The Best Mma Exercises At Home For Men & Women

the best mma exercises at home

MMA (stands for mixed martial arts) is a kind of sport that is combined the techniques of grappling and striking. This sport is becoming more popular today because it strengthens you, get fitness, improve confidence, develop discipline, and enhance self-defense. Recently, has released a writing of best MMA exercises at home you can follow. Keep reading this article thoroughly and get what is inside.

Getting The Best MMA Exercises At Home – Save Time And Money

1. Running Stairs

MMA exercises

MMA exercises work for your muscle, and your strength, endurance, and fitness. If you have good conditions, you can prepare drills or some equipments such as stairs, jump rope, weights, etc. sprinting stairs will be good for your physique and you will have a perfect body. Just running stairs every day, try to get a weight or carry some weights, heavy things along with you for more challenges.

2. Surfing Body Exercise

MMA exercises

Surfing workout may be the most popular trends that men are following. It is also simple to do at home as the following step:

  • Lie on your spouse’s back and have your spouse the feet on the floor or lie on your partner and put your arms behind your back.
  • Turn your back in circle, and keep your partner on the floor.
  • You can use a ball instead of having your partner working with you.
  • This exercise will help you stronger and avoid some damage for your arms.

3. Crossing Exercise

MMA exercises

This exercise is really simple, but if you do properly and frequently, you will increase your agility and increase speed. Now, you have a cross on the floor, jump back over the lines. Switch the pattern and move back.

4. Boxing Exercise 

MMA exercises

This MMA exercise is really effective although it sounds silly. Stand up in front of the mirror, kick, grabs, and punch. Try this activity for 3-5 minutes. Fight the air for rounds and take a rest. If you want to isolate boxing, you should choose a defense or a punch. And start with a jab and your defense will catch simply.

5. Skipping Exercise 

MMA exercises

This exercise is familiar with jumping rope and it is one of the best MMA exercises to get fitness. Start slowly with the rope and your feet are together. Jump as high as possible. Or you can jump on mix by foot, go forwards and backwards, this side to another side. Moreover, you can try another performance by lying your back on the ground, circle your legs, pump out and in, and strap ankle weights.

6. Stretching Exercise 

MMA exercises

Stretching exercise is one of the simplest MMA exercises that can improve your flexibility. In this exercise, you should have good hips and pliable hamstrings to escape and hold. Flexibility is as important as endurance and strength. Stretching exercise also increases mobility, muscle tissue, and it is also cheap and simple.

7. Squat Exercise 

MMA exercises

Squat is one of the best MMA exercises for full body and legs. Squat exercises will speed your power by using the kettlebell, sandbag, dumbbell, and barbell. Developing your tremendous power, body strength, and strong core improvement, squat exercise is a great choice for you at home as it is really easy and simple to do like this:

  • The best way to implement this exercise is to take advantage of cage or power rack so you may control the pins.
  • Keep your pins below deeply.
  • Place J hooks that hold the bar to get the level of nipple
  • Unrack it
  • Put the bar at a knurled area

8. Deadlift Exercise 

MMA exercises

This is one of the exercises that can develop your energy and strength. This is one of the most MMA exercises will increase your muscles. It is so amazing because it speeds your core, leg strength, and grip. Deadlifts are practiced with heavy weights, sandbag, trap-bar, and barbell. Deadlift exercises can build up your strength. Now:

  • Prepare a barbell and put the barbell on the floor
  • Get weights according to the fitness level and your strength
  • Start the light deadlift if this is the first time you perform this exercise.
  • You can start with a five pound weight
  • Prepare your stance by keeping your shoulder wide apart
  • Keep the balls under the bar
  • Point your toes forward and outward to balance your body
  • Bend the knees while you straighten your back
  • It is beeter when you bend from your hips
  • When grasping the bar, you should stand near to the barbell and grasp with your hands
  • Keep your shoulder wide apart outside your legs
  • Straighten your arms

