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These pills are made by a shoddy-looking, barely active company that has terrible customer service reviews. Not only that, but we’re not even sure of what all ingredients are in the product, since the company keeps giving us conflicting information, and there don’t seem to be any customer reviews of it. Read on below:

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ViSwiss Overview

ViSwiss is a men’s sexual performance pill. This one promises that it can help men increase the hardness of their erections, the frequency of their erections, and their overall desire for sex. Not only do they promise that this product is safe (even for diabetics and people with cardiovascular problems) but that it comes with zero side effects and lasts for up to three days.

Is this supplement really the “world’s leading male sexual enhancement formula,” or is it just another disappointing pill that fails to live up to its promises? We did the research, and unfortunately we learned that the answer is closer to the latter than the former.

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ViSwiss Claims

This product is a dietary supplement, meaning that, unlike a drug, it contains plant and herbal extracts that contains substances and chemicals that are supposed to help assist the body’s natural processes, rather than forcing any effect on the body. It claims that the ingredients within each pill naturally interact with the brain’s hormone centers as well as the nervous system, inducing more of the feelings that lead to sexual arousal. It’s also supposed to increase blood circulation, something which is intended to drive more blood to the penis for firmer erections that last longer. The main website throws out promise after promise, although most of them are different ways to say “you’ll be a sex god when you use these pills.” Women will love you, men will be jealous of you, yadda yadda – we’ve heard all this before. Top it all off with the claim that it’s the “world’s best” and you’ve got yourself yet another typical sexual enhancement supplement.

The company that makes this product promises that it’s as effective, if not more, than drugs like Viagra and Cialis.

Who’s making these claims? The product appears to be made by a company called Nathan’s Natural, a New York-based “nutraceutical” company that manufactures nutritional supplements. When we went to their website, however, we found that they seem to only make two products – one for acne and one for cardiovascular health – while there’s no mention of ViSwiss at all. This is strange. After all, if they were so proud of ViSwiss, wouldn’t they want to associate themselves with it as much as possible? Why then no mention of it?

We checked them out at the Better Business Bureau and it turns out this company is bad news. They’ve got a “D-” for the way they’ve dealt with customers, specifically for a “pattern” of customers claiming the products don’t work as advertised and that the company “failed” in each case to honor their own refund policy.

When you’re dealing with companies online, it’s important that they show themselves to be honorable and willing to do anything to maintain customer satisfaction. But in this case, they don’t even appear to do the bare minimum: even something as simple as a refund is apparently really difficult to get from them. Plus, people are claiming their products don’t work! A dire sign, indeed.

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ViSwiss Ingredients

ViSwiss claims to have “11” ingredients, but they only listed five on their main website. We had to search around elsewhere to figure out what else is in the mixture, and here’s what we found:

  • L-Arginine
  • Korean Ginseng
  • Damiana
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Avena Sativa
  • Maca
  • Zinc
  • Niacin
  • Saw Palmetto

L-Arginine is an amino acid, used in nutritional supplements to dilate blood vessels for an increase in circulation. Sex supplements typically use this ingredient in their formulas, saying that this ingredient will drive more blood to your extremities (i.e. the genitalia), and that this leads to fuller erections.

Damiana is a Central American herb used traditionally for healing various ailments, and one of those is low sex drive. Men and women alike are supposed to feel more aroused after taking it.

Avena sativa, or oat straw, is an old Mediterranean remedy for low sex drive in men. Like many aphrodisiacs, it’s supposed to have an effect on the hormones, especially those that lead to sex.

Maca is a Peruvian plant used in dietary products that generally have to do with sex or hormones. It’s supposed to affect the hypothalamus and regulate the amount of hormones being put out into the body, making it a popular ingredient in sex drive supplements.

Saw palmetto is an ingredient typically used for treating an enlarged prostate (or BPH, benign prostatic hypertrophy), although we’ve also seen some products (like ViSwiss) use it in their formulas for its supposed effect on the genitalia. But we did some more research, and it doesn’t look like saw palmetto does what this company thinks it does.

We should make it clear that even after finding the label and looking at the ingredients on it, there are still two ingredients missing. They claimed there are 11 ingredients, but we only saw 9 on their list. What are these other mysterious ingredients? It’s anyone’s guess.

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The Science Behind ViSwiss

Some of these ingredients are pretty well-known in the nutritional supplement community, especially l-arginine and avena sativa. The exact amounts of each ingredient are not known, however, since it’s a proprietary blend. It could very well be that this supplement contains inferior amounts of these quality ingredients, making their inclusion in this product practically pointless, negating any benefits they could be said to have.

We’re not exactly sure why they put saw palmetto into this product. This berry has been tested for its ability to help men dealing with enlarged prostate, but what exactly it’s doing in a sex drive supplement is beyond us.
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ViSwiss quotes some old researcher from the 1800s, Harvey Wickes Felter, as proof that the extract of saw palmetto helps the “reproductive organs,” but according to WebMD, there’s no real evidence that it has any effect on men’s sex drives or erections (“Saw Palmetto,” WebMD). There was a study that tried to find a connection between saw palmetto and testosterone, a hormone known for its connection with the sex drive, but it was clear from the study that its results were inconclusive and that more research needs to be done (Anderson, Mark, J Int Soc Sports, 2024).

