17 Health Benefits Of Mangosteen For Skin And Internal Health

health benefits of mangosteen

Mangosteen fruit that is also known as Garcinia mangostana belongs to the group tropical evergreen trees. It is said to originate in Indonesia and now widely spread in some South East Asian countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore and other regions of Africa. Purple Mangosteen is famous for not only its particular appearance and unique flavor that is also considered as the queen of all the tropical fruits but also the health benefits of mangosteen. It has 3 parts: the hard purple peel, the sweet white edible flesh that is the part of eating, and the black seeds.

Because of its health benefits, mangosteen has been used in the traditional medicine for a long time by various Asian countries. It is a rich source of essential nutrients necessary for the normal growth and development as well as the overall nutritional well being. Each part of mangosteen is specified in the treatment of different disorders and diseases. Therefore, after discovered in the 18th century, its benefits are always considered to be mythical indeed.

This time, VKool would like to show you 17 health benefits of mangosteen for skin and internal health. All of the benefits of this fruit are consulted from reliable information sources and thoroughly researched, so you can really believe in them. For those who don’t know or wonder the benefits of mangosteen, just spend a few minutes reading our article to have more experience!

17 Health Benefits Of Mangosteen For Skin And Internal Health

1. Prevent Cancer

benefits of mangosteen - prevent cancer

Preventing the risks of cancer is known as the first one of the health benefits of mangosteen. Or in other words, this fruit has anti-cancer properties to do the functioning. More clearly, the mangosteen pericarps contain xanthones that restrict anti-cancer, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory effects. The xanthones prevent the growth of cells in human colon cancer or play a role as potential agents preventing cancer. You can use mangosteen in combination with anti-cancer drugs to have better effects.

Moreover, the xanthones presented in mangosteen pericarps can also be beneficial in blocking the growth of other types of cancer cells such as leukemia cells and liver cancer. It is also advised to consume mangosteen tea because its extracts help inhibit the development of breast cancer cells which has been improved in the laboratory and then cause them to die by a process named apoptosis. In addition, the xanthones with essential properties can help protect you against carcinogenic compounds as well as their anti-cancer activity. In conclusion, mangosteen is a potential anti-cancer agent additionally used with necessary cancer medicines to protect people from this terminal illness.

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2. Prevent Infection

Another of the health benefits of mangosteen is preventing infection. Besides protecting people from cancer, mangosteen is also indicated to have essential compounds that can block the growth of fungi and bacteria thereby preventing many different types of infections. There have been several research studies proving this possibility of mangosteen in which its xanthones are very beneficial in stopping the growth of tuberculosis bacteria and leptospires bacteria. Especially, it is advised to combine mangosteen tea with penicillin to enhance the good results of the antibiotic. Mangosteen is now researched and its promising results are still needed to be confirmed in the aspect of infection in human subjects.

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3. Prevent Inflammation

The wide-reaching health benefits of mangosteen are very beneficial for those who suffer from any diseases related the inflammation as it contains high anti-inflammatory properties. A typical example related to the belief in mangosteen is its wide use as an anti-inflammatory agent in Southeast Asian countries for a long time. In addition, the extracts of mangosteen have been proved to have anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy properties thereby inhibiting the release of prostaglandin and histamine that are all connected to the inflammation in the human body. By anyways, preventing inflammation is a way to help people with mobility issues by making them feel better with the joint swelling and soreness thereby moving more freely.

Furthermore, some respiratory issues that are caused by the inflammation within the lung passageways can be reduced when consuming mangosteen because it helps open up the airways then maintain normal breathing. That means this fruit can help you deal with various breathing problems, so don’t heritage to buy it for your diet.

According to the research before, the anti-inflammatory properties of mangosteen is very beneficial in treating sciatica pains that can’t be controlled by normal drug treatment. It is advised to consume mangosteen 2 to 3 times a day to relieve the pain with its anti-inflammatory properties and cox-2 inhibitor effects.

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4. Treat Allergies

Not only does mangosteen treat infection and inflammation but it also aids in treating allergies, which is also known as one of the health benefits of mangosteen indeed. The key factor is also its ability to reduce inflammation effectively so that the fruit acts as a naturally effective antihistamine.

In addition, there will be situations in which people who suffer from some certain eye diseases cannot take allergy medications for their problem. Thus, they have to find alternative solutions that work well while not making their conditions worse and consuming mangosteen is highly suggested. It is very easy that the patients just consume this fruit to relieve the symptom of eye allergies indeed.