9. Cleaning Exercise 

MMA exercises

One of the most effective MMA exercises that football players usually implement it. Use sandbag, kettlebell, barbell, or dumbbell, etc. specifically, these are detailed instructions of this performance:

  • Step 1: put a barbell on the ground near to the shins, put a hook outside your legs, and reduce the hips with weight, which is on back and heels. Face your head forward, lift your chest up and your shoulders will be in front of the bar.
  • Drive the pull through your heels and extend your knees. Keep your arms straight and manage the weight when you do the same with knees
  • The second pull, you should approach the bar to the mid position, extend through the hips, jump, and extend the ankles, knees, hips by speeding the bar upward. You should extend your body and arms and lean your back slightly.
  • Transfer to the third pull by flexing and shrugging your arms and your elbows out and up. Pull your body down; rotate the elbows under the bar. At the squat position, get the bar deeply and the bar should be onto the shoulders. Relax your hands while touching your throat lightly. Descend the bottom squat position.
  • Recover immediately by driving through your heels; keep your elbows and torso up.

10. Lunge Exercise 

MMA exercises

Among the excellent MMA exercises, lunge exercise will be on the top. Particularly, lunge exercise will develop the leg muscles when it requires standing only one leg at a time. Stand one leg in a ring if you want to empower muscles. By taking down or kicking, you will get incredible legs. Also, you can do this performance with sandbag on shoulders.

Lunge exercise is one of the most classic fitness exercises for the lower body which will increase the flexibility of hamstrings, hips, and buttocks. In fact, there are many variations of lunge exercises and you can mainly follow the following steps:

  • The necessary equipments you should prepare are dumbbells, hallway, or the similar place
  • Stand up and put one foot forward
  • Place your toes face straight ahead
  • Align your legs and keep your knee aligned with the ground
  • Reduce your back knee towards the ground
  • Push back the beginning position
  • Squeeze your buttocks to push up, tighten your abdominals, and neutralize your lower back
  • Keep your body upright and do not lean forward through this exercise

11. Swing Exercise 

MMA exercises

One of the most important MMA exercises is kettlebell swing. This is a workout routine you should do every day. This exercise will improve your strength and enhance incredible legs. Learning swing exercise regularly, you will have a better shape and better health.

12. Pushing Exercise 

MMA exercises

Pushing activity will be good for upper body health. Stand shoulders with push-up position. Push-press is one of the best and the most effectual MMA exercises for full body power, upper body health, and explosiveness. There are lots of materials or equipments that can help you perform this exercise such as sandbag, kettlebells, straight bar, etc.  Pushing a sandbag will explode your muscles and your power.

13. Rowing Exercise 

MMA exercises

If you want to have posterior chain and a strong back, you should do this exercise more regularly. Pulling up is also a great exercise for back muscles and upper body. You may combine rowing exercise with dumbbell, sandbag, or a barbell to get the best effectiveness.

14. Bench Press Exercise 

MMA exercises

Almost of the athletes follow this exercise to grow upper body strength. Since the MMA exercises at home are increasing, you may save time and money to empower your arms and improve upper body. MMA workouts should contain the bench press because it will balance your weight and this is one of the smartest ways to stimulate your fighting condition. Another push press exercise is kettlebell press and clean.

15. Jerk And Clean Exercise 

MMA exercises

Similar to press and clean exercise, jerk and clean exercise can balance your weight very well. However, this exercise is more explosive and it requests more techniques. Almost of the athletes also follow this performance as it is also an Olympic weight. You may try this exercise as below steps:

  • Step 1- pull: you have to move explosively by taking the bar from the floor and explode it to your chest.
  • Step 2 – catch: after pulling, catching is the most difficult part of this exercise
  • Step 3 – jerk: this movement is rapid and put the bar over the head with arms

16. Snatch Exercise 

MMA exercises

This exercise is an art of the getting a weight on the floor or under your knees and put explosively over your head. It is like one motion of press and clean exercise. In this performance, you should not use barbell snatches but try to use dumbbell or kettlebell snatch. This is one of the simplest MMA exercises because it requires less technique than the other sports.

