Fat Burning Exercise And Workout Tips At Home

Fat burning is always one of the most talked topic among teenagers as well as house wives because some have obesity problem while those just stay at home everyday doing housework or get fat after giving birth a baby. No matter who you are, losing weight does not only give you a dream shape you want, but also makes you become healthier. In this Fat burning exercise & workout tips at home article, together we will discover the best methods to burn your extra calories and get your body back in shape.

Fat Burning Exercise And Workout Tips At Home

fat burning exercise and workout tips at home review

1. What You Should Know

Neglecting and getting lazy to do exercise seem to always happen to us. This will not only let you out of control of your weight, but it also worsen your body strength in general. The truth is, even if we all have at least five minutes a day doing nothing, most people would not use it to work out. The reason of this is because many people usually think that five minutes is not enough for them to achieve results, and also not every workout was designed for such a short time frame. Therefore, those women who think that doing something is better than doing nothing end up spending a few minutes doing crunches, pushups and lunges in their house. It is sure better than nothing, but for the fat burning purpose, that is just simply not enough.

The routine that I am about to introduce to you will lead you to a hot body, even if you do not have much time or motivation to go to the gym. These exercises are going to take you just a few minutes, but that does not mean this is a game. You will have to push as hard as you can in order to get the best results, to burn more calories and to speed up your energy and metabolism. Some moves can make your lungs and muscles burning, and some can build functional, balanced total body strength, which will kick start the fat burning process.

These exercises were designed to be easily performed anywhere, anytime, no equipment required. If you cannot do the main workout as you planned, try to finish these. However, if time is no longer your pressure, try to create a cycle consisting of these fat burning exercise and workout tips and do them 3 times or more at home.

2. Know How To Get More From Your Core

know how to get more from your core review

You will get even more from Pilates, yoga or core-focused moves and get even better results, slimmer and flatter belly, by following these fat burning exercise and workout tips:

– Try to move from waist. Whenever you twist during the exercise, ensure that the movement occurs above your bottom rib. Hold your hips still.

– Engage your core. While performing exercises, you should feel like zipping up a pair of tight jeans, creating a tightening feeling from one hip bone to the other.

– Take deep breaths. Make sure that you exhale deeply and thoroughly with each breath in order to strengthen your core and protect your lower back.

3. Bridge Opposite Arm Leg Reach

bridge opposite arm leg reach review

Lie on your back on a flat surface. Bend your left knee and place your left foot flat on the ground. Extend your right leg toward the ceiling. Straighten your left arm so that it reaches toward the ceiling. Down the right arm by your side. Try not to move your hips and shoulders, open raised leg to the right then raised arm to the left. Focus on your abdominal muscle, and then get your raised leg & arm back to the center.

4. Marching Glute Bridge

marching glute bridge review

Lie on a flat surface, bend your knees. Keep your foot flat on the ground. Place your hands on your sides for support. Form a straight line from shoulders to knees by raising your hips above the ground. Then slowly lift your right knee toward your chest. Hold this position for two seconds then lower your leg and switch to the other leg.

5. Inverted Shoulder Press

inverted shoulder press review

Face the floor with your hands wider than your shoulders, lift your hips off the ground so that your torso is nearly perpendicular to the ground. Almost touch your head to the floor by bending your elbows to lower your body. Then pause and push back. In order to create more challenges, you should put your feet on a step or a bench.

6. Alternating Switch Lunge

alternating switch lunge review

Start with a standing position. Step your right leg forward, bend both knees and lower your body to form a lunge. Press your right heel onto the ground and get back to the standing position. Keep your foot lifted. Then step your right foot back, lower your body to form a lunge. Press your left heel onto the ground and get back to the standing position. You can make this exercise easier by putting your foot on the ground every time you pass the initial position.

7. Skater Hops

skater hops review

Start this exercise by standing on your left foot. Slightly bend your left knee and lift your right foot above the ground. Jump to the right and land on your right foot. Slightly bring your left foot off the floor. Then switch side.

8. Rotating T Extension

Face the floor with your arms shoulder width apart, forming a pushup position. Straighten your spine and engage your arm. Shift your body weight onto your left arm and slowly rotate your torso to the right. Lift your right arm up to the sky, forming a T shape. Hold still for three seconds then go back to the pushup position and switch to the other side. You can make this exercise even more challenging by adding a pushup each time you move from one side to another.

9. Low Belly Leg Reach

low belly leg reach review

This exercise targets abs and corset. Lie on your back on a flat surface. Bend your knees to about 90 degrees, place your hands behind your head and engage your abs. Keep your knees stacked over hips, start lifting your shoulders then crunch up. Inhale while crunching up and hold it there for 3 to 5 seconds. Then start to exhale and straighten your legs to 45 degrees. Hold this position for 3 to 5 seconds while squeezing lower belly.

10. Teaser

teaser review

This move was inspired by Pilates. Lie on back on a flat surface. Bend your knees to 90 degrees and lift your feet off the floor. Inhales as you contract your abs. Raise your arms up and back over head. Then exhale and start bringing your arms forward. Straighten your legs so the body forms a V shape. If you feel unstable, put your hands on the ground for more support. Slowly roll down, bend your knees and bring arms overhead.

11. Donkey Kickbacks

donkey kickbacks review

This move will not only help you burn calories but also strengthen your core. Knee on all fours with your toes tucked under. Keep your spine neutral. Engage your abs and pull your belly toward spine. Raise both knees about 2 inches above the floor. Keep your abs contracted, start bringing your right knee to your nose. Then kick your right leg straight backwards and squeeze your butt. Engage your lower abs. Keep your hips facing the floor to protect your back.

12. Advanced Leg Crunches

advanced leg crunches review

Lie on back on a flat surface. Bend your knees. Hold a three-pound dumbbell between your feet. Put your hands beneath your tail bones, palms down. Focus on your lower abs. Use your abs to bring knees in toward the chest whilst slightly raising your hips, shoulders and head. Return to the initial position.

13. Ana Caban’s Belly Blaster

Lie on your back on a flat surface. Bend your knees. Use both hands to hold a 3 pound dumbbell. Straighten your left leg to 45 degrees, bend your right knee. Lift your head & shoulders above the ground. Start moving the dumbbell to the outside of the right knee, then form a crunch with a twist from the side. Pull your left leg back to meet with your right leg. Straighten your arms to reach the weight up in the sky, pointing the ceiling. Keep your head and shoulders lifted. Then start to extend and straighten your right leg and bend your left knee

14. Oblique Driving Knee Crunch

oblique driving knee crunch review

Perform this exercise with a stability ball. Lay your back on the ball, keep your feet hip distance apart. Place your feet on the floor and bend your knees to 90 degrees. Put your right hand behind your ears. Place your left fingertips on the ground for more support. Engage your core and raise your left foot above the ground. Straighten your left leg and keep your foot flexed. Start crunching up. Pull your right shoulder and rib cage toward your left knee while straightening your right leg. Keep your foot on the ground. Then go back to the starting position.

That is the end of this Fat burning exercise & workout tips at home article. As a vkool editor, we commit in providing you the best information for your health. Please pay us a visit often because we are working to update you with all fitness and exercise related articles everyday. Last but not least, if you find this Fat burning exercise & workout tips at home article helpful, please do not forget to let us know what you think by leaving a comment below or if you have any further query please do not hesitate to reach us anytime.

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