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After much review we determined this was the most beneficial male enhancement brand of the year. A lot of products were examined but this met the criteria we were looking for. Get the essential details behind Viritenz by looking at the table of contents section.

If you’d like to skip right to the official Viritenz website then click here to visit it.

Viritenz Overview

Every brand claims to be the best but after digging through the company history, ingredients, and reviews, it often fails to deliver. Viritenz actually lived up to the hype by providing not just sexual enhancement, but general improvements to vigor and testosterone.

This has a properly blended amount of ingredients and after looking at all the claims, it was clear that it could satisfy all the demands it claimed to accomplish.

The benefits of Viritenz are explained in depth by their official website provided in this link.

Viritenz Claims

It’s fairly simple since to see their claims since they provide a numbered checklist and this includes:

  • Stronger erections.
  • More sexual desire.
  • More erotic pleasure.
  • Even more endurance.

They also have a great outline of what specific ingredients can offer by highlighting 6 different additives and why they were included. This is an important thing to look at since it’s the best way to know for certain if a company knows what they’re talking about.

To help prove their case they even provide mention of specific studies, so they did their homework in finding out not just what it can do, but how.

There are also consumer reviews published where people can read about real experiences. Their entire website is really clear on all the intended benefits and as we’ll see in the science section, they use functional and reliable ingredients.

The company also had no controversies in their history, they seem reliable and they offer their full contact details as well as a FAQ section to learn more.

We’ve linked the official Viritenz website to help showcase further why it was the top rated brand.

Viritenz Ingredients

  • Tongkat Ali
  • Maca (0.6% extract)
  • L-Arginine
  • Ginseng Blend

Proprietary Blend, 745 mg

  • Sarsaparilla
  • Pumpkin Seed Powder
  • Muira Puama Powder
  • Oat Straw (herb powder)
  • Nettle (herb powder)
  • Cayenne Pepper ( 40m HU/G)
  • Licorice (4:1)
  • Astragalus (4:1)
  • Tribulus Terrestris (herb powder)
  • Orchic
  • Oyster Extract
  • Boron (amino acid chelate)

The first thing that stands out is the fact they use zero stimulants, artificial colors, or any artificial ingredients. Secondly they add a lot to this formula. Pumpkin Seed, Sarsaparilla, Nettle, Licorice, Boron, Orchic, and Oyster are all used to boost testosterone. What’s really unique is that they add whole extracts with the full seed of pumpkin and oyster instead of zinc. Oyster is the richest food source for zinc, and it makes it easier to process in the body.

Their aphrodisiacs are also plenty with Tongkat Ali, Maca, Muira Puama, Tribulus Terrestris, and Catuaba. This affects libido which can make sexual pleasure and sexual desire increase.

Ginseng is blended which is the best source since different strains of it exist, each with slightly different benefits. It can help support vitality and circulation. L-Arginine is an essential amino acid which affects blood flow, making erections stronger and boosting endurance.

Cayenne Pepper and Astragalus are also added which affects circulation as well.

No cheap fillers or unwanted inactive ingredients are used.

Read about the male enhancement support provided from the top rated male enhancement brand Viritenz by checking their website.

The Science Behind Viritenz

There’s science to back up each ingredient. Let’s start with tribulus terrestris, a common aphrodisiac used since Ayurvedic medicine was founded. Examine called this a:

“reliable and potent libido enhancer”

They add this enhanced erectile activity, and that it can even protect the cardiovascular system.

The natural spice of cayenne pepper works great as Examine also said it can:

“burn body fat… fight inflammation”

This also affects circulation which can make erections last.

A really great thing about this is the added oyster, which is a great way to get zinc. Central Research Institute of Japan said this was:

“a useful supplement… (may be) identical to zinc carbonate”

This affects the reproductive system and it can affect testosterone levels. Zinc is highly important for the natural production of testosterone. It’s also good they don’t add harsh T boosters which have to be cycled.

Maca is yet another aphrodisiac added to this which is heavily studied and shown to be effective for general vitality and sexual health. A clinical study by the Department of Biological and Physiological Sciences of Peru said this:

“showed effects on sexual behavior… mood, memory… metabolism”

They went on to say it can reduce the chance for osteoporosis while supporting testicular function, all this amounts to a wide range of benefits.

Pumpkin seed is another well-regarded ingredient which can affect testosterone. The way it works is through its healthy fats and magnesium which are both known as natural testosterone boosters.

What was especially great about Viritenz was the fact they use large amounts of each ingredient, enough to make it supportive for male enhancement.

They also provide a description of 6 key ingredients in which studies are mentioned.

The Viritenz website offers customers insights into what’s possible for male enhancement.

Word on the Street about Viritenz

“Worked quite well without any of the nasty side effects I was concerned about”

“Makes me feel as though I can last a lot longer than what I’m used to”

“After my workouts I don’t have as much soreness or fatigue as I once had”

“My partner and I both saw a noticeable change in the bedroom and it continues to work”

We couldn’t find any negative reviews online of either a lack of benefits or of unwanted side effects. The men who tried it often had nothing but good things to say about it.

Get a better understanding for what Viritenz has to offer by visiting their website linked here.

Is Viritenz Worth a Try?

Absolutely, it’s why we rated it the #1 best male enhancement. Whether it is supporting testosterone for improved results in the gym, or if it’s for more libido which results in satisfying sex, Viritenz is well-rounded enough to offer a lot of coverage.

There really wasn’t anything we didn’t like about this supplement; the formula is added in the amount you’d hope to find for maximum results. Customers noticed great improvements that lasted without any side effects. There were no issues with the company responsible, and they’re transparent about what they offer and just how this is meant to work.

We also liked the fact they back it up by providing a money back return, often a sign that a company trusts their product will work as directed.

Their official website has a lot more information and discount offers; take advantage by clicking here.

Viritenz vs Viagra

The major difference is that Viagra is only available if it’s prescribed by a doctor. So you not be able to get a hold of it. Those who have heart problems or high blood pressure would be advised not to use it.

It also does not help to address the root issue which affects low libido and not enough testosterone. With Viritenz it actually works with the body to help maximize overall health, not to mask the problem like Viagra does. Viritenz is also available as a supplement, not as a prescription drug.

Viritenz FAQ

Can I get Viritenz on Amazon?
Currently Viritenz is not on Amazon, the best place to get it is through their official website.

Is Viritenz available at GNC?
It is not at GNC, it’s only available online on their website.

Can I find Viritenz at Walmart?
Not currently, only on their website.

Where can you buy Viritenz?
Their official website is currently the only source for Viritenz.

What is the proper Viritenz dosage?
It’s advised to take 2 pills daily for maximum effect.

What is the total Viritenz cost?
Bulk purchases come with a discount at $39.99 per bottle.

The official Viritenz website offers testimonials and discount offers; click here for the details.

So What Really Works?

Viritenz was the clear winner for natural male enhancement.

The positive reviews, good use of natural ingredients, and the proper dosage strength make it optimal for testosterone, libido, and general virility. There were many satisfied customers who noticed a vast improvement in their sexual health and lean muscle mass.

We also liked the fact they use a dosage strength that is good enough for all-around support. This can influence testosterone, energy, mood, and an overall positive feeling. The benefits from the aphrodisiacs and other herbs make it a complete formula for effective support. Review Viritenz further on their official website by clicking here.

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