How to get rid of clogged ears from flying and allergies: 7 ways

how to get rid of clogged ears

If you have ever had a clogged ear, then you know how uncomfortable it could be. It could impact your hearing ability, make you feel out of balance, and also make you feel downright miserable.
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The symptoms of a clogged ear contain decreased capacity, a popping sensation in the ear, a windy sound within the ear, and a feeling of having liquid or mucus inside the ear.

People often suffer from clogged ears from flying, cold or allergies.
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Aside from being annoying, a clogged ear could be rather painful. It is crucial to treat it early.

In fact, there are many natural ways to treat clogged ears. If you are serious about learning how to get rid of clogged ears from flying and allergies, then below are 10 out of most effective methods for you to try at home. Take a look from!

How To Get Rid Of Clogged Ears From Flying And Allergies – 7 Tips For Clogged Ear Cure 

1. Valsalva Maneuver

how to get rid of clogged ears

By performing valsalva maneuver, you could get rid of clogged ears. It will help relieve pain and stuffiness in the ears.

Simply close your mouth and pinch the nostrils closed using the fingers, take a deep breath. Then, blow the air out of the nose in order to regulate the air pressure. When done exactly, you could hear a slight popping sound, meaning the Eustachian tubes are open again.

However, remember you should not blow the nose too hard because it might lead to damage to your ear drum.

2. Olive Oil 

how to get rid of clogged ears

The next natural way on how to get rid of clogged ears caused by a buildup of wax within the ears is olive oil. Olive oil could help soften your ear wax so you could easily eliminate it.

You just need to warm a small amount of the pure olive oil up. Then, use a dropper to put several drops of tepid olive oil in your affected ear.

Wait for 10 minutes so that the earwax turns soft. It is better to keep your head sideways and eliminate the oil and ear wax with ear buds. You had better do this gently so you do not hurt your delicate organ. If there is not olive oil around you, use baby oil or mineral oil as alternatives.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar And Alcohol 

how to get rid of clogged ears

In order to damage any type of bacterial infection that might lead to clogged ears, you could take advantage of the combination of apple cider vinegar and alcohol.

Just simply mix equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and alcohol together. Then, you lie down on your side; take a dropper to put several drops of this mixture in your affected ear. In order to keep that mixture from spilling out, you could place one cotton ball within your ear, avoid raising your head. Take a 10-minute rest to let the mixture do its job. After that, remove the earwax.

Read more top 10 uses of apple cider vinegar for medical and common needs.

4. Warm Compress 

how to get rid of clogged ears

Taking advantage of a warm compress is a good idea to cure your clogged ears which are associated with sinus congestion or colds. Thanks to the heat from the warm compress, you could loosen congestion, ease pain and unclog your ears.

Just simply soak one washcloth in the warm water, remember to wring out the excess water, hold the washcloth over your affected ear for 5-10 minutes. This will help ease your pain, and also enhance fluid drainage.

As an alternative, you could wrap one bottle of hot water for 5-10 minutes in the thin tower and then apply it to your clogged ear for about 10 minutes or so. That way, you could help in relieving the pressure while also opening up the clogged ears.

5. Steam 

how to get rid of clogged ears

This might be the simplest way on how to get rid of clogged ears you could do instantly. Inhaling steam can be useful for unclogging the ears caused by a cold. Also, it can help in loosening your earwax leading to clogging.

You can pour hot steaming water in one large bowl. Then, add several drops of lavender oil or tea tree oil to it before covering your head using a towel. Then, inhale the steam slowly tilt your clogged ears open up. It is recommended to take a hot shower for 10 minutes in order to relieve the clogged ears.

6. Hydrogen Peroxide

how to get rid of clogged ears

Hydrogen peroxide could be used to unclog the ears which are blocked by wax accumulation.

You just need to use a dropper, then put several drops of 3% of hydrogen peroxide in your affected ear. After that, you will hear the fizzing in several minutes. After about 10 minutes, the fizzing will stop.

After that, you till your head slightly in order to allow the solution as well as earwax to drain out.

You should not use hydrogen peroxide too much because it could cause harm to your ear drums.

7. Warm Water

how to get rid of clogged ears

By flushing your ear with the warm water, you can help open your clogged ear easily.

Simply fill the ear syringe with one cup of the warm water. Then, tilt your head to your side as much as you could and pull the ear lobe down in order to open the ear canal. After that, you insert the syringe’s tip into the ear opening (have someone help you). Point the syringe slightly up, sideways and then squeeze the syringe’s bulb in order to force the water into your ear canal. This force will dislodge the wax.

You had better wait for 10 minutes before tilting the head to the opposite side. Earwax and water will easily come out.

There, you have known some of the most used and effective ways on how to get rid of clogged ears from flying and allergies. These tips use just natural, easy-to-find ingredients with complicated preparations.

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