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5. Regulate Blood Pressure

benefits of mangosteen - regulate blood pressure

The next one of the health benefits of mangosteen is regulating the blood pressure. As mentioned above, this fruit is very rich in nutrients and minerals like manganese, copper, and particularly magnesium. More clearly, magnesium supports the electrical functioning of the heart thereby maintaining the heart rate, controlling blood pressure, and stimulating a regular heart beat. Besides, potassium of mangosteen can protect the human body against coronary heart diseases and strokes because it is an important ingredient of the cells as well as body fluids while controlling heart rate and relieving blood pressure. Therefore, mangosteen is really ideal for those with minor symptoms related to circulatory problems.

Because of the ability to regulate the blood pressure, mangosteen gives protective effect to cardiovascular. This fruit is beneficial in decreasing the risks of myocardial and stroke. The cardioprotective effect of the fruit is proved lipid peroxidation during the stroke and antioxidant tissue defense system.

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6. Improve Blood Flow

Not only does mangosteen regulate the blood pressure but it also improves the blood flow. For example, this fruit promotes red blood cells thereby preventing the risks of anemia. In addition, it causes dilation of blood vessels which aids in improving the blood flow and protecting people against certain diseases such as heart congestion, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis, and severe chest pains.

Moreover, a diet added with enough mangosteen is good for decreasing the cholesterol level in the human body. This fruit also helps control the triglyceride level thereby taking care of proper functioning of the human heart.

7. Treat Diabetes

Nowadays, it may not be difficult to find a case of diabetes that is a common medical condition in modern society. In fact, mangosteen is known as a natural remedy for controlling diabetes, which is also one of the health benefits of mangosteen, because it can manage and maintain blood sugar level in the body. However, the consumption of this fruit should be controlled so that there will be no health risks happening.

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8. Treat Tuberculosis

There may be no way to treat tuberculosis absolutely but you can relieve the symptoms of the diseases by consuming mangosteen. It is because this fruit contains strong antifungal and antibacterial properties besides highly boosting the immune systems. And this inhibitory effect against harmful bacteria is the key factor making it ideal for patients with tuberculosis.

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9. Improve Digestion

Improving the digestion is another of the health benefits of mangosteen. It is due to the fiber presented in this fruit that helps regulate the digestive system to keep it functioning properly. The taken food is quickly digested and effectively absorbed so that your body will receive enough energy and nutrients from meals for your daily activities. You will then look more energetic and youthful. In other words, when the digestive system is healthy, the overall health will become better.

This fruit is believed in treating some stomach disorders including dysentery, diarrhea, thrush, and urinary disorders as one of the benefits of mangosteen as well. It is the reason why mangosteen is widely cultivated in various countries.

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10. Improve Immune System

Known as a rich source of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, mangosteen is really an ideal fruit for your health. It helps boost the immune system by protecting the human body against various health ailments which harm the immune system. Therefore, your body is always maintained healthy and restricted the risks of various diseases and disorders.

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11. Treat Alzheimer’s Disease

Treating Alzheimer’s disease is known as one of the major benefits of mangosteen. This disease may not be strange and often happen to the older with the common symptoms like perplexity, confusion, and remembering difficulty. Fortunately, mangosteen fruit, its peel, and other parts all include health benefits to aid patients with Alzheimer’s disease in recovering.

  • Use powder of dried mangosteen peel to treat dysentery and the paste of its peel to treat eczema and other skin disorders.
  • Use the decoction of mangosteen peel to treat diarrhea while the decoction of mangosteen roots to regulate menstruation.
  • Use the decoction of mangosteen bark and leaves to bring down the body temperature and treat thrush and urinary disease.

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12. Maintain Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is the concern of anyone and mangosteen can help you all to make this true. Mangosteen is proved to be a low-calorie fruit with 63 calories per 100 g without cholesterol and saturated fats. However, this fruit is high in vitamins and minerals that stimulate the metabolism of the body. That means a diet rich in mangosteen is necessary for leaner and healthier body because the required energy is supplied.

In addition, the fruit is high in fiber content with 13% RDA within 100g, which is essential for those who are concerned about how to put on excess body weight. Especially, the combination of its fiber content and the B-complex vitamins safely increases metabolism and assist proper function of the digestive system thereby helping maintain a healthy weight.