By doing these exercises at home, you totally can improve your endurance and help your body more active. Just stay at home and you do not need to go to gym for MMA training.

17. Ball Crunch Exercise

MMA exercises

  • Reduce your back in the ball center
  • Put your hand behind your head
  • Crunch forward to pull torso to your upper legs
  • Hold for one second
  • Return to the beginning position
  • Repeat 15-20 times

18. Dumbell Exercise 

MMA exercises

  • Stand up and your feet are wide apart
  • Hold a dumbbell with left hand and put your right hand behind your head
  • Bend your torso to the right side
  • Do it for 15 reps continually

19. Hanging Leg Exercise 

MMA exercises

  • Straight your legs and hang from the bar
  • Raise your knees up to your chest
  • Stop it when legs turn to the waistline
  • Hold for one second
  • Lower slowly
  • Repeat 10-15 reps

20. Lying Leg Exercise 

MMA exercises

Leg muscles need to be added as they play crucial role to stay healthy. Along with a proper diet plan, MMA exercises are excellent for your body and strength. They particularly can make you more confident, flexible, and active.

  • Lie on the ground by your side
  • Bend the leg for 90 degrees
  • Straighten your top legs
  • Lift up your top leg and put your toes at the shoulder level
  • Hold for seconds
  • Reduce slowly
  • Repeat this exercise for 20 times

21. Weight Ball Exercise 

MMA exercises

Playing with ball is one of the most effective and common exercises that many people are following. Weight ball exercise will balance your weight and keep your fitness well if you do it regularly.

  • Lie on the ball and the face is in the middle of the ball
  • Reduce your body
  • Cross your hands over the chest
  • Pull upper body by using lower back to the beginning position
  • Repeat it 12-15 times

22. Leg Barbell Exercise 

MMA exercises

  • Put the bar across the shoulder with the normal squat
  • Stand up, put your feel wide apart your shoulder
  • Reduce your torso and bend your hips toward until they are parallel with the ground
  • Lift your torso and extend your hips
  • Repeat 10-15 times

23. Russia Twist Exercise 

MMA exercises

  • To get started, sit on a Swiss ball and hold a medicine ball with your hands
  • Hold the ball closer to the body
  • Twist your upper torso
  • Lead your shoulders to the right and left
  • Repeat this exercise 20-25 times

24. Thai Plank Exercise

MMA exercises

  • Lie down on the ground in the position of plank
  • Rest on your elbows
  • Lift up your elbows and leg
  • Rotate into the position of plank
  • Bring your knee and elbow closer together
  • Extend them to the beginning position
  • Rotate back into the position of plank

25. Medicine Ball Exercise 

MMA exercises

  • Start with the fighting stance
  • Hold a medicine ball in front of you
  • Explode the medicine ball
  • Raise your knee
  • Repeat it

26. Standing Exercise 

MMA exercises

Among MMA exercises, this will be great for your legs when it focuses on leg movement primarily.

  • Stand up
  • Extend your arms over your head
  • Reduce the left elbow and raise your left knee
  • Turn back to the original position
  • Touch your elbow to the left knee

27. Sit Up Exercise 

MMA exercises

If you really want to improve your core strength and upper abs, sit up exercise is one of the great choices for you now. You should follow step-by-step instructions as below:

  • Beginner level: Hold a light medicine ball and hold it over your head
  • Intermediate level: use some more decline benches with heavy dumbbells and continually hold it. You should add heavier ball to challenge yourself
  • Advance level: place decline bench on the top of normal bench and hold some heavy dumbbells. You should steep the decline toughly. If you want to challenge the hard exercise, you should get a heavier ball.

