How To Lose Weight Naturally At Home: 34 Tips

how to lose weight naturally

Are you still fat? Do you want to reduce weight naturally? Actually, there are many programs about the fat loss that are released on the market, however, you might get a failure with them. If you are trying a lot of programs or ways to get rid of fat but have not received any succeed, you should read this article thoroughly. The writing from will show you top 34 ways on how to lose weight naturally at home. Keep reading the article and apply those treatments, you will get the result dramatically.

Top 34 Solutions On How To Lose Weight Naturally At Home

1. Drink Water

how to lose weight naturally-drink water

Drinking enough water during the day is meaningful to keep your body healthy as well as get the fat loss.

The less water you drink, the more foods you will get. That is the reason why you cannot reduce weight. Drinking water will decrease the amount of foods you consume in each meal. Water is very important to help you alive and it is really simple and effective way to reduce weight. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day before a meal. By the way, your stomach will be fuller and you will decrease the appetite. You can supply more water by getting the liquid through the meal and avoid high-cal drink in the events. You also need to drink water after doing exercises, make sure that you drink it slowly.

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2. Go Walking Every Day

how to lose weight naturally-go walking every day

Walking is one of the most powerful exercises for weight loss. The reason that many people are interested in this sport is the simple technique and it does not require a lot of needs when doing it. walking can be taken at anywhere, anytime. For example, you can go downstairs, upstairs instead of using the elevator. You can walk to bus station, the mall, the supermarket, the local market instead of driving. Obviously, there are many good opportunities that you can take advantage each day. You do not need to do it over, just 30 -40 minutes per day, your weight will be reduced without taking drugs, supplements, or surgery. How to lose weight naturally and simply? You just need to walk every day, regularly.

3. Do Other Exercises

how to lose weight naturally-do other exercises

Along with walking, you can choose other regular exercises such as jogging, cycling, swimming, dancing, yoga,           qigong, etc. The importance is you should have a specific time to do daily exercise and you should not give up it suddenly. Doing exercise is very useful in burning calories and burning fat without using any support. Make sure that you drink water after doing exercises.

4. Drink Lemon, Honey, Water

Water is not only good when you just drink it sorely, it is also perfect when you mix it with other ingredients to reduce weight. One of the best methods with water is to combine it with honey and lemon. How to lose weight naturally with them? Let do this remedy:

  • Mix honey, lemon juice, and a glass of warm water together.
  • Stir the mixture completely.
  • Drink in every morning before the breakfast for 30 minutes.
  • Drink it every day you will get the best result.

5. Drink Ginger, Lemon, Water

The mixture of water, lemon, and ginger will be a perfect drink for your weight loss goal. You should drink it every day if you want to lose weight naturally at home:

  • You combine a glass of boiling water, some lemon juice, and some ginger piece.
  • Drink and drink the mixture every morning before the breakfast.

6. Water, Black Pepper, Honey, And Lemon

how to lose weight naturally-drink ginger, lemon, water

Along with the above drinks, you totally can take the effectiveness of natural ingredients in your kitchen such as honey, black pepper, lemon juice. They are not only common spices, but they are the natural ingredients that can help you eliminate the weight significantly. How to lose weight naturally with this drink? Let find out:

  • You mix a cup of water with some teaspoons of lemon juice, ¼ teaspoon of black pepper, and a teaspoon of honey.
  • Stir them well and drink once every day before a meal to get the fat loss.

7. Drink Green Tea

Green tea is an excellent drink for fat people so you can use it every day to get the fat loss. Moreover, green tea is very useful for regulating body temperature, healing wounds, improving mental health, heart health, and supporting digestion. Green tea is also good for your body and prevents some kinds of diseases such as diabetes, cancers. How to lose weight naturally with green tea? You just need to drink some glasses of green tea every day to burn fat and get weight loss.

8. Eat Healthy Foods

how to lose weight naturally-eat healthy foods

Healthy foods will affect directly your health, as the result, you should focus on having healthy foods to enhance your energy first. Along with this, several foods contribute to your the fat loss target and you can eat more foods such as fruits, vegetables, yogurt, legumes, avocado, pistachios, almonds, cabbage, broccoli, black beans, and so on. How to lose weight naturally with healthy foods? you should reduce eating meat, animal fats, rice, instead, you should increase eating vegetables, natural oil, and fish.

9. Eat Soups

Do you know that soups have a lot of benefits for health? I think that you have ever tried some kinds of healthy soups and they are very delicious. Almost of soups are good and slimming;  they include minimal calories and they are really helpful in helping you reducing weight. You can try to eat some soups before a meal to make your stomach full and reduce a number of foods you intake during the meal.

