How to get rid of brain fog fast and naturally

how to get rid of brain fog

Foggy brain is not a medically recognized term. It is a common phrase, which sums up some symptoms such as the lack of focus, the lack of mental clarity, forgetfulness and confusion.

To get clearer about brain fog and the treatment, keep reading this article on VKool site to know how to get rid of brain fog fast and naturally.

How To Get Rid Of Brain Fog Fast

1. Choose Right Foods

choose right foods

Your brain fog may be caused by foods you eat daily. In concrete, the things you eat have a certain impact on your mental clarity, the risk of obesity, high cholesterol, hypertension, cognitive functions and so on.

To prevent and get rid of brain fog, you can try Mediterranean diet. Add more vegetables, fruits, fishes to your meals. Reduce the intake of processed foods, saturated fat, sweets and junk food.

The brain needs 3 main macronutrient groups, including proteins, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates. Proteins help produce neurotransmitter while complex carbohydrates help regular brain glucose levels, and healthy fats help prevent brain dysfunctions. You may not realize that the brain is mainly made up of fat, especially cholesterol and DHA.

2. Improve Lack Of Sleep

improve lack of sleep

If you often have brain fog, it may link to your sleep. Your brain likes other body parts, it needs some rest and sleep. Sleep helps your brain is refreshed and work more effectively in both the long term and the short term.

Having good sleep also helps improve your memory and prevent diseases related to brain cells and other sleep problems such as insomnia, dementia and interrupted sleep.

3. Relieve Stress

relieve stress

Stress is wrongly equated with being popular, successful and productive. But in reality, stress can put you at higher risk for major diseases you hope you will never get such as dreaded brain diseases Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Prolonged stress can lead to poor decision, depression, anxiety, memory loss and insomnia. Literally, stress can cause the brain to shrink.

Moreover, ongoing stress is really inflammatory that elevate the hormone levels like cortisol leading to chronic inflammation in body and brain. In addition, chronic stress may cause imbalances of glucose, increase fatigue, fuel depression and destroy brain cells.

relieve stress download

Scientific studies have shown that reducing stress can benefit the brain so much, especially stress management techniques such as meditation, Tai Chi and Yoga. The breathing is so essential to increase oxygen through the body and brain that in turn increases your overall energy. Exercises also help reduce inflammation and calm the nervous system.

Besides, it’s important to get rid of stress and enjoy life with outdoor activities, friend meeting, massage and a lot more. So, try to control stress with positive mind, brain healthy diet, meditation or exercise.

4. Exercise Your Brain

exercise your brain

Let’s take a look at benefits of physical exercise on how to get rid of brain fog. Exercise can help increase endorphins and deliver more oxygen and glucose to the brain. Recent studies have shown that physical exercise can be an extreme important thing we can do for our brain.

Don’t knock yourself out to give the brain an energy boost through the day. Moreover, regular exercise can help increase neural connections through the body, balance different hormones in the body and support other aspects of human health. There are different types of exercises and activities to exercise your brain that you should try such as biking, walking, swimming and a lot more.

5. Practice Meditation

practice meditation

As I mentioned above, meditation is good for brain, helps you get rid of brain fog and have a clear mind. Practicing regular meditation can also help you experience improved concentration, have greater creativity, reduce stress and have better sleep.

Studies show that meditation can actually help increase the biological age in human by 12 years. If drug companies could bottle benefits of meditation, they could be ecstatic and there would be new billion dollar pills.

6. Take Brain Supplements

take brain supplements

Beside dieting, exercising and meditation, you can supply your brain with supplements in order to prevent brain fog.

Here are the most effective brain supplements for you.

