C4 50x Review (Updated 2024) – Is It Safe?

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A workout enhancer and diet pill that seeks to provide extra energy to those embarking on a workout but uses a troubling number of stimulants and lacks some key information.

Our full breakdown will explain if C4 50X is a unique diet product, or just another fad to ignore.

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C4 50x Overview

C4 50x is a dietary supplement powder that is designed to be taken prior to your workout and comes in different flavors such as Icy Blue Razz and Watermelon. The intention of the product is to provide the user with an explosive amount of energy that they can apply to their workouts, achieving a level of intensity and results they have not previously experienced.

The product is manufactured by a company by the name of the Cellucor, based out of Bryan, Texas. Each jar of the C4 50x contains 270 grams of powder, or enough for approximately 30 servings. Users are advised to take one scoop of the powder and mix it with 4 to 6 ounces of water approximately 30 minutes prior to their workout.

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C4 50x Claims

A claim that jumped out at us from the product promotion was that the formula is “now 50% more explosive”. It’s extremely unclear what this means, specifically how to you quantify explosiveness and how is it twice as explosive as it previously was. The word explosive is used throughout the product promotion, and they seem to be using it in the sense that it is stronger and more effective, but we cannot be sure.

Another claim they make is that from 2024 to the present C4 is the top-selling pre-workout supplement in the U.

S.A., but there is no data provided to support this statement. Furthermore, they only state that C4 supplements are the top-sellers, not necessarily C4 50x.

Additionally, one thing that is noticeably absent from the advertisements are any detailed results that users can expect when using the product, instead they’re too busy boasting about all the energy you’ll receive.

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C4 50x Ingredients

A full list of ingredients used within the supplement is provided, but no breakdown or explanation of each ingredient is offered. This is relevant, because the product uses a lot of ingredients that casual users may not be familiar with, and it is important for them to be informed regarding what they are putting into their bodies. Here is a list of the active ingredients within C$ 50x:

  • Beta Alanine
  • Creatine Nitrate
  • Arginine AKG
  • Velvet Bean
  • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Caffeine Pterostilbene Cocrystal
  • TeaCor Tetramethykuric Acid
  • Sucralose

The number of stimulants within the formula is a concern to us. Caffeine anhydrous is caffeine that has been dehydrated, but it can still lead to negative side effects when used in large doses, such as mood swings, stomach pain, high blood pressure, insomnia, and more. The amount of caffeine that is used is not disclosed, so we cannot predict how likely some of these side effects are. There is also sucralose that is an artificial sweetener, but the long-term effects are currently unknown and could lead to health issues down the line.

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The Science Behind C4 50x

Despite the repeated claims regarding the effectiveness of the product, the manufacturer does not even attempt to engage in science in any meaningful way. This is relevant because many of the ingredients that are using within the supplement are likely unfamiliar to many potential users, and the more informed they can be about what the ingredients are and how they function, the more confident they would be to ty it.

Also, in order to take some of the claims made by the product seriously, such as their claim of being 50% more explosive than the competition, there should be some sort of explanation about how that figure was reached, but instead we get nothing. The product simply does not seems interested in engaging with clinical or scientific testing on their product.

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Word on the Street About C4 50x

Currently, it appears that C4 50x is only sold through the manufacturer’s website, which does not offer objective reviews from consumers, Fortunately, it was previously sold through independent retailers such as Amazon and the Vitamin Shoppe, which offered a clearer picture of consumer’s reactions to the product.

The most common complaint regarding the product was the taste. It seemed almost everyone who tried it had something negative to say, no matter which flavor they tried. For example, one user stated: “The product itself is very weak, and the fruit punch flavor is completely disgusting.” Meanwhile, another consumer expressed their dissatisfaction with the watermelon flavor which they described as tasting chalky and rancid.

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Is C4 50x Worth a Try?

Because of the consistent complaints regarding the taste and ineffectiveness of the product by consumers, as well as the possibility of negative side effects due to over-stimulation, we advise that you skip C4 50x. The product is primarily designed for those who are looking to give their workout an extra boost and sculpt their bodies, not so much for the average consumer who is just looking to lose a few pounds.

Beyond that, the bold claims made by the product promotion borders on ridiculous and nonsensical, and they do not even attempt to provide evidence to support their claims. Bay all accounts, if you’re simply looking to lose weight in a healthy, responsible way, then C4 50x is not for you.

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C4 50x vs No Xplode

No Xplode is also a pre-workout flavored powder that is designed to be taken 20 to 30 minutes before a workout to burn more calories and provide extra intensity. It has a considerably longer list of ingredients than C4 50x, though it is also about more expensive per bottle.

Reviews for both products have been mixed, but they are slightly more positive for No Xplode.

C4 50x vs Pre Jym

Pre Jym is similar to CR 50x in that both products are flavored powders that are designed to be taken prior to engaging in a workout. The intent is that it will provide more energy, so a more intense workout can be conducted, and results are seen faster by the user. However, Pre Jyn provides a considerable amount of clinical information to support its assertions and ingredients, while C4 50X does not.
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C4 50x FAQ

  1. Can C4 50x be purchased through Walmart locations?
    Yes, it does appear that C4 50x is available for purchase through Walmart.
  1. Have users experienced side effects when using C4 50x?
    Users complained of a range of negative side effects when using the product, including chest tightness and itchy skin.
  1. What are the main ingredients within C4 50x?
    The product features a long list of ingredients, including arginine AKG, velvet bean, sucralose, and more.
  1. How many servings are in each bottle of C4 50x?
    There are approximately 30 servings in each jar of C4 50x.
  1. Is there a free trial of C4 50x being offered?
    No, it does not appear that there is currently a free trial of the product being offered.
  1. Is C4 50x meant to be cycled?
    No, there is no reason to cycle C4 50x, it can be taken when needed,
  1. Has C4 50x been banned in any countries?
    It has not been banned from any countries, but some competitive athletes were disqualified from competition for using it.
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