Top 15 Health And Skin Benefits Of Rhubarb

health benefits of rhubarb

Have you ever seen rhubarb before? It is a member of the Polygonaceae family of plants.

And this plant looks so strange but it has a very interesting history. Usually, it is concerned as a vegetable; however, in the United States of America, it is concerned as a fruit because it is generally used as a fruit in the cooking practices. According to the scientific aspects, it is known as the herbaceous perennial with the leaves which grow off the top of the thick rhizome.

Besides that, the most popularly used parts of the plant are the leaf stalks. Sometimes, it is used as a wonderful ingredient in the sweet dishes or a dessert. In addition, this plant is grown all the year in several different places in the world. That’s why rhubarb is available in any season. Furthermore, it can be planted in outdoors or greenhouse, thus leading to “hothouse” rhubarb which is a deeper red as well as sweeter, along with traditional rhubarb which is planted outside. Likewise, the first time when rhubarb was found in the United Kingdom was about 400 years ago. Since then, it has become prized for the sweet taste as well as unique flavor which may add a number of the different sweet fruits to juices, cakes, and pies. Not only can rhubarb bring a wonderful taste to us but it also brings a lot of advantages to our health, skin and hair. So now, let’s find out what the benefits of rhubarb are on our page

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Top 15 Health And Skin Benefits Of Rhubarb

Before finding out the benefits of rhubarb for health, skin, hair, let’s explore the wonderful nutrients contained in rhubarb first.

I. Nutritional Value Of Rhubarb

One of the major reasons why people usually grow and consume rhubarb is just for its surprising nutritional value. As you can see, rhubarb consists of vitamins, minerals and organic compounds, along with the different nutrients which make it perfect for keeping the body healthy. They include dietary fiber (1.8g), protein (0.90g), vitamin C (8mg), vitamin K (29.3µg), B-complex vitamins such as niacin (0.300mg) and thiamin (0.020mg), calcium (86mg), potassium (288mg), magnesium (12mg), and manganese (0.196mg). Moreover, rhubarb is also a great source of polyphenolic flavonoids such as beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, and lutein.

Now it’s time for you to look for the benefits of rhubarb for your health, skin, and hair.

II. Health, Skin, And Hair Benefits Of Rhubarb

1. Benefits Of Rhubarb – Weight Loss

The first as well as the popular advantage which ought to be mentioned in the list of health benefits of rhubarb is to help you to lose some weight. As you have known, rhubarb is considered as one of the lowest caloric veggies on the supermarket or market. So it is usually suggested for those people who want to lose weight but still want to keep healthy. In fact, 100g of rhubarb has only 21 calories. Thus, you may feel free in order to load up on rhubarb without packing any pounds on. Moreover, the effect which several organic compounds found in rhubarb have on the metabolism of the body is able to increase the rate which the body burns fat dramatically. Hence, it helps you to lose your weight in another way.

2. Preventing Cardiovascular Cancer

Another advantage which is also considered as one of the benefits of rhubarb for health is to prevent cardiovascular cancer. As you can see, rhubarb is very low cholesterol as well as fat. And this vegetable doesn’t pose any threat to the cardiovascular health. Actually, rhubarb is capable of increasing the levels of the good cholesterol because of the presence of the dietary fiber, which is said to scrape the excess cholesterol from the walls of the arteries along with blood vessels. Moreover, the large amount of antioxidants found in rhubarb makes sure that heart disease, as well as a lot of different dangerous health condition, is not caused.

3. Benefits Of Rhubarb – Boosting Your Digestion

When talking about the health benefits of rhubarb, boosting the digestion is believed to be one of them. But why? As you have known, rhubarb contains a high amount of dietary fiber which can help in guaranteeing the healthy digestive system by bulking the stool up and being sure that your bowel movements become smooth as well as regular. Likewise, traditionally, this plant has been used as a treatment for constipation; however, the reason it had a strong effect was only discovered recently. And by easing your constipation and different digestive issues, rhubarb can help you to prevent several serious gastrointestinal disorders such as cramping, bloating, and even colorectal cancer.

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4. Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease

benefits of rhubarb - preventing alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most common diseases which a lot of people may suffer from. And in order to treat or prevent this disease, they are usually advised to increase the vitamin K intake because vitamin K plays an important role in your brain and neuronal health. In fact, the most noticeable vitamin in rhubarb is vitamin K. therefore, it can help you to prevent the oxidation of the brain cells and stimulate the cognitive activity. Then, it can also help in delaying or preventing the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. With all the reasons above, preventing Alzheimer’s disease ought to be one of the health benefits of rhubarb right?