  • Omega-3 fatty acids that are found to help your brain have high concentrations. Omega-3s are also crucial to memory and brain function and health.
  • Vitamin D and B12 are essential for overall brain health and the deficiency of these vitamins.
  • Antioxidants help prevent free radicals to that brain cells are often susceptible.
  • Multivitamins aid in filling in nutritional gaps and work as a nutritional insurance when you are ill or can’t eat as well as you want.
  • CoQ10 helps improve the cellular power, symptoms of foggy brain and energy levels. CoQ10 is also considered a natural supplement for boosting mitochondrial function and reducing inflammation in the body.

7. Balance Your Hormones

balance your hormones

Next to natural and effective ways on how to get rid of brain fog, pay attention to improving your hormone balance, especially in women. If you are reaching to the end of your middle years, your inability in thinking may signal the start of your perimenopause, which runs up to the menopause as your menstrual cycles are irregular and your estrogen hormone drops. Many perimenopausal women have problem with lack of concentration. When you see the signs of peromenopause such as night sweats and vaginal dryness, consider using a hormone replacement therapy for your mind and body. Besides, you can take concentration-boosting supplements to improve the condition.

8. Quit Smoking

quit smoking

It’s boring to talk about smoking, but when it comes to ways on how to get rid of brain fog, quit it. Smoking cigarette is never good for overall health, including the brain health. It is linked to brain aging, brain inflammation and also heart diseases.

Quite smoking to prevent your brain fog daily, especially when you are getting old, then it can make your life last longer.

9. Get Rid Of Anxiety

get rid of anxiety

Like stress, anxiety can make you lose concentration on thinking and taking action. Take any little positive actions for reducing psychological stress such as playing with pet, taking a warm bath, going out, joining a group, playing a new sport, practicing meditation, keeping patient and laugh a lot.

Just change your behaviors and thoughts to function it in a healthy way.

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10. Try Foot Reflexology

try foot reflexology

Next to a therapy on how to get rid of brain fog, try food reflexology. This treatment is to pinpoints the target body areas that utilizeing the massage-based therapy for promoting the waste removal from the body and improving the general body processing. Your brain therefore also gets the benefits from this therapy.

11. Improve Your Digestion

improve your digestion

All the body parts are linked with each other. Your digestion is also related to your brain function. A healthy nutrition and digestion is the core of vitality. Nutrition directly affects all system in your body, especially the brain. People who have nutrient-dense foods often have longer cognitive power with having stronger digestive system than those who do not.

Recent studies have found that there is an abundance of neuropeptides in the gastrointestinal tract and beneficial bacteria in the GI tracts can influence mood and brain health. Overall, your healthy digestive system is a complex process of organization and assimilation.

A nutrient-dense diet with anti-inflammatory ingredients such as legumes, sprouted grains, healthy fats and green vegetables also support cognitive function and brain health. Besides, certain herbs and ingredients such as cinnamon, cardamom, galangal, pomegranate, zinc and chromium can support nutrient absorption, digestion and help eliminate brain inflammation.

12. Detoxify


Your body receives a lot of toxins and heavy metals from foods you eat and environment you live such as lead, mercury and pesticides. The pollutants may accumulate in your body and cause deadening cognitive function and inflammation over time. Detoxifying the body along with an anti-inflammatory diet and natural cleansing supplements can aid in improving your brain function.

Modified citrus pectin is one of these supplements like that. It is proven to remove toxins and heavy metals in the body without harming your essential mineral levels. This solution can bind to toxins and allow them to be removed by the natural detox system in the body. Additionally, this compound binds to the inflammatory protein galectin-3 that is linked to heart disease, cancer, and other health problems.

13. Eliminate Distractions

eliminate distractions

Next to simple ways on how to get rid of brain fog fast and naturally, try eliminating all distractions around you and in your mind. If you have cognitive dysfunction, make sure that you do not engage in any conversation while doing another thing such as cooking. Make sure that music, computer, television and noise turned off or limited when you want to focus on doing a single thing.

I’ve shown you top 14 tips and ways on how to get rid of brain fog. For any comment on it, show it at the bottom of the page. Thanks for reading and see you in the next related posts.

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