How to treat herpes at home naturally – 7 techniques

how to treat herpes

Herpes may be painful and itchy ailment that brings the discomfort and unpleasant feeling. With the help of home remedies on how to treat herpes, you will feel the relief.

How To Treat Herpes At Home Naturally – The Effective Simple Techniques That Work Forever

Herpes simplex virus, which spread through kiss, touch and exposure, are the trigger of herpes. This infection may happen in both women and men. The symptoms are the red, swelled and liquid –filled blisters which appear near your mouth, eyes, lips and even the genitals. The men can have these small red sores on their penis, buttocks, scrotum, and inside urethra while herpes blisters appear in the cervix, anus and external genitals of women. The herpes are easily contagious when you touch, kiss or share the items with infected patients. There are a lot of causes of herpes, including kissing, unprotected sex, touching liquid-filled blisters, surgery on genital area and stress. For the patients who have the blisters on their face, the ailment seems simple like any skin problems; however, if not untreated, it can result in more severe disease such as cancer, chickenpox and brain infection.

how to treat herpes

Recognizing the dangerous characteristic of this disease, you need to see the importance of herpes treatments.
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There are a lot of ways on how to treat herpes. You can try current drug, pill or medication. However, abundant natural remedies on how to treat herpes at home you can apply are available and work well without any harmful effects. As the author of, I would like to share with you my experience that has been advised and consulted by many dermatologists and doctors as well as trustworthy resources.

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1. Olive Oil:

how to treat herpes

Olive oil is the first ingredient on how to treat herpes at home. You know that it will moisturize your skin because of anti-oxidants property. The treatment is simple because all you need is heating a cup of olive oil and adding enough lavender oil and bee wax to make a mixture. Apply the mixture on the infected area after leaving it cool down for a few minutes.
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2. Baking Soda:

how to treat herpes

Besides olive oil, baking soda is also the treatment on how to treat herpes naturally. When baking soda is used to cure herpes, it helps to ease the pain of itchy sores. Dip the cotton ball into the baking soda and apply directly on the areas which need treating. However, it is important to keep in mind that re-dipping the cotton ball into the baking soda can make contamination.

3. Take A Warm Bath: 

how to treat herpes

A warm bath, which is the simple method on how to treat herpes, brings the comfort and relief for body. Especially, when you suffer from the genital herpes , it is the most effective treatment. The reason may be that the warm water can alleviate the pain which is associated with the blisters. You should choose taking a shower instead of sitting in the tub because soaking in the tub may increase the possibility of spreading the sore. After taking a shower, it is needed to clean the bathroom and shower if you do not want somebody who do not have the virus to use it.

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4. Ice Pack: 

how to treat herpes

Low temperature will alleviate the pain and provide the relief for the ailing areas. This is the simple method at home on how to treat herpes. In order to do that, you take the ice from the refrigerator and crush them. And then wrap the crushed ice in a plastic bag which is thick enough not to hurt the skin. Finally put the ice pad on the affected areas for about 10 -15 minutes. You should repeat the treatment for two or three times a day to get the better result. However, if you suffer from genital herpes, you should be careful. When the genital is exposed to the ice for a long time, it can cause damage.

5. Take Lysine Supplement: 

how to treat herpes

The next home remedy I want to introduce to you is lysine, a natural supplement. It is available in any health food stores. Ask the seller for lysine or L-lysine supplement. Although lysine is the important amino acid that body need, it can not be naturally produced. The small amount of lysine is taken through the meat and legumes but you can increase that amount by taking that supplement. Moreover, the studies have found that when patients with herpes take enough lysine, they can reduce the chance of herpes reoccurrence. You should consult the doctor or physician because the lysine can interact with some certain medication and higher overdose can damage your kidney.

6. Tea Bags: 

how to treat herpes

We all know the benefits of tea for our health and beauty but not many people tea bags can be used as the way on how to treat herpes. Because the tea leaves have tannins. Firstly, dip the tea bags in the hot water and then let it cool by storing in the refrigerator for a few minutes. Using it as a home remedies, you can apply the cooled black tea bags directly on the affected areas. When you finish the treatment, you should throw the tea bags right away and dry the areas.

7. Black Coffee: 

how to treat herpes

Similar to the tea’s function, the black coffee is also used as home remedy for herpes, especially for red painful sore near the mouth. Prepare the black coffee as the first step.
Boil the black coffee and take a sip after cooling it down. Hold it for a few minutes. In order to achieve the best result, you should repeat the black coffee treatment at least twice a day.

These are 7 home remedies on how to treat herpes naturally that I want to share with you. I guarantee that these tips are very effective, easy to use and affordable. You can make it at home as all the ingredients and methods are available in every house and every kitchen. I hope that you will find comfort and relief after applying 7 techniques I gave you. With any questions raised in your mind, please feel free to leave your feedback bellow. I will answer you all.

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