, but phendimetrazine by itself is not supposed to do anything else.

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Phendimetrazine Ingredients

Phendimetrazine contains only one active ingredient:

  • Phendimetrazine

Phendimetrazine is a stimulant that’s supposed to stimulate your nervous system directly, lowering your appetite chemically. Since it’s considered to be “as potent as amphetamine,” it’s a Schedule IV drug (CA) and Schedule III drug (USA). It typically lasts for 19 to 24 hours.

This drug comes with many potential side effects which include diarrhea, an increase in blood pressure, and vomiting. It can also cause other side effects related to the brain and central nervous system, including anxiety, tiredness, mood swings, and depression.

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The Science Behind Phendimetrazine

Phendimetrazine works by triggering the release of the hormones norepinephrine and dopamine. The effects of this are increased heart rate and a decrease in appetite. It has a slow release time, so it’s intended to work all day. With a lessened appetite, it might be simpler for some people to stick to their diet and cut their calories down low enough that they can lose weight.

There are lots of side effects associated with this product, which makes us wonder about whether it’s worth it, especially considering that it does little more than reduce your appetite. It does not make you body better at burning fat or calories.

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Word on the Street About Phendimetrazine

This product has people on both sides advocating for an against it.

Some people liked it, saying “it’s helped me get back in shape” and “it works to keep the appetite down.

Other people have had bad experiences with it. “I have no energy” said one, while another said that “I haven’t lost enough weight while on this.” One person related the tragic story of how their wife took phendimetrazine and it triggered a psychotic episode in her that caused her to go on medication for it – and she died four years later, with “the autopsy … inconclusive … Be very cautious…

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Is Phendimetrazine Worth Trying?

Unless your doctor really thinks you could benefit from this drug, it might be best to stay away from it altogether. Not only has the company behind it been accused of some pretty illegal things, but the product itself doesn’t seem like it’s worth taking. Despite all the horrible side effects it could cause, which include mood swings, vomiting, and even psychosis, all it really does it help you want to eat less. That’s it. It doesn’t help your body to burn fat or calories more efficiently.

There are safer and more natural ways to achieve the same goals as phendimetrazine, and we would suggest looking at those first before talking to a medical professional about phendimetrazine.

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Phendimetrazine vs Adderall

While both of these are amphetamines (or amphetamine-like), these are very different products, in both what they’re made up of and what they’re supposed to be used for. Phendimetrazine is used as an appetite suppressant, meant for people who want to lose weight. Adderall is a drug used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. With both of them you need a prescription in order to get it, since both are controlled substances. Phendimetrazine looks to cost anywhere from $13 to $30, while Adderall can cost between $100 and $300 – but of course, they’re not really comparable since they do different things.

Phendimetrazine vs Adipex

Both of these products are intended to help people lose weight, but they have different compositions. Phendimetrazine is made up of the drug it’s named after, while Adipex contains phentermine. Both are appetite suppressants, and neither are supposed to help your body burn extra fat or increase the metabolism. They both have similar side effects, including vomiting, anxiety, depression, and psychosis in people who take too much.

Phendimetrazine vs Contrave

These drugs are very similar. Both Phendimetrazine and Contrave are marketed as ways to help people lose weight by suppressing the appetite. Contrave contains both bupropion and nalxetrone, both drugs initially approved for treating addiction, while Phendimetrazine chemically alters your appetite perception.

Since both of these pills can affect your brain chemistry, both come with similar side effects that also include depression – although Contrave says it can cause suicidal thoughts, while we haven’t seen the same claims with Phendimetrazine.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the 105mg Phendimetrazine dosage for?
    The 105mg dosage is for the slow-release capsule that’s only meant to be taken once a day.
  2. Where can I read Phendimetrazine reviews?
    You can read them at, the same place we find pharmaceutical reviews.
  3. What are the results from taking Phendimetrazine?
    The results you should see are lowered appetite, and that’s all.
  4. What is the dosage for taking Phendimetrazine?
    Either 35mg or 105mg.
  5. How does Phendimetrazine perform vs Phentermine?
    Check out our comparison above where we compare it with Adipex, which contains phentermine.
  6. Does Phendimetrazine get you high?
    We don’t know, but it can cause dependency.
  7. What about phendimetrazine tartrate 35mg?
    That’s the official term for Bontril, one brand name of Phendimetrazine.
  8. Is Phendimetrazine a controlled substance?

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So What Really Works?

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