Unhealthy weight loss methods and programs that work

There are various ways to shed pounds and get in shape that may be hazardous to your mental and physical well-being but they are still work for you. In this article on VKool site, we are going to show you several of the common unhealthy ways to burn fat and lose weight. Check out and know whether you can follow some!

15 Unhealthy Weight Loss Methods & Programs That Work

1. No Calorie Diet

unhealthy weight loss

Your bodies need fat, and healthy fats actually can help you burn your excess fat. Sadly, today the zero-calorie trend is popular that lead people to use harmful artificial sweeteners and products hidden in the name of weight losing ingredients. Plus, diet drinks can also cause your weight gain.

2. Drugs & Pills

unhealthy weight loss

We all know there is no magic pills that can make you skinny. Unfortunately, drugs, just like cocaine, are used as a quick solution for your weight loss. But they may severely damage your brain and heart in the long run. Certain supplements can help in fat-burning, yet they have to go along with healthy exercise and eating, and healthy supplements are often whole-food based.

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3. Master Cleanse

unhealthy weight loss

Next to unhealthy weight loss methods and programs that work, consider master cleanse used by the diva Beyoncé. She successfully dropped about 20 pounds that’s for her role in the film Dream Girls in 2006.

In this weight loss program, people have to give up most solid foods for at least ten days. The menu includes laxatives, not-quite lemonade, and water. In concrete, there are 4 cups of salt water as a breakfast, 1 cup of laxative tea as dinner, and 6 – 12 glasses of lemon juice throughout the day. Beside lemon juice, people can use other drinks like lime juice, cayenne pepper, water and maple syrup. Continuously cycling off and on the diet can lead to long-term weight gain, nutrient deficiencies, kidney problems, heart problems and a weakened immune system.

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4. Skipping Meals

unhealthy weight loss

Next to unhealthy weight loss methods that many people follow is skipping meals. The effects of this method vary in different people. In reality, your metabolism will increase after you eat food. Chronically, if you skip your meals, your metabolic system may slow down and lead to your weight gain. Skipping meals or starving therefore may be ineffective in fat loss.

5. Purging

unhealthy weight loss

Actually purging is dangerous to health. It often comes with several serious psychological influences on people. The act of purging can lead to bulimia and increase people’s cravings for food. Also, purging can create an illusion hunger craving has satisfied by eating food, yet amounts of calories in food are actually lost.

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6. Laxatives

unhealthy weight loss

Among common unhealthy weight loss methods, you may know laxatives.

Excessive intake of laxatives in any form like herbs, powders, pills, teas or suppositories to shed pound now is popular. Continuous consumption of laxatives can weaken your digestive health and cause some abdomen-related complications.

7.  Smoking

unhealthy weight loss

Don’t you know that smoking can send vague signals to your brain for increasing your metabolic rate and kill your hunger? In fact, chronic smokers are able to skip meals and they don’t feel any effect. Nevertheless, this method can cause damage in the long term, as your body will be weak, also more susceptible to some infections and cancers.

8. Over-Exercising

unhealthy weight loss

If your body is undernourished, over-workout may cause your weight loss. In fact, following a rigorous workout program is rarely considered a negative thing, yet extensive amounts of exercise won’t help in dropping your remaining weight. Along with a strength training, burst training within 20 minutes, 3 to 5 times a week is recommended.

Sticking to regular moderate exercising and a healthy diet are better for you. Besides, losing weight also requires your lifestyle to change.

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9. Supplements

unhealthy weight loss

Many people use supplements to lose weight, along with drugs and pills.

A recent study on weight loss supplement has shown that the effects of weight loss supplements containing popular ingredients such as:

  • Capsaicin (found in hot peppers)
  • Caffeine (found in coffee seeds)
  • High doses of niacin (in vitamin B12)
  • Bioperine (found in black pepper)

The researchers gave women and men of average fitness a weight loss supplement. The participants took it and then the researchers measured the participants’ metabolism, heart rate, carbohydrate, rate of fat burning and blood pressure for 50 mins. Next, the researchers measured all of these variables during 1 hr of treadmill walking, and measured them the last time during 50 mins of the post-exercise recovery.