10. Eat Salads

To lose weight naturally, you must try this method. Many people like salads not only their taste but their benefits for health and weight loss. While you can get fatter and fatter because of fat and calories, salad dishes are perfect solutions to reduce weight significantly. Salads are made of a many fruits and vegetables, so you can believe that eating salads might satisfy your stomach as well as decrease the fat loss.

11. Drink Ginger Tea

how to lose weight naturally-drink ginger tea


Like green tea shown as above, ginger tea has the similar function to reduce weight. Ginger can increase the temperature for your body and it can burn fat naturally. Moreover, ginger can reduce the production of cortisol that can mobilize and regulate energy in the body. How to lose weight naturally with ginger tea at home? here is the solution for your try:

  • You take some ginger pieces, some cups of water, lemon juice, and a teaspoon of honey.
  • Now you boil the water then put the ginger in the water, simmer the mixture for 10 minutes.
  • Now you add some lemon juice and honey in the tea.
  • Stir them well and drink it every morning.
  • You can drink two cups of ginger tea daily to limit cortisol production, improve metabolism, and support your digestion system.

12. Avoid Several Foods

If healthy foods can improve your health and lose weight effectively, some foods will increase your weight such as salty snacks, sweeteners, sugary foods, fast foods, fizzy drinks. The reason is that they include carbonated beverages that can increase calories and make your body gain weight. Therefore, you should drink green tea, ginger tea, herbal tea instead of using processed drinks and eating fast foods frequently.

13. Change Your Lifestyle

how to lose weight naturally-change your lifestyle

There is a truth that your current weight is resulted partly from your lifestyle. Watching TV for a long time, sitting in front of the computer, or do not do regular exercises, etc are the factors that cause your problem worse. Let be more active in your life to prevent getting more weight. In general, you should stay active although you are fat.

14. Check Your Daily Diet

Do you think that tracking your progress is an effective way to lose weight naturally? I think this solution is so simple because you will know exactly how much foods you consume per day. Through the way, you will adjust the proper diet and reduce weight loss effectively. If you eat a lot of foods that contain high calories, you will know to adjust the daily diet.

15. Nose Peppermint, Apple, Or A Banana

Whenever you are hungry, you should sniff a peppermint, an apple, or a banana. That is a silly thing you have ever heard, but it really works for your weight loss. According to Alan R. Hirsch, M.D, a director of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, the more regularly they smell, the less hungry they feel. So you should prepare some of them to smell whenever you want to eat.

16. Like The Blue Color

how to lose weight naturally-like the blue color


Do you know why almost of restaurants have the blue dishes? This color is meaningful in reducing the appetite and you can learn this tip at home. If you prepare a dinner, you should avoid using orange, yellow, red dishes, instead, you should turn to blue color. Probably the plates, the dress, and the dishes are all in blue. The strong colors will attract your stomach and that is the reason you should avoid.

17. Eat In Front Of Mirrors

If possible, you can go far away from the eating table, you should eat in front of a mirror. This action will help you reduce weight effectively because you will look the reflects in the mirror, which plays as a reminder about food intake. If you go out for a meal, you can go with your friends, with your partner and try to reduce the foods you get at the restaurant.

18. Do Not Store Foods

how to lose weight naturally-do not store foods

Do you have a routine to buy many foods and store in your house? actually, this is a common activity of many people and that is one of the reasons that might cause you fatter each day. You should avoid storing foods such as sugary drinks, high-cab foods, and high-cal foods. instead, you can buy a fruits, vegetables, and the foods that can help you lose weight effectively.

19. Look At The Bill

How to lose weight naturally? I think that you should look at the bill you pay every week, every month for foods. Do you spend a lot of money in eating lifestyle? If yes, you should reduce the payment and learn to eat less. You should order the smallest portion of foods such as a small hamburger, salad, a small popcorn.

20.Eat Water-Rich Foods

Calories are the huge factors that add your weight daily. So you should eat fewer calories, instead, eating more water-rich foods such as cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, soups, salads, etc. why should you eat them? Water will make you full and reduce the amount of foods consumed every day.

21 . Do Not Eat White Foods

how to lose weight naturally-do not eat white foods


In fact, eating more carbohydrates from white flours might gain weight. While you avoid eating sugar, white flour, white rice, you should at more brown rice and whole-grain bread. Eating is a direct element to make you overweight, consequently, you should adjust a proper diet for health and fitness.

22. Eat Seasonings, Salsa, Hot Sauce

If you want to learn how to lose weight naturally by reducing calories each day, you should try to eat hot sauce, seasonings, salsa, which give you a lot of flavor with few calories and fat. Also, they can increase the temperature and burn fat naturally.

