Natural Herbs To Lose Weight Fast – 20 Best Herbs

Beside various exercises and foods to burn body fat, you can consider some powerful herbs that really work. This article will show you the best natural herbs to lose weight fast. Check out all of these herbs below!

Top 20 Best Natural Herbs To Lose Weight Fast

1. Dandelion     herbs to lose weight with dandelion

Dandelion is a plant in the Taraxacum plant family. Although it is planted for getting flowers, dandelion is also an herb for drinks such as wine, beer and tea.

Dandelion is high in minerals and vitamins. However, dandelion’s medicinal benefits come from phytochemicals. These include taraxasterol, taraxacin (taraxinic acid), caffeic acid, beta sitosterol, pectin, alkaloids and inulin. The phytochemicals give this plant laxative & diuretic property. In addition, they work as a digestive support, immunostimulant, cholagogue and an appetite stimulant.

The mechanism by which this plan can boost weight loss is its diuretic action. It helps increase the frequency and volume of urination. Accordingly, it aids in getting rid of water weight.

2. Garcinia Cambogia herbs to lose weight with garcinia cambogia

Garcinia cambogia (or Gambooge) is a sub-tropical plant found in tropical Africa and Southeast Asia. This fruit is also used as a herb shaped like a pumpkin but smaller. The phytochemical in garcinia cambogia is hydroxycitric acid, which is actually a type of citric acid and its important role is to inhibit digestive enzymes like citrate lyase.

In the market, garcinia cambogia supplements are available in capsules, tablets and powders. These supplements help promote weight loss and fat burning by suppressing appetite as well as blocking conversion of carbohydrates to body fat.

3. Ginger

Ginger is a powerful herb grown in South Asia and nowadays this plant is also commonly grown in the East Africa and Caribbean for its medicinal and culinary uses.

The phytochemicals in ginger are shogaols, gingerols and zingerone. Among them, gingerols are very important; they are responsible for some medicinal properties including antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, gastrointestinal motility, antipyretic and sedative effects.

During the cooking process, some gingerols in this herb are converted to potent compounds like zingerone and shogaols.

Besides the phytochemicals, ginger is a nutritional powerhouse as it is high in fiber, vitamin A, vitamins B, vitamin C, potassium, iron and phosphorus.

The 3 ways ginger can contribute to fat burning and weight loss are:

– By increasing metabolism

– By boosting digestion

– By providing the feeling of fullness

herbs to lose weight with ginger

4. Guggul

Guggul refers to a short tree type growing in semi-arid to arid areas. This plant lives in dry regions of Central Asia and North Africa. Guggul is a common herb in Indian traditional medicine.

The herbal remedies made from guggul are taken from a resinous sap of their bark. The sap looks as a gum and its extract is considered as guggulipid. The phytochemical in this herb is a type of natural steroid as guggulsterone as well as essential oils like myrecene. There are 2 main types of guggulsterones: E-guggulsterone and Z-guggulsterone. Guggul contributes to weight loss by improving lipid profile of your body and by boosting thyroid hormones.

5. Guarana

Guarana is a stimulant herb for weight loss. The fat loss effects of guarana are due to the caffeine content included in this herb. As a result, by consuming guarana, you will get diuretic and stimulant effects.

The diuresis can shed water weight and the stimulant effects of guarana give you a thermogenic benefit. It impacts your central nervous system and aids in increasing physical activities, thus helps burn your stored fat.

herbs to lose weight with guarana

6. Yerba Mate

Yerba mate is an herbal extract that is prepared from leaves of a tree coming from Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. The active phytochemicals in yerba mate are theobromine and caffeine. These alkaloids are powerful stimulants. So, this herb is considered as a stimulant and tonic beverage.

Yerba mate can help reduce excessive fat and weight by improving appetite, increasing diuresis and boosting metabolic rate. The combined result of this herb is to eliminate water, stored fat and weight loss naturally and safely.

7. Guar Gum

Guar gum or guar flour is a dietary fiber obtained from seeds of guar plant native to India.

The high fiber content in guar gum provides important health benefits. Typically, it helps reduce LDL cholesterol levels in the body and prevent the fat absorption from gut.

Moreover, fiber in this herb aids in filling your stomach and suppressing appetite. Hence, guar gum can contribute to your fat burning and weight loss by eliminating fats before they’re absorbed and stop your food cravings with the a feeling of fullness.

8. Green Tea herbs to lose weight with green tea

Green tea is a healthful herb prepared from oxidized leaves of Camellia sinensis. Though native to China, nowadays this tea is grown and used in many countries in the world.