Besides aiding in weight gain, losing weight is another of the health benefits of mangosteen. This fruit is considered as the orthodox method for the weight-losing problem. It is due to the xanthones presented in the mangosteen peel that aids in burning fat. Therefore, you can use the extracts of its peel in the procedure of losing weight.

Furthermore, for anyone who does not suffer from weight problem or other health conditions, consuming mangosteen or drinking its juice is also highly recommended. By this consumption, your body will be provided with low-calorie nutrition with a high level of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

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13. Be Antioxidant Properties

benefits of mangosteen - be antioxidant properties

According to the research before, mangosteen has a class of natural polyphenol compounds called xanthones that includes 2 types: alpha and gamma mangosteen. And when there are 200 known xanthones in which 20 ones are found in this fruit which is mainly concentrated in its peel. As mentioned above, these compounds of mangosteen and their derivatives have several benefits like preventing inflammation and protecting the human body against various cardiovascular diseases. Besides that, these antioxidants can heal the cells damaged by free radicals due to its healing properties and slow down the aging process, ward off physical as well as mental deterioration and degenerative diseases.

In fact, Mangosteen is known as a fruit containing powerful antioxidants essential for the immune system as well as the entire body. This is the reason why this fruit is used as a healing fruit for reversing the effects of diseases related to common man.

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14. Improve Skin Health

As other fruits that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, mangosteen is very good for the skin health. All of the analyzed effects of this fruit including antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anti-allergy all help reduce the risks of various conditions like bacterial infections, skin inflammation, eczema, skin aging, and skin allergies. Especially, mangosteen has been proved to prevent the risk of skin cancer due to its anti-skin cancer properties as well.

Among the benefits of mangosteen on skin, treating acne is known as a typical one.
With natural antimicrobial compounds and antibacterial properties, this fruit is very effective in treating several common skin conditions such as acne, skin blemishes, dry skin, and oily skin. The easy treatment is just consuming this fruit daily for smoother and softer skin.

When the aging process starts because of the oxidation, mangosteen is full of antioxidants known as catechin that is also found in green tea and help fight free radicals. That means a regular consumption of this fruit is a natural way to make look younger.

One of the benefits of mangosteen is relieving the pain and bleeding. It is the reason why its pulp has been used in the Southeast Asia for a long time to stop the bleeding. In addition, its pulp acts like antiseptic when applied to the minor cuts. And nowadays, it is not difficult to find some products made from mangosteen to treat these some skin disorders.

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15. Regulate Menstruation

Another of the health benefits of mangosteen is regulating menstruation. More clearly, this fruit is very beneficial in relieving premenstrual symptoms such as dizziness, hypertension, and mood swings, hypertension that are all common for women. In many countries, people use a mangosteen root decoction to regulate menstrual cycle in women indeed.

16. Be Good For Pregnancy

While a pregnant woman needs various classes of nutrients for her health and baby’s development, mangosteen contains almost enough necessary components. Besides all the mentioned nutrients and properties, this fruit is also rich in vitamin C that plays an important role in the health of skin, eyes, and the whole health of a pregnant woman. It is estimated that 100g mangosteen contains about 12% RDA vitamin C along with powerful water. In fact, vitamin C can protect the human body against flu as infectious agents, which means the consumption of mangosteen is necessary for the developing resistance against diseases. This particular vitamin is also helpful during the pregnancy and prevents neutral tube effects.

For the eye health, vitamin C highly presented in mangosteen is protective against cataracts. And the consumption of 1000mg vitamin C each day is advised to curb cataracts and improve vision.

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17. Benefits Of Mangosteen – Essential Tips

In addition to the benefits of mangosteen above, you should pay attention to some other tips to abuse this fruit for your health as well.

  • Mangosteen is just available in the summer so that you should be careful to buy this fruit in other time.
  • Remember to buy mangosteen fruits that are heavy and bright purple colored; ones with dry and blotched skin is old.
  • Thoroughly wash fruits clean and then wipe them with a soft towel later.
  • Pregnant women should consult doctors or professors to know how much they can consume this fruits during the important period as the too much consumption can be harmful to the fetus.
  • The juice made from the mangosteen peel is beneficial for your skin making it tighter.

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After reading the article on 17 health benefits of mangosteen for the internal and external health in our main Health page, hope that you can see how good this fruit is for the overall health thereby adding it to your daily diet. Please let us know if you have any question by leaving them below and share with us other health benefits of mangosteen if you know or experience.


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