After being compared to the group of participants who just took placebo, the supplement group showed the resting energy expenditure of 6% higher, while the energy expenditure after exercise was about 4 to 8% higher. Their highest consumption of oxygen during their exercise protocol was slightly higher, with the significant increase in fat burning (lipid metabolism) during exercise.

That’s not all! The blood pressure and heart rate in the supplement group were also higher during as well as after exercise.

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10. Parasites

unhealthy weight loss

Next to unhealthy weight loss program that work, this is using parasites to lose weight. This method is not for those who are scared of intestinal parasites. Some people using this method could successfully lose up to 12 pounds in 3 days. Incredible, right? And if you can accept the truth that parasites can help you get in shape fast while they are working in our intestines, don’t afraid to get started with the help of an expert in this field!

11. Watercress Soup Diet

unhealthy weight loss

 Elizabeth Hurley successfully dropped 10 pounds in just 7 days. Do you know her secret? In fact, she lost these weight and fat thanks to the watercress soup diet. She said in the Daily Mail journal in 2024 that she drank at least 6 cups of water a day as a way to lose weight.

The watercress soup diet is low-calorie, fat-less, full of iron and vitamins, and this is also delicious enough to use at a dinner, said she. Typically, watercress soup consists of light chicken stock, onions, salt, pepper and 3 bunches of watercress. This is a very restrictive diet, yet it opens a door to deficiencies of nutrients, rebound weight gain and weakened immune health.

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12. Vinegar Shots

unhealthy weight loss

Fergie and Megan Fox have reported that taking vinegar shots 3 times daily before meal is effective to lose weight. Advocates also claim that vinegar can flush out excessive fats in your colon, thereby helping your body digest food and curbing cravings. However, vinegar is not a fat loss panacea. There is no evidence suggesting that it can do anything yet leave behind its unpleasant taste.

13. Grapefruit Oil

unhealthy weight loss

Next to unhealthy weight loss methods, consider grapefruit oil.

Nesten Electra was reported to lose weight by carrying a vial of grapefruit essential oil around her and sniffing the oil whenever her hunger strikes. However, no study and research suggest grapefruit contain appetite suppressing agents.

14. The “Air Diet”

unhealthy weight loss

In the Graxia, a French magazine, Madonna has been reported to be linked to this diet. This weight loss idea is to get through emotions of consuming food without taking any bite. The followers of the “air diet” have to put foods on plates, cut foods and dig their forks into foods, then hold food up to their mouths for savoring the scent but don’t taste them. So, what they can eat? The answer is soup made of salt and water. Madonna popularized this unhealthy weight loss program in 2024 in which she and some other stars were pictured while holding foods to their mouths, but did not eat them. In reality, medical experts do not condone this low calorie and restrictive diet.

15. The Facial Analysis Diet

unhealthy weight loss

Here comes another diet for weight loss – The facial analysis diet. Winslet successfully shed her pregnancy weight thanks to this diet, which is created by the celebrity nutritionist – Elizabeth Gibaud. The fact is that different face shapes need different weight loss diets, and facial imperfections, like large pores and forehead wrinkles can people’s signal dietary needs. Puffy or cheeks, for instance, are considered symptoms of dairy intolerance while those with shiny noses are suggested to avoid chocolate, mangoes, yeast-related products, white flour and red wine while sticking to cucumbers, potatoes, oats and apples. The facial analyst at first examine skin for color, texture and markings, then create customized plans that start with a 2-day detoxification. Most versions of this diet are not high in calories, yet claims in the book that are not backed by any scientific research and studies.

Bottom line:

In this writing, we’ve discovered top 15 unhealthy weight loss methods and programs that work. Notice that the purpose of the article is to help you have a full understanding about different ways to lose weight, but do not recommend you following all of the methods. For any feedback about the writing, please leave it at the comment box!

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