Green tea is well-known for its rich levels of antioxidants, vitamin C, caffeine and polyphenols. The phytochemicals in this herb are well-known for thermogenic agents. They help stimulate metabolism and lose body fat.

According to scientists, green tea aids in eliminating both bulk fat weight and water weight. The herb is available in several forms such as liquid and capsule but the most popular form is powdered tealeaves.

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9. Cocoa

Cocoa can be prepared as an herbal tea or sweets. With the rich content of nutrients without fat, cocoa is also a healthful food. Cocoa beans and powder cocoa can be used to make chocolate. So, eating dark chocolate, you can feel free from fat ingredients included there. There are about 300 compounds found in this type of bean, including caffeine, calcium, sodium, theobromine, potassium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, vitamin B, sulfur, copper, phosphorus and amino acids.

Theobromine and caffeine in cocoa can help increase water loss and boost fat shedding. However, keep in mind that flavonoids in cocoa also provide great weight loss benefits by:

–  Inhibiting some digestive enzymes like amylases and lipases

–  Modifying expression of human genes which are responsible for proteins associated with thermogenesis and fatty acid transportation; these factors result in reducing excessive weight, triglyceride levels and fat accumulation

–  Releasing adiponectin, a type of protein hormone, which is produced in adipose tissue and it is released into blood. Adiponectin lower amounts of fat stored in human body

10. Cayenne Pepper herbs to lose weight with cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is not only a spice, but also a medicinal herb which serves to the stimulate metabolism and enable the body to burn calories. Just consuming 1 tsp of cayenne prior daily may aid in using less gorging and fewer calories on fatty foods.

11. Psyllium

Psyllium is a bulking property that aid in reducing hunger and encouraging body waste elimination. When consuming psyllium, drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily and a severe constipation can be cured. Your body will be cleansed and your weight loss will be effective and get on track.

Notice that asthmatics and pregnant women should not take psyllium.

12. Hoodia Gordonii herbs to lose weight with hoodia gordonii

Hoodia gordonii is one of effective herbs to lose weight with its serious backing. As a herb used by hunters in African regions, hoodia gordonii can help reduce your cravings and allow you to cut down calories without getting a feeling of deprivation.

13. Damiana

Damiana is a type of wild shrub found in Mexico, West Indies and Central America. This herb has various uses and most has been marketed as a fat loss aid. This is due to its effects on boosting the digestive system, supporting loose stools and loss of water weight. Nevertheless, a recent study indicated that when damiana is paired with other herbs, it delayed gastric emptying, provided a sense of fullness after eating.

14. Kelp

Kelp is an excellent source of iodine, a substance aiding in fat burning. An iodine deficiency can lead to hypothyroidism condition that is associated with weight gain. Furthermore, related to weight loss, kelp as a healthy herb can help regulate thyroid function.

15. Flax Seeds

As a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, flax seeds have a capacity to maintain your stomach fuller. So you can reduce your craving for longer and expect a natural and healthy weight loss.

16. Aloe Vera herbs to lose weight with aloe vera

Aloe vera is considered a magical plant that is not only beneficial for skin but also does wonders to the body. It has agents aiding in detoxification and clean the body for an improved digestive function.

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17. Ginseng

Next to powerful herbs to lose weight is ginseng. This herb gives you an improved metabolic system and helps you get rid of fat accumulated in burning down calories faster. There are different forms of ginseng you can consume such as ginseng tea, ginseng powder.

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18. Cinnamon herbs to lose weight with cinnamon

Cinnamon, a popular spice used in India, has a strong and sweet flavor. This herb aids in controlling blood sugar levels that increase your insulin level and hence your sugar cravings decrease. In addition, cinnamon triggers metabolism by increasing heat in your body, so it contributes to a natural fat burning.

19. Garlic

Like cinnamon, garlic comes with magical properties that help in improving cardiovascular conditions, immune system, treating common colds and even fighting of some fatal cancers! Recent studies have indicated that this herb is beneficial to reducing the body fat from our waistlines. Isn’t that tempting?

Scientifically, garlic contains a compound called allicin, which suppresses your hunger pangs and increase your metabolism. Consume 1 or 2 cloves of raw garlic weekly and it will show outstanding results.

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20. Black Pepper

When speaking about pepper, do not forget black pepper as a main component in this herb – piperine boosts metabolism so that you can burn more body fat and improve your digestive system. It’s been indicated that black pepper can help burn as much your calories as taking a walk about 20 minutes.

I’ve shown you the 20 best natural herbs to lose weight fast. It’s hoped that you can take advantage of all these herbs to sculpt your body shape and improve your overall health effectively.

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