Top 14 Vitamin C Rich Foods For Skin

vitamin c rich foods

Vitamin C is an important nutrient required by our body for the maintenance and development of scar tissue, cartilage and blood vessels. It is also necessary for creating dopamine, peptide hormones, ATP and tyrosine. Do you want to know which foods are rich in vitamin C? If your answer is “Yes”, then you should read this writing. In this article, will show you top 14 vitamin C rich foods for skin. The writing collected a list of safe and effective vitamin C rich foods for skin from reliable sources. However, it is not intended to give medical advice and it is solely for the informational purpose. Keep reading this writing to learn more!

Top 14 Vitamin C Rich Foods You Should Know

1. Guavas

vitamin c rich foods-guavas

This humble fruit is considered as one of the best vitamin C rich foods for skin. Eating guavas is very good for a glowing complexion. You should avoid using hard seeded fruit because it can cause stomach ache.

2. Bell Peppers

vitamin c rich foods-bell peppers

Bell peppers are also powerful in vitamin C. Eating this fruit will help make your skin glow quickly. Simply, you can add bell peppers in their raw form in salads and sandwiches.

3. Papayas

vitamin c rich foods-papayas

As you know, papayas are very good for digestion. Especially, they are one of the great vitamin C rich foods for skin. Simply, you can use them as mid day snacks for getting a flawless skin and controlling hunger pangs as well. The face mask of papaya can also help in lightening the complexion. For optimal results, you can make a papaya pulp and then apply it on your entire neck and face for some time. Lastly, you rinse off with plain water.

4. Oranges

vitamin c rich foods-oranges

As you see, oranges are also rich in vitamin C. It is suggested to eat them on a daily basis in order to make skin glow. Even the peels of oranges are an excellent beauty aid. You can store some powdered and dried peels in one glass bottle and then use the peels in face masks for decreasing blemishes and tan.

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5. Green Chilies

vitamin c rich foods-green chilies

Green chilies are one of the highest vitamin C rich foods for skin. You can spice up the curries, soups and salads with the green chilies. You should remember to deseed the chilies before using them in any form because the seeds of this vegetable are highly acidic in nature.

6. Spinach

vitamin c rich foods-spinach

Spinach is a very versatile vegetable. Especially, it is very high in vitamin C for skin. You can use it in the form of soups, sandwiches, curries, etc. Brussels sprouts are low in calories and also loaded with vitamin C too.

7. Strawberries

vitamin c rich foods-strawberries

Strawberries are rich in vitamin C. Plus, they make a great accompaniment with sweets and desserts. You can make ice cream topped with strawberries for your healthy and dessert.

8. Indian Gooseberry (Amla)

vitamin c rich foods-indian gooseberry

Indian Gooseberry is another fruit teeming with high amount of vitamin C. In addition, it contains many curative and healing properties as well. This fruit can be used in the form of dried and powdered form. You can take amla powder (a tea spoon) at night for making your skin glow as well as relieving constipation. Or, it can also be used in the form of pickle.

9. Mangoes

vitamin c rich foods-mangoes

Mango is called as the ‘king of fruits’. It also a great source of vitamin C. You can eat mangoes as a dessert for making your skin glow and controlling your sweet cravings as well.

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10. Berries

vitamin c rich foods-berries

Berries contain fibre, phytochemicals and folate that may help decrease the risk for developing cancer and heart disease and improve memory. Furthermore, vitamin C present in berries will help protect connective tissue and strengthen the immune system as well. Cranberries and strawberries are great sources of this crucial vitamin.

11. Cabbage Family

vitamin c rich foods-cabbage family

Cabbages are nutritional kings and their relatives such as brussel sprouts and bok choy. The cabbage family can help to fight off heart disease and cancer. Brussel sprouts supply 4 times the vitamin C of the cabbage cousins (97 mg versus only 23 mg for one cup). For vitamin C, the raw cabbage is best. You should microwave, steam or stir-fry for maximum retention of other nutrients.

12. Citrus Fruits

vitamin c rich foods-citrus fruits

Citrus fruits have an abundance of potassium, pectin, phytochemicals and vitamin C that may benefit numerous conditions such as asthma, cancer, allergies, cataracts, stroke, heart disease and the common cold.

13. Kiwifruit

vitamin c rich foods-kiwifruit

This egg-shaped fruit, fuzzy is richly endowed with phytochemicals that help to enhance your immune system and may stave off certain eye conditions, heart disease and cancer. It also provides spectacular amounts of vitamin C. One kiwifruit contains about 75 mg of vitamin C. It is best to eat the fruit uncooked in order to maintain the vitamin C content in kiwifruit. If you combine kiwifruit with poultry, fish or meat, as in a salad, you should not leave this mixture sit too long before serving. Kiwi’s actindin, enzyme will begin to tenderize the animal protein as well as turn it mushy.

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14. Kale

vitamin c rich foods-kale

A one-cup serving of kale contains 80.4 mg of vitamin C. It is recommended to intake of vitamin A two times and amount of vitamin K seven times daily. The nutrition powerhouse also delivers a sizeable dose of fatty acids and minerals.

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To get more information related to health and nutrition, go to our main Nutrition page. After reading the writing of top 14 vitamin C rich foods for skin, hope that this writing helps you find out the best food to improve your skin fast and effectively. However, the writing is solely for the informational purpose, so you need to get advice from your doctor before applying any food. If you have any question, please leave them below, I will respond you as soon as possible.

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