How to prevent eating disorders in athletes from happening

how to prevent eating disorders

Eating disorders may happen in both male and female. Everyone at any age can develop eating disorder; however, athletes may have more risks in this problem. So, athletes need effective ways on how to prevent eating disorders from happing to help them get rid of the weight self-consciousness.

How To Prevent Eating Disorders In Athletes From Happening – The Effective Tips For Young Athletes

how to prevent eating disorders

There are a lot of reasons for people to have eating disorders, including sociocultural pressure, age, depression and low self-esteem. While a lot of reasons associated with eating disorders may make all people find difficult to control, abundant of sport-related factors trigger the eating disorder in athletes. For example, they may feel stressed and anxious when they need to lose weight and keep up the excessive exercises. Unfortunately, not many coaches and trainers concern about the athlete’s health when the most important things to them are the exceptional talent and drive for winning, which enhances the possibility of developing eating disorders in athletes. Another culprit for eating disorder is perfectionism.

In order to succeed and win, they misunderstand the concept of planned exercises, food eating habit and behaviors. Besides perfectionism, competitiveness is also the cause why most of athletes may face more chances of eating disorders happening than anyone else. It is needed to recognize the early signs of this problem in order to help people find the ways on how to prevent eating disorders. The patients might have increased concern about their weight and their behavior is abnormal. They find difficult to interact or remain the closeness with their family and others in society. They gain and lose weight rapidly while the performance in school, relationship may be affected. Therefore, on, I would like to share with you some effective tips on how to prevent eating disorders in athletes from happening.

1. Understand That Excessive Exercise Does Not Make You Perfect: 

how to prevent eating disorders

As the first tip on how to prevent eating disorder, the coaches need to encourage the athletes to work out properly. It is important for the athletes to understand that the body size does not lead to success or winning. It does not make you happy or get fulfillment. When you work out or exercise, you should train with a partner or in a group. The reason may be that the isolation and secrecy worsen the problem with eating. Moreover, it is better if you drink a little milk or eat something which is high in protein before getting ready to train. It will help you boost your performance.

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2. Follow The Healthy Diet And Eat Plenty Of Food:

how to prevent eating disorders

Healthy diet is important technique on how to prevent eating disorders in athletes. Some people avoid consuming too much food because they see the need to maintain the body size while training. However, it does not have benefits at all. In order to get better achievement in sport, athletes need a healthy body. If they feel tired, they will lose. With a healthy diet, they can control their weight and maintain a resilient physique. A healthy diet comprises a plenty of foods which are high in protein, iron, calcium and fat. You should eat various vegetables and fruits.

3. Avoid Checking Your Weight Continuously:

how to prevent eating disorders

The pressure to lose weight makes them check their weight continuously. This pressure may come from the perception of own body image. The athletes may have a poor self-image or low self-esteem which results in disordered eating. And the coaches and trainers themselves make the mistakes of limiting their athlete’s weight.

At the end of a season, the athletes are weighted and the coaches set a goal for specific weight for the next season. If it is not guided by sport professionals, the athletes will check your weight continuously and develop the abnormal eating behavior.

4. Reduce Stress And Trauma: 

how to prevent eating disorders

The studies have found out that stress and trauma can be the trigger for eating disorder, especially in susceptible athletes. The stress may include injury, change of trainer, illness and problems in family, friends. When the athletes feel stressed and anxious, they will lose the control. For example, if the injury happens, athletes who can not exercise or be trained with their team may want to control their weight with strict calorie intake. They want to make sure that their weight will not gain during the sickness and injury period. Therefore, asking how to prevent eating disorder, we see the important role of coaches and trainer in mentoring young athletes and helping develop positive attitude. Some psychological researches show that like winning chance coaches also impact the player’s emotion and action.

Being the guider and supporter, they need to stand by side their athletes during difficult times.

5. Avoid Using Laxatives And Steroids For Performance And Training Enhancement: 

how to prevent eating disorders

It is the common trend when athletes use steroids for training enhancement. They want to win, of course. However, these medicines affect their health and lead to emotion change, hence developing eating disorders. Therefore, as the way on how to prevent eating disorder, it is recommended not using any medicine for boosting performance.

6. Relax And Take 1-2 Days Off Per Week: 

how to prevent eating disorders

Although the training is important to athletes, it is needed to take one or two days off per week. You cannot focus on training if you practice excessive exercise. Relaxation provides the body enough time to restore the energy and fix any problems. The athletes should ask the coaches for the proper training routine and express their ideas if their schedule is too intense.

7. Ask For Professional Help If You Experience Eating Disorders:

how to prevent eating disorders

Someone who has the symptoms or history of eating disorders should make an appointment with the professionals such as the psychologists. They will advise and help you control your negative emotion as well as eating disorders.

These are 7 tips on how to prevent eating disorders in athletes from happening. I hope that these techniques that I gave you will be beneficial and informative. If you want to share your experience, I am glad to hear. Just leave it below, I will respond as soon as I can.

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