Top 9 Health Benefits Of Green Veggies You Should Know

health benefits of green veggies

What do you thing first whenever talking about green vegetables? Actually, to a number of women, green veggies are known as a high source of water, vitamins, and other types of nutrients. In your daily diet, green vegetables play an essential role. Doctors always recommend us eating more and more vegetables, especially green leafy veggies because they are very beneficial for our health and body as well.

As you know, eating more meat can lead to some health issues but eating more vegetables can help to improve your health and maintain your body. To help you to understand deeply about the benefits of green veggies, would like to introduce you a new article that provides you 9 health benefits of consuming more leafy vegetables. We hope that after reading this article, you will find it more important to take in vegetables in your daily diet. Especially, for those who are not keen on eating vegetables, we think that you are supposed to read this topic in order to raise the awareness of adding them to your regular diet. Leafy greens will bring you a whole healthy and fit body. Let’s have a look at some main benefits of green veggies.

Top 9 Health Benefits Of Green Veggies You Should Know

1. Stay Young

benefits of green veggies - stay young

One of the most amazing health benefits of green veggies is to keep you stay younger and younger. Actually, this fact has been proved for a long time. In reality, we also see many vegetarians who let meat, fish, and other high sources of lipid and protein often have a long life and a good health.

Thanks to the fact that leafy vegetables often contain a high concentration of vitamin K, consuming these foods can help you combat against age-related conditions. In fact, researchers in California have found that the vitamin K deficiency can be one of the possible reasons for some cardiovascular problems, bone fragility, and kidney and arterial calcification as well. You are advised to take in a cup of raw leafy greens to meet the minimum requirement of vitamin K every day. If you want to stay young over time, you should increase the portion of green veggies in your diet instead of other kinds of meat and fish.

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2. Preventing Yourself From Cancers

In these days, there are more and more people getting cancers, thereby preventing your body from cancerous cells is very important. That is one of the most important health benefits of green veggies. You should start protecting yourself from the simplest thing. Eating a larger amount of green leafy is one of those things that you should do. Why do green veggies have such an amazing benefit? Let’s find out the solution for this query.

Actually, researchers have found that there is a high concentration of two components including indoles and isothiocyanates in leafy vegetables. They are able to protect yourself from colon cancer, skin cancer, and breast cancer as well. Especially, thanks to the great antioxidant property, green vegetables contribute to reducing the risk of fatal diseases such as cancers. Among the green veggies that have the ability to prevent cancers such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and brussel, broccoli sprouts are appreciated most. It is because this food contains a higher content of sulforaphane, which is defined as a cancer-protective substance.

In general, when mentioning health benefits of green veggies, we cannot skip their ability to prevent cancers. Therefore, you are highly encouraged to add more vegetables to your regular diet.

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3. Improving The Eye Health

benefits of green veggies - improving the eye health

The third one in the list of benefits of green veggies for your health is to preserve your vision health. If you have some problems with your eyes, you should increase the number of vegetables in your daily diet. It will contribute to strengthening your eye health and support the other eye treatments.

Actually, leafy greens such as kale and spinach are well known for the high level of carotenoids called zeaxanthin and lutein. Both of them are vital constituents of your eyes, which act as the protective shield for your macula. Moreover, they help to prevent damage caused by blue light. Additionally, lutein and zeaxanthin contained in leafy greens largely contribute to reducing the risk of macular degeneration caused by aging process. Your body has the capacity of converting beta-carotene into vitamin A that is essential for your eyes.

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4. Boosting Bone Strength

In addition to those benefits of green veggies, you should also bear in your mind that consuming a large portion of leafy greens also helps to enhance the bone strength. As normal, your bones tend to be weaker, gradually. Therefore, you should pay your attention to caring about your bone strength immediately. Particularly, women are often susceptible to conditions like endocrine and osteoporosis bone disease.

In fact, a lot of external factors including diet, genetics, and lifestyle habits have the ability to affect our bone health. It means that to boost our bone health, we can positively affect these factors. In this article, we suppose you take benefits of green veggies to increase your bone health because they are a high source of calcium that supports the bones. Especially, calcium contained in leafy greens contributes to keeping your bones dense and healthy. Sometimes, the bitter taste of green vegetables can bring you an advantageous thing. The bitter taste reflects the high concentration of calcium. Hence, you are advised to look for some bitter veggies to supply more calcium to your body. According to some statistical figures, half a cup of dandelion greens includes 78 mg calcium, while mustard greens contain 55mg, kale has 49mg, and Swiss chard contains 54mg. They are some rich sources of calcium that you can seek for. Additionally, they are also a rich source of vitamin K that plays an essential role in the production of osteocalcin. It is known as an essential element for improving bone density. Do you find these benefits of green veggies useful?

In summary, vitamin K and calcium contained in green vegetables can help us boost our bone health. As a result, if you have some bone-related problems, you should eat more green veggies, which contain a high concentration of calcium and vitamin K, such as turnip greens, Swiss chard, spinach, and so on.

