Lipodrops Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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Lipodrops are a liquid supplement that contain amino acids as a main ingredient, and works to boost fat metabolism and help users lose weight.

The product is made from a proprietary blend of amino acids, plus stevia and artificial flavors so it goes down smoothly.

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Lipodrops Overview

Lipodrops are a unique weight loss solution. The product is made up of amino acids, plus some additives for flavor, and is made to be taken sublingually. The product website does not provide much information about this product, rather, they reiterate multiple times that the amino acid blend works to boost users’ metabolisms without any hormones or stimulants.

The problem is, the Lipodrops website is vague. The product itself is made by a doctor who has created a few YouTube videos and that’s about it. He fails to link to any studies on amino acids and weight loss or anything else that might legitimize the use of this product as a weight loss tool.

The FAQ section does not answer any questions either. The advice given essentially states that exercise won’t play a role in weight loss, beyond a certain point.

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Lipodrops Claims

Lipodrops’s website doesn’t provide a ton of information about how the product works. The site claims that users can expect to lose body fat by breaking down existing fat in the body stored as fuel. Unlike other supplements, Lipodrops gets its power from amino acids and vitamins, not hormones or caffeine.

The site also recommends that users supplement the drops with additional supplements like Garcinia Cambogia or Green Coffee Bean extract—so it’s not clear what this product can accomplish if used on its own.

The website makes a lot of claims about how this product works to increase a slow metabolism, helping users change their body chemistry—but there’s no actual science cited here. In all, this seems like a made up supplement that is unlikely to stimulate any significant changes in metabolism.

Overall, there are few mentions of this product on the web, and many of the claims sound too good to be true. But, let’s take a look at the ingredients used to make this product—and from there, determine if there is any merit to the general statements made on the official website.

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Lipodrops Ingredients

The official website goes really heavy on claims, but doesn’t clearly list an ingredient label where potential buyers can look at the ingredients and make their own judgements on whether this product even makes sense as a weight loss tool. According to the Amazon listing, this product contains the same ingredients you might get in a weight loss injection.

Below, we’ve included a list of items rattled off on the website, but we can’t be sure there are not additional elements included in this formula.

  • L-Methionine
  • Inositol
  • Choline Chloride
  • L-Carnitine

Methionine is an amino acid. It is used to prevent liver damage, particularly damage that is caused by acetaminophen poisoning. It may help with depression, alcoholism, allergies, Parkinson’s disease, wound healing and more.

Methionine does have a lot of uses, but it is not proven as a weight loss tool. Inositol too is used for many indications, like ADHD, depression, nerve pain, and hormonal conditions like PCOS and low testosterone. It is also not linked to weight loss.

L-carnitine, though, is known for its potential to increase muscle building, promote fat loss, and improve energy levels with use. Carnitine may cause users to have a fishy body odor.

Finally, this product contains the bodybuilding favorite, choline. This amino acid is made in the liver and is used to prevent fatigue during endurance sports and help build muscles.

According to WebMD, amino acids and protein work together to improve muscle synthesis and stimulate fat loss.

On their own, amino acids do provide some essential benefits to the body—especially if you follow a plant-based diet or miss some nutrients in your day to day meal plan.

Choline and carnitine are often used in the bodybuilding community and may help promote fat loss—that said, we don’t know how much of these elements are included in the formula or whether these ingredients are active without the presence of protein.

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The Science Behind Lipodrops

Amino acids do have a lot of good research standing behind them. But, we’re wary of the use of Lipodrops as a weight loss tool. On their own, Lipodrops are missing a big part of what makes amino acids so effective—protein.

So, users who want to see results—at least regarding fat loss will likely need to invest in a whole other product—thereby spending more money than just purchasing a shake mix that contains amino acids, plus protein, and other key nutrients like vitamins and minerals.

The product was developed by Dr. MJ Collier, a radio personality and medical professional also known as the “Hip Hop Doctor.” Dr. Collier operates a clinic in Atlanta—Ageless Atlanta, which focuses on weight loss supplements, lipo procedures, and personal diet plans. He also sells a variety of dietary supplements on a several websites.

Neither the Ageless Atlanta website nor the Lipodrops website feature any information about how the drops work to help people lose weight—and there are no medical studies available that support the use of the drops as the center of any weight loss regimen.

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Word on the Street about Lipodrops

Unfortunately, Lipodrops are not widely used or reviewed. Amazon has all of four customer reviews posted, none of which are positive. Elsewhere, there are almost zero mentions of this product, much less how it worked.

All four reviews (yes, this is a very small sample size) mentioned that the product did not seem to stimulate weight loss. On one case, a user stated that her nails became brittle after taking the drops as directed.

We wish there were more reviews detailing whether users were otherwise dieting, working out more than normal, or just adding their drops to their existing regimen without changing anything else.

In the end, there is insufficient evidence supporting the use of this product in weight loss applications. Based on the information we’ve been able to gather, there’s little evidence showing that this product has any effect. There is no scientific data available, nor have any past customers provided any useful anecdotes that paint a clear picture of whether it works or not.

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Is Lipodrops Worth a Try?

Lipodrops likely will not hurt you, and they are not especially expensive—but we fail to see the value in buying this product which seems like a gimmick put forth by a beloved doctor/radio personality. Yes, amino acids are a vital element of any healthy diet. And, it’s worth checking into getting an amino acid supplement if you are vegan or vegetarian.

If you follow a more “conventional” diet, it may be worthwhile to instead invest in a high-quality protein shake. Many of these products contain both protein and essential and non-essential amino acids. You need both components to promote the fat loss and muscle metabolism advertised in the web copy.

Overall, this product feels like a way for the hip-hop doctor to further his brand.

We see this a lot with supplements developed by medical practitioners—and most of the time visiting their clinic means also purchasing a set of recommended products.

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Lipodrops FAQ

  1. Can I take Lipodrops if I have diabetes or high blood pressure?
    According to the website, Lipodrops are perfectly safe for people with high blood pressure. The product does not contain caffeine and won’t cause any heart palpitations.
    The site also says the amino acids will help you maintain your blood pressure. That said, it doesn’t link to any studies or clinical trials, so we aren’t sure if the drops have an effect on people with chronic health conditions.
  2. How much weight can I expect to lose?
    The official Lipodrops website claims that users can expect lose about 1-2 pounds per week. Unfortunately, they also recommend buying the green coffee bean and garcinia cambogia products, too.
    It’s unclear if the same results can be expected if you use the drops on their own.
  3. How do I take Lipodrops?
    You simply drop a few drops under your tongue twice a day.
  4. How much do they cost?
    The Lipodrops website sells the drops in two-packs, which cost $29.99 per unit.

What Really Works?

Lipodrops are an interesting product. They aren’t super expensive, but they also don’t seem like they do much, either. Our experts have found that the ideal weight loss solution doesn’t just come from amino acids.

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