How to prevent head lice after exposure & from spreading: 9 tips

If there is a head lice epidemic or breakout at your children’s school or elsewhere, then you should learn some basic measures to prevent its spread.
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To know how to prevent head lice after exposure and from spreading, read through the following article introducing 9 important tips – collected by!

How To Prevent Head Lice After Exposure And From Spreading – 9 Must-Take Steps

1. Do Your Research

how to prevent head lice-do your research

The first and foremost tip on how to prevent head lice is to do your research. Yep, if you have been lucky enough to have never confronted this little pet like many people, then doing research is necessary. Search for the pictures of head lice and nits on Google. Become familiar with the thing that you are looking for. Understand about them. In fact, head lice need warmth and heat in order to thrive and once they have a host or source, they will start to lay nits or eggs. Once these eggs hatch, they are even smaller. Lice take the nourishment from the human blood and be prepared as it will be such a long battle to defeat them.

2. Be Vigilant 

how to prevent head lice-be vigilant

After understanding about the thing you have to defeat, you now should check the hair of your children at least once per week. Despite they might not like it, it is important to warrant things do not go too far or out of your control. Do the check in the morning, if possible. Make sure that you also check the back of your child’s head and also behind the ears. These are favorite shelters of the lice. Know the symptoms like continual scratching the head or back of the neck. Watch for nits, also. They are the lice eggs which are laid on the hair shaft.

3. Avoid Sharing Personal Items 

how to prevent head lice-avoid sharing personal items

You should teach your children to avoid sharing sweaters or hats with other children. Teach them that some things just are not meant to be shared. Lice could live on a source for a few days, so you should store their coats in their own cubby/locker rather than pilling of it with other children’s belongings. Tell your children that lice could not jump on them, yet transfer directly from head to head. Advise your children to keep their heads away from others’.

4. Sterilize

how to prevent head lice-sterilize

In order to prevent head lice, you should clean every object that your kid uses on daily life. This is often normal protocol for moms anyway. Pay attention to pillow cases, sheets, hair brushes, combs and hats. If your kid has sleepovers, you need to make sure that he/she has their own pillow and sleeping bag and as he/she comes home, wash them almost instantly if possible.

5. Make Use Of Tea Tree Oil

how to prevent head lice-make use of tea tree oil

This is considered as one of the most inexpensive ways on how to prevent head lice. You can put a few drops of tea tree oil into the shampoo bottle. This is really good for your whole family. It does not smell bad and when you dry the hair, the smell might be minimal. Fact is, lice d not like tea tree oil.

Whether it is the smell of certain products or an adverse chemical reaction, lice might avoid at all cost. You could use shampoos that include coconut oil or olive oil. Having fatty acids, helping break down the exoskeletons of the lice and kill them, these essential oils are really good for preventing head lice. Also, you could try shampoos as well as conditioners including tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, or rosemary oil. Lice do not like the smell of these oils and tend to be less likely to stick around.
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6. Be Aware Of Lice Carriers

how to prevent head lice-be aware of lice carriers

Though lice are irksome, they might not be avoided like such an infectious disease. Rather than, you should be aware of anyone who might have had head lice or is being treated.

If someone had lice and was being treated, yet it has not been 2 weeks since their cure, just make sure that you avoid contacting with their belongings. Despite you do not need to be afraid of them, you just need to casually avoid the situations involving contact with them, particularly head-to-head contact.

7. Cleanse The House 

how to prevent head lice-cleanse the house

Once per month, it is recommended to do a deep vacuum and cleanse any carpeted areas where lice might breed or simply wait for the human contact.

Check household items which are more prone to get infested with lice as well as their eggs, like bedding, rugs, and towels.

8. Medicines Might Not Prevent Lice

how to prevent head lice-medicines might not prevent lice

It is shown that there is more research carried out to prove the efficiency as well as safety of the OTC medicines which claim to be able to prevent lice.

9. Enjoy Life

how to prevent head lice-enjoy life

Remember that with those school-aged children, head lice are so common. There is a stigma behind the spreading of head lice and with good reason. They are gross. Nevertheless, know that head lice do not choose those dirty people. They simply do not discriminate and really prefer those with clean hair. Hence, if your children come home with it, do not fret. Most importantly, enjoy life and be happy.

The above tips on how to prevent head lice after exposure and from spreading are necessary for any mom who wants to help their child minimize the risk of having head lice. Mix these tips at the same time to get the possible result.

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