How to prevent bloating in the morning & at night – 10 tips

Do you want to know how to prevent bloating? Really, no one likes the feeling of a bloated stomach.

Unluckily, the majority of women, particularly those going through severe PMS are rather familiar with this unpleasant feeling of having bloating.

It feels as if you have a balloon in your own stomach which is weighing you down, making you feel heavy and not sexy at all. Bloating does not help with the romantic part of your own life either. Fortunately, there are easy ways to decrease your odds of bloating. Hence, if you are serious about learning how to prevent bloating in the morning and at night, you should not skip the following article, made by!

How To Prevent Bloating In The Morning And At Night – 10 Easy Tips

1. Limit The Processed, Fatty Junk Food

how to prevent bloating-limit the processed, fatty junk food

Aside from it just being bad for your overall health, processed, fatty junk food is high in the cramp that the human stomach does not know how to process well. High-sugar, high-fat foods tend to take longer for your own stomach to digest and therefore stomach is fuller for such a longer period of time.

Thus, if you want to know how to prevent bloating, sugar-free foods as well as frozen foods are not good, either. Frozen foods tend to be high in preservatives and usually in salt (sodium) while sugar-free foods are not really a good alternative as the sugar alcohol gets going super quickly within the stomach and the bacteria within the intestines goes on overdrive, creating more gas. And, that gas is the culprit – bloating.

2. Pack Fiber

how to prevent bloating-pack fiber

Fiber can help everything move through the intestines faster, which helps prevent bloating and constipation. In case you are not accustomed to eating high content of fiber, then you should slowly add more fiber to your diet. Do not go too fast as you might feel even more bloated than before. Add avocado, beans, kiwi, berries, whole grains, and other high-fiber foods into your current meal and snack plan daily.

3. Go Slow On Those Gassy Foods

how to prevent bloating-go slow on those gassy food

Well, it means that you should take it easy on the cruciferous vegetable family till your body gets accustomed to them. They are really good food for you. The gassy foods are broccoli, beans, kale, cabbage, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts. Add them to your daily diet steadily and up them later. That way, your body will thank you for it finally.

However, remember to eat fewer carbohydrates as they might store water, triggering bloating. Cut down the foods with high levels of carbs such as pasta, bagels, decrease the amount of excess water stored within the body.

4. Cook Veggies Before Eating Them

how to prevent bloating-cook veggies before eating them

Cooked veggies are usually easier to digest than raw ones. In addition, the cooking process will help eliminate some of the enzymes and fiber which could lead to stomach upset as well as bloating.

Go for steaming your veggies as steaming will help minimize the amount of lost water-soluble nutrients leeching off into the water when boiling the veggies.

5. Be Careful With Your Drinks

how to prevent bloating-be careful with your drinks

When it comes to dietary tips on how to prevent bloating, choosing drinks is always important. Water is always the best choice, of course. However, if that is boring, you can go for the flavored types or infuse your water with fruit. Opt for tea as not only does it suppress your own appetite, but it also works as an anti-bloating agent.

Remember that beverages which are acidic in nature might irritate the GI tract, causing you to bloat. The acidic beverages contain tea, coffee, alcohol and juice. Also, avoid the drinks which are made from sugar substitutes. Xylitol, mannitol, and sorbitol, are sugar alcohols which really cause bloating.

6. Cut Down Your Salt Intake

how to prevent bloating-cut down your salt intake

This might be the tip that you have probably heard before. Nonetheless, salt results in bloating as the more salt added to your body, the more it desperately clings on fluids or water. Keep in mind that your body just needs 200 mg of sodium each day. If you take too much of it, you are risking your heart and blood vessels in many serious problems.

7. Limit Hot Spices

how to prevent bloating-limit hot spices

Chili powder and black pepper could stimulate the stomach acid release. In addition, other hot ingredients such as vinegar and sauces bring the same effect. Once the stomach releases acid, it leads to irritation, worsening your bloating problem.

8. Get Moving 

how to prevent bloating-get moving

This is one of the most basic tips on how to prevent bloating in the morning. Daily physical activity could help prevent constipation and bloating, as well as many other digestive problems. Thus, you should aim for 30 minutes of moving per day.

9. Cheer To This

how to prevent bloating-cheer to this

Do you know that alcohol is among common causes of bloating? It is because alcohol might result in dehydration, leading to water retention. In order to protect your digestive health, you should just stick to one alcoholic drink and follow it with a big glass of plain water.

10. Slow Down

how to prevent bloating-slow down

One little but common cause of bloating could be that you might swallow too much air when you scarf down your meals, this is the reason why some people suffer from hiccups when consuming too fast. Slow down when eating, and chew the food, really.

There, you have known 10 out of most effective tips on how to prevent bloating in the morning and at night. Combine these tips at the same time and you will minimize your risk of bloating and gas as well.

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