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5. Benefits Of Rhubarb – Promoting Bone Health

Besides the role in protecting the brain from the neural degeneration, vitamin K is said to promote the osteotrophic activity. It means that vitamin K can help in stimulating the bone growth as well as bone repair. In addition, when vitamin K is combined with the great amount of calcium as well as a lot of different minerals which are found in rhubarb, the whole plant is a main player in the bone protection. That’s why it is said that one of the wonderful health benefits of rhubarb is to promote the bone health.

6. Benefits Of Rhubarb – Preventing Cancer

As you can see, antioxidants have been studied for many years because of their ability to neutralize the free radicals in the body. But what are the free radicals? They are byproducts of the cellular metabolism which may cause the healthy cells to die or change. Usually, it will result in cancer or various different chronic diseases. However, rhubarb is really a great source of beta-carotene as well as other polyphenolic compounds such as zeaxanthin and lutein which can act as vitamin A, thereby protecting your skin and eyes from the influence of the free radicals. Moreover, a proper amount of antioxidants in your daily diet may help you to delay the premature aging, macular degeneration, wrinkles and cataracts. In addition, the polyphenolic compounds are connected to preventing lung and oral cancers. With all the reasons which are mentioned above, it has to be said that preventing cancer is one of the wonderful health benefits of rhubarb.

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7. Benefits Of Rhubarb – Boosting Blood Circulation

When discussing the benefits of rhubarb for health, boosting blood circulation should be mentioned as well. As you have known, rhubarb contains a lot of iron and copper which are enough for the body to stimulate the production of the new red blood cells, along with increasing oxygenation of the essential areas of your body. Thus, it can help to improve their function and boost the overall metabolism of your body.

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8. Fighting Skin Infection

It will be a big mistake if fighting skin infections is not mentioned in the list of benefits of rhubarb for skin. But why? Do you know that rhubarb is a natural antifungal agent as well as a natural antibacterial agent? Thanks to these properties, rhubarb can help in protecting your skin from several types of infections. That’s why raw rhubarb, after being formed as a paste, had been encouraged by the alternative medicine practitioners as the topical application for a lot of skin infections.

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9. Benefits Of Rhubarb – Natural Hair Coloring Agent

benefits of rhubarb - natural hair coloring agent

What do you often do when you want to change your hair color? You must go to any hair salon and dye it, mustn’t you? And maybe it costs a lot of money, right? So now, why don’t you give a new look to your hair with rhubarb? For some people, it sounds very funny. But in fact, rhubarb root has a good dose of oxalic acid which is often known to add blonde or light brown color to the hair. And thanks to the oxalic acid which is presented in rhubarb, it can make your hair color last longer. Especially, it doesn’t harm your scalp with the hash chemicals. So are you ready to have a new look with blonde hair or light brown hair by using rhubarb?

Here is what you really need to do:

  • Firstly, take 3 tablespoons of rhubarb root powder as well as 2 cups of water
  • Then add rhubarb root powder to water
  • Next, simmer it for about 15 minutes
  • After that, let it rest overnight
  • In the next morning, strain the liquid
  • Finally, use this liquid to wash your hair for the wonderful hair color

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10. Benefits Of Rhubarb – Good Natural Detox

One of the health benefits of rhubarb is that rhubarb is a good natural detox. You also have to know that removing the toxins out of the body is really important, particularly when you try to lose some weight. As mentioned above, rhubarb includes fiber as well as wonderful laxative properties. It makes rhubarb become a fantastic detoxifying agent.

11. Easing Menopause Symptoms

In the list of health benefits of rhubarb, easing menopause symptoms ought to be mentioned as well. As you know, women who are in menopausal stage often go through several emotional and physical upheavals such as a lot of excessive night sweats as well as hot flashes. In addition, the risk of suffering from osteoporosis may also increase during this period. But do you know that? Calcium can help you to ease some of the menopausal symptoms out. As mentioned above, rhubarb is a rich source of calcium. Thus, why don’t you add rhubarb to your daily diet in order to get rid of these menopausal symptoms?

