How to prevent global warming from getting worse

Global warming is the product of the industrial revolution that is becoming more and more urgent in serious problems all over the world. As we know, the main reasons of global warming are releasing too much greenhouse gas, methane by eating meat and placing the organic waste into the landfills as well as melting the permafrost and CO2 into the atmosphere by burning too much fossil fuel. Now the urgent problem is to find out the solution to prevent global warming while it is becoming worse and worse. Many people think that finding out the solution for how to prevent global warming from getting worse is the task of governments. However, the governments’ efforts are not enough to prevent it from getting worse. And we cannot wait for the effort from the governments for this problem. It requires all the people’s efforts, from individual to collective efforts.

What Are The Solutions For How to Prevent Global Warning From Getting Worse?

Each of your action can impact on the environment like the way you move, the goods you use…. So, the best way you can do is to have more positive action and reduce the negative impact on the environment. The following are some suggests that we can recommend for you. Most of them are not only good for our environment and your health but also help you save more money. Let’s see what they are:

1. Green Transportation:

how to prevent global warming-green transportation

Green transportation is one of the good ways on how to prevent global warming from getting worse. You can consider using a hybrid or electric vehicle instead of a motorbike or car or at least you can drive less and find out more changes to ride a bike, walk or carpool as much as possible.Using public transport instead of the car or motorbike also contributes to limit the greenhouse gases on the air. All these actions can help to limit emitting the greenhouse gases on the air, one of the main causes leading to global warning.

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2. Save Energy:

how to prevent global warming-save energy

Think that if each of us has certain action to save energy daily, how much energy will all the people in the world save daily? If each of us has the idea of saving energy to protect the environment and prevent the global warming, our living environment will get better so much. You don’t need to have great action. All your daily activities can prevent the global warming if you pay much attention to. For example, one of them is to reduce electricity usage in your house. For examples, you can use energy-efficient fluorescents in or around your home instead of using lightbulbs. And you also should choose energy-efficient appliances to minimize the negative effect on the environment. Another way to save energy is to unplug the electronics in case they are not in use to save money and electricity. Some other actions to save energy include making your clothes dry by using sunlight instead of using the dryer, limiting using the heater, reusing your shopping bag, switching to green power.

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3. Reuse And Recycle:

how to prevent global warming-reuse and recycle

Reusing and recycling all things can also one of the effective ways on how to prevent global warming from getting worse. Reusing or recycling can help to limit the non-recyclable waste, contribute to reducing the environmental pollution. There are many things that you can reuse and recycle. See some following activities that you can do including using recycled paper products from the waste as much as possible, reusing shopping bags, recycling newspaper, plastic bags, bottles, cans if you can.

4. Conserve Energy In The Home And Yard:

how to prevent global warming-conserve energy in the home and yard

It is also helpful for greenhouse emissions. You can do it by reducing lawn size in your yard. Because the amount of hydrocarbon from a power lawn-mower, weedeater, or leaf blower can be about 10 to 34 times or more as a typical auto. That is why you should reduce lawn size by adding mulched areas, ground covers or even shrubs. You should create a small lawn area that can use an efficient reel mower to mow.

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5. Eat Vegetarian Meals And Locally Produced Foods:

how to prevent global warming-eat vegetarian meals and locally produced foods

Nowadays, there are a lot of frozen and canned foods available in the supermarkets from all around the world. However, all these foods require plenty of greenhouse gases due to their transportation, package, and conservation. Or you can choose vegetarian foods for replacement. These foods don’t require too much of greenhouse gases to produce. Moreover, eating vegetarian meals instead of canned foods is very good for your health, using locally produced foods also contributes to the development of your hometown.

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6. Plant Trees:

how to prevent global warming-plant trees

Stopping cutting down trees and planting more trees is also a great way on how to prevent global warming from getting worse that you can do very well. It can help to reduce the greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. The trees we plant can absorb CO2, create O2 since then make the air get fresher and purer. As we know, there are millions of forest acres are cut down every year. This action contributes to global warming so much because one tree can absorb about one ton of carbon dioxide during its life. As an individual, you should do something to improve it. For example, improving agricultural practices and growing more trees around your living environment in order to increase the amount of trees in the ground. It can help to make your living environment around you fresher and purer that is very good for your health.

Global warming is becoming worse and worse. Implementing the ways on how to prevent global warming is everybody’s duty and responsibility. Every our daily action can contribute to increasing or decreasing the global warming. Please do everything as you can so as to prevent global warming.

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