28. Popular Plank Exercise 

MMA exercises

  • Beginner level: start with push-up position, bend the elbows, put your body on your forearms, and cave your lower back. Hold it for 30 seconds-1 minute.
  • Intermediate level: start with push-up position with hands, contract your abs, and do not sink your lower back. Hold for 1 minute.
  • Advanced level: begin at push-up position and put a weight on back when you shake

29. Leg Lift Exercise 

MMA exercises

Along with the other leg workouts this exercise will work for your leg strength. Keep following these levels to get the best effectiveness.

  • Beginner level: lie on the mat or ground; increase your legs, which should be perpendicular to hips. Manage the motion and avoid using momentum to finish this exercise. Repeat this performance 10-20 times.
  • Intermediate level: hold up your body by using a captain chair, lift up your legs, straight, or keep your knees tucked.
  • Advanced level: use the captain chair and put a dumbbell (for 5, 10, 15 lb) between your feet, grab a bar, lift up your legs, and add some more weights.

30. Double Crunch Exercise 

MMA exercises

Double crunch exercise is one of the greatest core strength workouts and it includes the following levels:

  • Beginner level: extend the bottom of legs about 6 inches, bring your knees to the chest and repeat.
  • Intermediate level: to increase the level of this exercise, you should add a crunch with the upper body.
  • Advanced level: to increase resistance, you should keep a dumbbell (5, 10, and 15) between your feet.

31. Oblique Crunch Exercise 

MMA exercises

Implementing this oblique exercise, you will increase your power and enhance oblique muscles. Try to follow the levels:

  • Beginner level: lie on the floor, bend your knee and keep your feet flat on the ground. Pick your right left up and cross over your left knee. Hence, put the left hand to your head back; lift your left shoulder toward the right knee. Hold it for 2-5 seconds, relax, and put to the beginning position. Repeat this exercise 10-15 times before changing sides to work the side.
  • Intermediate level: to increase level, do this exercise on a decline bench
  • Advanced level: get a plate (5,10,25 lb) on your chest while performing it

32. Suitcase Exercise

MMA exercises

  • Use a dumbbell or a kettlebell in one hand
  • Stand up and keep your feet together, posture tall and put your shoulders back and down
  • Get your weight off the quad for 1-2 inches
  • This exercise is good for your triceps, last, oblique, forearms, and grip.
  • For women, they should hold a kettlebell with 16k and 24k kettlebell for men.
  • Change the weight while doing this exercise and practice 3-5 sets with 15 holds on each side

33. Hard Plank Exercise

MMA exercises

Taking about the benefits of plank exercises for women and men, you cannot ignore its support for shoulders, biceps, neck, thigh, lower back, etc. this is really the best core exercise your should perform more regularly.

  • Put your elbows under your shoulders
  • From your pelvis perform a posterior slightly
  • Squeeze your abs, quads, and glute at the same time while you straighten your body
  • Dorsiflex your ankles
  • Pull your elbows to your hips while shorten the distance from the ribcage to the pelvis
  • Neutralize your neck
  • Try to do 3-4 sets with 12 planks

This exercise requires your glutes, quads, and abs on high tension.

34. Crunch Reversal Exercise 

MMA exercises

This is another great core workouts for men and women that they can do at home.

  • Now let start with the position of supine, hold a rack corner and put your arms over your head.
  • Lift your knees up and shorten the distance from the ribcage to the pelvis like crunch position
  • Extend your hips slowly and shorten the ribcage
  • Put your hips and knee about 90 degrees and keep your body in this position
  • Reduce your body toward the floor to tap into the ground
  • Do this exercise -4 sets with 5 reps. Be sure to increase sets gradually

To get more exercises for health improvement, go to our main Fitness & Exercise page.

After reading my writing of 34 best MMA exercises, I hope that you can conveniently practice at home. They will increase your endurance, strength, and power significantly if you do regularly. If you have any question, please leave your comments below and I will respond to you soon.

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