Best Spices For Weight Loss And Their Benefits For Health

Shedding pound can be easier if you can spice up your foods.  Read this article on VKool site to choose the right fat-burning spices and add them to your daily diet for ramping up your weight loss!

Top Spices For Weight Loss & Their Benefits For Health

I. Spices For Weight Loss

1. Onions

spices for weight loss

Onions contain phytochemicals, which work to break down fatty deposits while lowering cholesterol; killing viruses, fungi and bacteria in the body; and protecting you against heart disease. Simply, add minced onions to your meats or salads daily for your enhanced weight loss results.

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2. Turmeric

spices for weight loss

Next to top spices for weight loss, consider turmeric. This spice has used in Indian cooking for a long time, and it is known as an excellent source of beta-carotene. This antioxidant can help protect the liver against free radical damage.  Besides, turmeric can help the liver heal while boosting the body to metabolize fats by lowering the fat storage in liver cells.  Moreover, turmeric has added advantage that’s shown in studies after studies to protect human brain from damage, including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.

3. Cinnamon

spices for weight loss

Cinnamon may aid in boosting your metabolic system, and this spice also has great effects for the blood sugar regulation, by making it a good seasoning for those with diabetes and pre-diabetes. Cinnamon can significantly reduce triglycerides, blood sugar levels and LDL cholesterol in those with type II diabetes, also increase the glucose metabolism by 20 times that would significantly enhance your ability for blood sugar regulation.

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4. Chili pepper

spices for weight loss

Continuing to the list of top spices for weight loss, this is chili. Add something hot to your foods to speed up your metabolism. Scientifically, capsaicin, an active ingredient in chili pepper can improve fat burning significantly. Also, chili pepper helps in boosting energy levels.

It is easy to get benefit from fat-burning abilities of super spices like chili pepper.  Simply, add a little bit of chili pepper powder to your soups, vegetable dishes, stews, stir-fries and curries.  In short, chili pepper can be added to anything if you want for a blast of natural heat inside your mouth and stomach.

5. Ginger

spices for weight loss

Different to chili pepper, ginger is a warming spice. It contains anti-inflammatory agents and it is well-known to relax as well as soothe the intestinal tract. Scientific evidence suggests that ginger has thermogenic properties so that it can boost the metabolic system. Besides, ginger has appetite-suppressant effects when eaten, suggesting an important role of this spice in weight control.

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6. Black Pepper

spices for weight loss

Do you love black pepper? If you are planning to lose weight, there is at least a reason for you to add this spice to your weight loss diet.

Black pepper has a substance named piperine that gives this spice its pungent flavor, and blocks the development of new fat cells. As it is combined with capsaicin or other substances, pepper can burn your calories as many as you take walk in 20 minutes. Besides, black pepper can help increase the bioavailability of other foods, herbs and some other compounds that make it a wonderful choice for any meal.

7. Coriander

spices for weight loss

Next to the list of best spices for weight loss and their benefits for health, this is coriander.

Coriander is derived from cilantro seeds that have a unique blend of some oils specifically, geranyl acetate and linalool that act like an over-the-counter medicine to relax your digestive muscles as well as alleviate an overactive gut. A research reported in the Digestive Diseases & Science journal indicated that people with irritable bowel syndrome benefited from using coriander for 8 weeks (as opposed to placebo).

Ethnic foods, which make a great use of coriander can also aggravate tummy, yet you may still sneak this spice into salad dressings, soups and marinades for zero belly effects.

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8. Cumin

spices for weight loss

Cumin is a famous spice largely used in North African, Mexican and Indian dishes. It can be used in different ways such as powder, seed or ground. It is a powerful, pungent spice that can help manage weight as well as regulate glucose levels for those suffering from diabetes. This spice also aids the digestive system, and act as an antiseptic. So, try cumin powder by sprinkling on your pita bread, hummus or popcorn with some olive oil.

9. Cardamom

spices for weight loss

Cardamom is a sweet and spicy spice that can work to boost the metabolic system while sweetening your teas and desserts. Scientific studies also indicate that cardamom can help the body burn fat efficiently.

Cardamom along with dozens upon dozens of spices and herbs, from common-place pepper to more exotic spices like turmeric. But all they share 2 unique features. They add great aroma and flavor to your foods, especially low salt dishes or salt-free dishes where flavor sometimes is lacking.

Cardamom is one of necessities in the battle against excessive weight gain and fat. Too often, spices like cardamom are considered attractively labeled yet rarely used bottles with revolving spice racks. Actually, this is quite unfortunate, as using the right blend of taste enhancers can produce delicious dishes, especially low-calorie dishes, which makes it easy to stick with your eating habits for weight loss.

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10. Cloves

spices for weight loss

Continuing the top spices for weight loss, consider cloves. This spice can help shed pound by speeding up the metabolic system and boosting the body for burning extra calories.

11. Mustard Seeds

spices for weight loss

Simply, add some mustard to your dish, and you will literally feel the burn! According to Scientists at the Oxford Polytechnic Institute, UK, people who ate 1 teaspoon of mustard could boost their metabolism by 25% for a few hours after consuming. Not only that, a report published by the Clinical Nutrition shown that rats fed mustard oil had lowered visceral adipose tissues. The zero belly effects can be attributed to phytochemicals, which give mustard its specific flavor. Make sure that you are heating up things with a low-calorie and pure varieties of mustard vinegar and seeds. This means you should avoid things that are honey-based or neon yellow.

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12. Garlic

spices for weight loss

You can make use of this spice in different forms like powder, frozen minced, oil or cloves when it comes to spices for weight loss.

Technically, though garlic is neither a spice nor an herb, you will find garlic in any family’s household spice rack. This spice can aid in metabolizing carbs and fats more effectively, thereby reducing body fat formation.

13. Nutmeg

spices for weight loss

Nutmeg can be used either whole nut or ground powder. This is actually a delicate spice often appearing in creamy pasta sauces and vegetarian. Nutmeg is a great source of antioxidants. Also, it has been proven to assist the immune system and digestive system. As a result, you can enhance your health while controlling your weight effectively.

14. Sensa

spices for weight loss

Last but not least among spices for weight loss, consider sensa.

Sensa is not exactly a spice or herb and it will not do much to create flavor of your meal. These crystals are made of tricalcium phosphate, maltodextrin and several mild flavors.

Simply, sprinkle a little bit of sensa on the top of your food. This is compounds trick the stomach and brain into a thought that you are full even you are not. Therefore, you can control your calorie intake while managing your weight more effectively.

II. Health Benefits Of Spicy Foods

spices for weight loss

In fact, most dried spices are low in calories that provide about 5 – 7 calories/teaspoon. So, don’t worry to consume spice even you’re following a weight loss diet. Some are great sources of nutrients. For instance, paprika is a good source of vitamin A, while parsley is high in vitamin C, cumin is rich in iron and caraway seeds contain calcium.

New scientific findings show that some spices are also rich in antioxidants that can prevent the development of cancer cells while protecting arteries from damage starting the plaque buildup. Among them are sage, rosemary, parsley, nutmeg, mint, fennel leaves, dill, coriander, cloves, basil and allspice.

Besides their antioxidant and nutrient contents, there are a lot of health claims revealed spices. For instance, cinnamon can help enhance the activities of insulin and ginger can help relieve nausea has and cramps very well.

Bottom line:

Hope that this article of the best spices for weight loss and their benefits for health are useful for you and you can control your weight more easily with these spices. To comment, feel free to drop your words at the end of the post! Share it and give your thumb up if you really like the writing!

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