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5. Supporting For Weight Loss

It seems that one of the visible benefits of green veggies is to lose weight safely and effectively. Perhaps, leafy greens appear in every diet for weight loss. Undeniably,green vegetables are very important in losing your weight because they are low in calories. If you want to lose weight, the first thing you must know is to reduce the number of calories in your regular diet. Fruits and vegetables will be indispensable foods in your portion. For instance, one cup of pasta contains up to 190 calories. In contrast, in one cup of green vegetables such as green beans include just 44 calories, broccoli has about 30 calories as well. A recommendation for you is to replace the cheese with spinach in an omelet to reduce the number of calories in your meal. Besides, you can add celery or broccoli to soup in order to make it filling but fewer calories.

Although vegetables are low in calories, they provide you enough vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients, which help you stay fit and healthy. Actually, people have categorized vegetables into two main groups including starchy and non-starchy veggies. Fortunately, leafy greens belong to the second group, which means the non-starchy vegetables can be eaten unlimitedly. The more green vegetables you eat, the more efficient your weight loss process is. Some types of non-starchy or green veggies that you can eat to lose weight are broccoli, celery cauliflower, spinach, salad greens…

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6. Promoting The Hair Growth

benefits of green veggies - promoting the hair growth

Is it surprised you a lot when knowing that among the health benefits of green veggies, there is the hair growth promotion? Actually, vegetables have the ability to support the hair growth, in general, and dark green veggies have, in particular.

If you are looking for some treatments to volumize your hair, initially, you should eat more green vegetables. The effect they bring to you is even better than other expensive shampoos that you buy in the market. Proper nutrient diets ensure healthy, strong, and lustrous hair. Undoubtedly, green veggies are a high source of nutrition because they contain many vitamins, minerals, which your hair needs most. Actually, if your body lacks calcium or iron, you can suffer from hair loss. Therefore, those women who have a thin hair are advised to consume a sufficient amount of iron and calcium. Leafy greens have a high concentration of vitamin C, vitamin A, iron, and calcium, which contribute to accelerating the production of sebum. In fact, sebum is known as an oily substance secreted from our scalp. Additionally, it acts as a natural hair conditioner.You should eat more turnip green, broccoli, kale, cabbage, lettuce, and so on. In general, promoting the hair growth is among the great benefits of green veggies that you should know.

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7. Enhancing Your Brain Functions

After discussing six amazing benefits of green veggies, do you find it essential to add more green vegetables to your daily diet? In our opinion, they are not only foods but also natural health care treatments. Undeniably, leafy greens are very beneficial for our whole body. They have an overall impact on us. The brain is not an exception as well.

In fact, eating green veggies can help you enhance brain functions. That is thanks to the high concentration of folate, known as vitamin B9, which has the ability to prevent age-related cognitive depression. Researchers have shown that vitamin B is necessary for the concentration ability and the overall brain function as well. Furthermore, green vegetables are a rich source of antioxidants and carotenoids, thanks to which our brain will be protected well and prevented from free radical damages. An advice for you is that if you feel struggling to remember something, you should consider your diet first. It may lack dark green vegetables.

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8. Being Energy Boosters

Besides those benefits of green veggies, being energy boosters is also another advantage that you should bear in your mind about green vegetables. Perhaps, many people will think that vegetables are very low in calories, why are they energy boosters? However, the fact that dark green veggies are great energy boosters is true because of a lack of energy results from the iron deficiency in your body. Hence, if you want to boost your energy every day, you should add dark green veggies to your diet to supply enough iron to your body. As we said above, some great sources of iron are kale, broccoli, spinach,…In addition, a high concentration of vitamin C in the dark green vegetables also contribute to boosting your energy level.

In conclusion, green veggies are necessary for boosting energy. Reconsider your diet and add more green vegetables to meet the required dose of these foods. You will have a long day with full of energy for other activities.

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9. Improving Metabolism

Actually, when talking about the weight loss benefits of green veggies, we should discuss the good impact on metabolism as well. In general, eating green vegetables is very healthy for your metabolism and weight loss. It seems that a large number of people know this common information. Thanks to the high amount of fiber and iron, green veggies have the capacity of enhancing the metabolic activities. They help our red blood cells transport nutrients throughout the body. Normally, if you have some troubles with the process of metabolism, you should recheck your diet to know whether you are supplying enough green leafy vegetables or not. Make some positive adjustments to have a proper diet.

In my opinion, there is nothing better than green vegetables. A healthy person can live without meat but cannot live without green vegetables, thus, we are encouraged to consume more and more these natural sources of nutrients to improve our health.

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All in all, we have shown you nine benefits of green veggies for health. Hopefully, this article will raise your awareness about eating more green vegetables in your diet. Those who are consuming a large portion of green vegetables, you are on the right track to keep your body fit and healthy. In contrast, those who do not often eat green veggies should change your eating habit and add more these vegetables to your daily diet. What you eat today will affect your current and future health. If you have any comments any ideas, we would like to invite you to share with us by leaving them under this topic. It is our pleasure to receive all your thoughts about our threads. By that way, we can discuss further together and our staff knows what we should do to improve the quality of other articles as well. Besides this topic, we also provide you others on our main site Health. You are suggested to go there to get more information about your health like the topic health benefits of green veggies.

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