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12. Stabilizing Blood Clotting

Stabilizing blood clotting is also mentioned as one of the health benefits of rhubarb. It seems to be very strange. But the fact shows that increased level of the stickiness of the blood triggers clotting may cause deep vein thrombosis, strokes, along with the different critical cardiovascular disorders. In this case, rhubarb is one of the wonderful treatments for you. This plant can help to lower the level of stickiness of the blood clotting. Or in other words, it can help to protect your body against such health issues.

13. Benefits Of Rhubarb – Improving Immune System

Nowadays, along with increasing stress levels, pollution, as well as unhealthy lifestyle choices, the immune system of the body takes a nosedive. In order to improve the immune system, it is advised to consume vitamin C. Luckily, rhubarb is one of the rich sources of vitamin C. Thus, what you need to do now is to add rhubarb to your diet every day. Besides that, eating rhubarb regularly is a good way in order to get rid of a cough, cold as well as other infections.

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14. Controlling Diabetes

benefits of rhubarb - controlling diabetes

The people who are suffering from diabetes are usually advised to consume more foods which contain manganese because manganese plays an important role in regulating the levels of the blood sugar. Fortunately, rhubarb is said to have a wonderful amount of manganese. Thus, the diabetics are often advised to add this red-hued stem to their daily diet in order to maintain their low sugar levels.

15. Good For Pregnant And Breastfeeding Women

When listing one of the benefits of rhubarb for health, it has to be said that this plant, especially its stalk, is very good for pregnant and breastfeeding women. As you can see, rhubarb contains iron, magnesium, vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, calcium, folates as well as choline. Additionally, choline plays an important part in affecting the brain health of the fetus. Besides that, pregnant women usually need 450 mg of choline a day while lactating women ought to consume nearly 550 mg of choline. And one stalk of the raw rhubarb has 3.1 mg of choline, thus making it become a perfect choice for many breastfeeding women.

In conclusion, there are a lot of benefits of rhubarb for health, hair as well as skin which are mentioned above. But how can you get these benefits from this plant? It’s very simple. You can enjoy the raw rhubarb or cook it like the way which you want to do. For example, you can boil it or stir-fry it. Besides that, you can add it to your pasta. Alternatively, you can use it to make a wonderful dessert which is called Rhubarb Crisp! Here is the recipe which you can try to make.

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  • 1 cup of thinly sliced rhubarb
  • ½ cups of chopped peeled apple
  • 3 tablespoons of granulated sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of instant tapioca
  • Ground cinnamon which is divided into ¼ teaspoon and 1/8 teaspoon
  • 2 tablespoons of all-purpose flour
  • 2 tablespoons of old-fashioned rolled oats which are neither steel-cut nor instant
  • 1 ½ tablespoons of packed dark brown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of finely chopped pecans
  • 1 tablespoon of pure maple syrup
  • 1/8 teaspoon of salt


  • Firstly, preheat your oven to 350oF
  • Secondly, toss granulated sugar, rhubarb, tapioca, ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon in the medium bowl
  • Thirdly, pour this mixture into 10-ounce custard cups or oven-safe ramekins
  • Then mix brown sugar, oats, 1/8 teaspoon of cinnamon, flour, salt, pecans, syrup, and butter in the small bowl until everything becomes crumbly
  • Next, sprinkle this mixture over the rhubarb mixture which you have made before
  • After that, bake it for about 30 minutes
  • Now let it cool for about 5 minutes after it is well-done
  • Finally, enjoy this dessert

However, everything has both sides. Because of the potent nature of this plant, you ought to stay away from this plant if you have a certain gastrointestinal condition or pre-existing kidney condition since it can make your condition become worse. Plus, if you grow this plant yourself, you ought to be careful that your pets and your children don’t eat the rhubarb leaves. In some cases, it may cause death because of the oxalic acids in the rhubarb leaves. Once more time, it has to be said that rhubarb is one of the beneficial and delicious for you, as well as your family members, to enjoy every day.

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That’s all about “Top 15 health and skin benefits of rhubarb”. And this article is only for the informative purpose. Thus, if you want to get any benefits of rhubarb which are mentioned above, you ought to consult the advice of the specialist or doctor. If you want to know more information about the different benefits of other ingredients, you ought to spend a little time on visiting our main page Health. In case you have any questions or you know more benefits that this plant can bring to us, please let us know by leaving us a message or a comment below. We will response it as soon as we can.

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