8 Safe And Quick Tanning Tips To Get Perfect Tanning

In order to transform your own body into the perfect golden shade, it is necessary for you to follow through some useful, safe and quick tanning tips. These tanning tips collected by VKool.com will ensure that you could get the perfect tanning without too much effort. Check them out now!

8 Safe And Quick Tanning Tips – Get The Perfect Tan Glow

1. Choose Your UV Source

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Firstly, when it comes to tanning tips, it is important for you to choose the UV source, which is suitable for your skin. For ultraviolet tanning, nothing can beat old-fashioned, good sunshine. In case the weather or sky does permit, though, tanning beds might be a good alternative to keep your skin in lightly golden shade.

2. Exfoliate 

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Normally, for starters, it is crucial for you to exfoliate. This is considered as an important process which will help warrant you have the best looking skin, no matter what shade or skin kind you have. Also, it supplies you with healthy looking skin. In addition, one of the main issues people who go tanning often make mistake is that they do not exfoliate. Once you fail to do this, you will really allow dead skin cells to build up. Therefore, you need to exfoliate now while taking a shower daily. When you use a shower sponge, this will basically rub of the dead skin from your own body. Just simply warrant that you do this on the face as well, on a regular basis. By this way, you will not only scrub away dead skin cells, but will also prevent breakouts, at the same time. If you do not apply the exfoliation process, your tan will look uneven and also you will experience extra dirt, oil as well as other problems around the skin.

3. Wax And Shave 

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If you are similar to most people, you might wax and shave to remove unwanted hair. In fact, very few of people really avoid eliminating hair from their bodies, particularly when it comes to face, legs, underarms as well as the bikini area. Nevertheless, no matter where you are going to wax and shave, you should make sure that you do it more than 24 hours before tanning. There are some different reasons why you have to do this if you want to get perfect tanning.

If you wax instantly before going into shaving, you will have irritated skin. The irritate skin, if exposed to sun rays could result in rashes or other issues with the skin. After all, the last thing you want to do is leaving the tanning becomes a bright red rash burning across the back, face, chest, legs or wherever else you shaved. Whist some people might have worse reaction than others, it is actually necessary for you to do waxing and shaving 24 hours before hand. In reality, typically, the face and legs are the body parts, which are familiar with sun exposure and other rough aspects of the life. Nevertheless, other body parts like the bikini area, is not used to this type of wear and tear; therefore, you should appropriately shave and wax at least one day before hand.

4. Moisturizer 

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In this list of safe tanning tips, if you want to extend the life of your new tan and give you hydrated, perfect skin; then, you need to use proper moisturizers. Without them, your own skin will dry out, particularly if exposed to UV rays or extensive sunlight. Nevertheless, this might be not something that you just need to make use after tanning, instead, this is something that you have to do on a regular basis. Basically, the most important time to moisturize is right before hitting the hay. As you go to sleep, your body will be at rest, the body will repair itself at a faster rate. This contains your own skin. By making use of the moisturizer before hitting the hay, you will be able to repair the damage happening during the day. Obviously, it is also a great idea to moisturize after having a shower, because the water within your bath will dehydrate as well as dry out your skin. There are some areas around the body you need to particularly concentrate on, containing the elbows, hands, knees and also ankles. Any area of the body which moves is the area that needs to be applied by the moisturizer. Upon applying the moisturizer to the face, you might use a particular facial moisturizer. Some people do not want to use the moisturizer that has oil to apply onto their face because this could lead to breakouts as well as many other problems. Because of this, you should find a good moisturizer which is oil-free for you facial skin. That way, you can hydrate the face as well as other parts of the body, all whilst avoiding any sort of breakout problems. The more you moisturizer your body, the better of your own skin will be and the longer that your tan will last. It also helps you prevent dead skin cells buildup.

5. Pay Attention To The Palm

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Normally, the natural palms will be lighter than other parts of your body. So, you can identify a person who is faking their tan by watching their palms. If their tan is fake, then their palms will have the same color as the tops of their hands. To explain for this, there are many ways. First, if you use a tanning lotion, the palms will become the applicator source, that is why the lotion is absorbed into hands. To avoid this problem, you should wear gloves. They will allow you to apply the tanning lotion evenly throughout your body and avoid smearing on the palms’ underside and in the ceases around the finger nails.

Nevertheless, in case you tan in a bed, then the palms will face down against the tanning bulbs, thereby increasing the chance of absorbing sunlight in your hands’ palms. Therefore, you had better avoid placing the palms flat against the tanning surface. Also, you need to avoid lathering that lotion into the hands as well. Whilst you have to use the hands for lotions, do not run them bother together and keep the palms at an angle. By that way, the tans from the top and the bottom of the tanning booth will not directly impact your tone.

6. Apply Lotion Evenly 

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Whether you intend to do self-tanning with the tanning lotion or you prepare your body for the tanning booth, you should make sure that you apply the lotion evenly throughout the whole body. Some people just do one coat as they believe if they double up the particular layer on their body, then that area will receive twice the intensity. Nevertheless, this is not the case. You could not double up the application and then get the double effect. This is not the mechanism of tanning lotion. If you apply the lotion onto the area, it really does not matter how much lotion you apply, because it could not absorb more than it could hold. Nevertheless, if you miss a certain area, this will lead to problems. For example, once you do not apply the lotion onto the entire arm, then it will become apparent. With self-tanning lotion, you will get the spotted look and some areas will look darker than other areas. This problem, in fact, is not because one area got more location, yet because one area did not receive any lotion at all. Above all, if you apply tanning lotion for the booth or sun, you will have an odd looking tan, with some parts more prominent than the left ones. Thus, you had better go over the body twice with lotion; that way, you will apply everything properly and your own body will be ready for sun.

7. Stay Hydrated 

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When it comes to safe and quick tanning tips, you should keep in mind that you need to be hydrated to get the best possible tanning result. Drink plenty of water so that you will give your skin the lasting tan effect. By drinking water, you will not only improve your digestive system, but also hydrated the skin as well. Also, with the help of moisturizer, water will help in extending the life of your tan and allow you to keep the golden look for a long time. To put in simple words, staying hydrated is one of the most crucial tanning tips you need to follow. Consume at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day.

8. (Un)Dress For Success

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If you do not want a patchwork quilt of tan lines, then you need to wear the swimsuit that you would like to wear when you are swimming. By wearing the same swimsuit, you will give yourself a buttery, smooth tan which flows from skin to bathing suit.

However, skip the swimsuit altogether if possible. In reality, the only thing better which could minimize tan lines is to have no tan lines at all.

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These are top 8 safe and quick tanning tips everyone must follow if they want to get glowing and perfect tanning.

If you have any ideas about the topic of tanning tips or other skin care tips, feel free to share your ideas with us below this post. We will respond all soon.

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