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Word on the Street about ViSwiss

ViSwiss has a serious problem: almost no customer reviews. Why is that such a big deal? Well, if you’re going to buy something, especially a product that is supposed to affect your health, you probably want to know if the product actually works. Sadly we can’t afford to just take a business’s word for it, because in the end they’re trying to sell you something. That’s why independent, unbiased customer reviews are key in making a sound decision when buying.

ViSwiss has some “testimonials” on their website, but that’s about it. We typically don’t like to base customer opinions exclusively on what the company itself prints about their own product – after all, they want to make themselves look as good as possible – so we tried to find some customer reviews on third-party sites. The best we were able to find? One customer’s “rating” of the product on an Ebay page:


That’s it. No review, no explanation of why they gave it 4 our of 5 stars. Nothing.

We have basically no independent customer review of this product to look at, meaning we don’t know how likely it is to work, if there are any side effects people have had, or if it’s worth the money spent in the first place.

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Is ViSwiss Worth a Try?

This product has a lot of things running against it. For one thing, the company itself has a pretty terrible reputation with customers, from the looks of things. A “D-” looks pretty bad whatever the situation, and that goes double for when you’re being judged on your customer service skills. The lack of polish and professionalism on the company’s website, and the inexplicable lack of references to ViSwiss on their own website is troubling and strange. The fact that the company wasn’t forthcoming on all of the ingredients in their supplement made us even more suspicious. After all, if you stand by your ingredients and your product, what do you have to hide? Even now, we don’t know all of what’s in the product, since we’re promised 11 ingredient, but could only discover 9.

The most telling thing, however, is the lack of customer reviews to be found anywhere. If you’ve got a successful product that you claim men all over the world have been buying large quantities, wouldn’t there be some record of that? Wouldn’t there be reviews all over, good and bad, telling consumers what they can expect if they buy the product?
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Unfortunately this isn’t the case. All we found was one “review,” and it was barely that – it was just a star rating, one that gives us nothing to go on. For all we know, it’s possible that no one has ever really bought this product. Wouldn’t there be evidence if anyone had?

So that’s the picture you get when you look at ViSwiss: an incomplete product with a lack of information, made by a shoddy-looking company with a terrible reputation. Worse yet, there are almost no unbiased customer reviews to look at, so you don’t know in advance if it’s worthwhile or not.

Right now we can definitely say that ViSwiss is a gamble, and you really don’t know what you’re getting. Would you really stake your health on something like that? We know we wouldn’t.

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ViSwiss vs Viagra

The first difference we’ve seen between these two products is that they’re two totally different products: ViSwiss is a nutritional supplement, while Viagra is a drug. While technically they do both claim to make men’s erections harder and stronger, ViSwiss promises to do this by giving the body herbs and plant extracts that naturally help increase blood flow and testosterone. Viagra contains a drug (sildenafil) that blocks the enzyme that permits blood to exit the erect penis, keeping it erect longer.

They also differ in price: ViSwiss is around $45-50 for a 30-pill supply (depending on where you look) while Viagra can cost upwards of $40 per pill.

ViSwiss vs Vigrx Plus

These supplements are pretty similar. Both promise to help with erection strength, although some of the main active ingredients are different: ViSwiss makes heavy use of ginseng and l-arginine, while Vigrx Plus seems to rely more on epimedium, or horny goat weed.

Vigrx Plus has made more of an effort to look “scientific,” with lots of charts and studies that look to back up their claims about it, while ViSwiss just makes a bunch of claims without any real science, just promises. They’re also quite different in price: ViSwiss is only around $45-$50 per bottle, while Virectin is $76.99 for the same amount.

ViSwiss FAQ

  1. Do you know how to use ViSwiss pills?
    You can take one to two pills before intercourse, or you can take one pill daily with a meal.
  2. Can I buy ViSwiss at Amazon?
    It doesn’t look like you can get it at Amazon at the moment.
  3. Is ViSwiss available in stores?
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    We haven’t seen this product anywhere in stores. Right now, it looks like it’s exclusively available online.
  4. Is ViSwiss available at Walmart?
    No, ViSwiss isn’t available at Walmart, either at its in-store locations or from their online website.
  5. What’s the dosage for ViSwiss?
    Each dose of ViSwiss is 900mg, and that’s for two pills.
  6. Are there any side effects for ViSwiss?
    The company doesn’t claim there are any side effects, and we haven’t seen any customer reviews saying there are any.
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  7. Is ViSwiss made in the USA?
    We’re not sure. While the company claims to be based in the USA, we’ve seen at least one label that says “Made in the UK,” so it’s possible that it isn’t.
  8. Does each bottle of ViSwiss come with 30 tablets?
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    Yes, but that doesn’t mean it lasts for thirty days. If you’re supposed to use one or two before sex, in addition to the daily pill you take with a meal, the bottle could easily go empty in a matter of weeks.
  9. What’s the price of ViSwiss?
    We’ve seen it available for $44.95 at the lowest.
  10. Do you know where to buy ViSwiss?
    Right now it looks like you can only buy ViSwiss from its UK site, but there’s also Ebay stores that sell it as well.

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So What Really Works?

Viritenz is the #1 men’s enhancement product in our opinion, based on the strength of its results and the way customers have received it. It contains a high-quality formula of herbal and plant-based ingredients, and is made in a high-quality U.S. facility that exceeds industry standards for quality and hygiene. When it’s used as directed, it can help you have better performance during sex, including harder erections and more stamina.

With improved sexual abilities come better self-esteem and even more confidence, which can help your mood and overall outlook, not to mention your intimate life. Viritenz is the definitive natural male enhancement supplement on the market today.

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