23. Eat Nuts As Healthy Snacks

how to lose weight naturally-eat nuts as healthy snacks


Overweight people, normally, like eating snacks. You can eat snacks during the day but avoid consuming more sugary, salty snacks. Instead, you can eat almonds, nuts, baby carrots, dried fruit, seeds, raisins, etc. Also, you can add more fruits as healthy snacks. This routine will reduce the appetite.

24. Reduce Calories After Noon

There is a rule you might hear before that you should eat the most in the morning, the moderate in the noon, and the less in the evening. Eating most calories in the morning will help you have time to burn calories. If you eat more in the dinner, your body will store more fat.

25. Brush Your Teeth Frequently

Brushing your teeth is not only for cleaner teeth, but it is also a necessary thing to do when you want to lose weight naturally. Clean, fresh teeth will reduce the appetite and you will not want to eat more, especially, you should brush your teeth after every dinner.

26. Tidy Your Spaces

how to lose weight naturally-tidy your spaces


Do you believe that tidy spaces will work significantly for the fat loss? actually, when you live in a clean place, you will want to eat healthy and cleansed foods. Even you are in the office, you will eat healthy snacks every day. If you have a fresh living environment, you will take a time to think of having delicious foods instead of favorite foods that might cause you obese. There is a truth that living in messy spaces, you will have more chances to get a snack and junk foods. So how to lose weight naturally? You should take the time to do housework, which can burn fat and help you a lot in losing weight.

27. Read Your Emails Daily

You can sign up some diet sites and they will send you daily emails about the way to eat healthily. If you are lazy to read emails every day, this is the time you should change your mind. In fact, reading emails, newspaper, news on the Internet is helpful in building your knowledge on nutrition and other fields. It is very interesting and useful if you read the news on foods and diet every day.

28. Eat Eggs

how to lose weight naturally-eat eggs


Eggs are high in protein and other health benefits such as raising good cholesterol, providing choline to build cell membranes, reducing the risk of heart disease, and losing weight. For the fat loss, you can eat egg in the morning to make your stomach fuller and you will reduce the cravings for foods, especially hungry for fast foods or junk foods.

29. Avoid Eating Bread First

You might get fat if eating too much bread in a meal. So you should save the last dish containing the bread. Eating rice, bread will get more fiber and it will restrict  the fat loss process. Saving the bread will reduce carbohydrate amount you intake and you should add salads, dressings, or soups at the beginning of the meal.

30. Eat Slowly

French people apply this tip for their perfect body. They often spend time to have dinner, lunch with family because eating with family will help you closer to other members and it will last the dinner longer, take time to talk with each other, eating is not the main purpose. Eating slowly will prevent stomach upset and you will have time to enjoy your foods. Eating fast will burden your digestion system and you will get more fat with this bad routine.

31. Take A Nap

how to lose weight naturally-take a nap


Taking a nap will not make you fatter. Actually, a nap does not mean sleep deeply, a snap just a short time to take off the stress and relax. The truth is that lack of snapping or sleeping will increase the risk of gaining weight and you will get a higher risk of getting obese if you break a snap at noon.

32. Reduce Stress

Stress is a natural physical response to something that makes you upset or angry. Stress is a very common factor that  cause diseases to human, including obesity. The more stress you have, the more weight you gain. As the result, you should avoid stress as much as possible, not only to protect your health, but it also supports you lose weight. If you always feel stressed, you will want to eat more and certainly, you cannot get the fat loss as you wish. There are a lot of things you can do for stress reduction such as listening to music, doing exercises, eating healthy foods, going out with friends, talking with someone, etc.

33. Eat With Opposite Gender

how to lose weight naturally-eat with opposite gender


If you are a man, you should go to have a dinner or lunch with a woman and vice versa. Eating with opposite companions, you will feel shy and reduce the foods intake. A woman will think of being a beautiful woman, and a man will dream of being a manly person. If you eat alone, you will feel free that no one interrupt you, no one knows you are eating a lot of foods, that is why you should have the dinner with your family members or friends. Try it, who knows it works for you.

34. Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are commonly used in skin care, hair care, and health care. for the fat loss, you can drink some essential oils, which are natural to reduce weight effectively. How to lose weight naturally with essential oils? Let try these methods:

  • You can inhale lemon essential oil to reduce appetite and cravings for foods.
  • You can add some lemon essential oil or grapefruit oil into a cup of water to drink every morning.
  • Also, you can use essential oils to massage the areas that are store fat. This action will tighten your skin very well.

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If you want to learn more useful tips and tricks on how to take care of your health, you might visit our main How To page. After reading the articles about 34 tips on how to lose weight  naturally, I think that you have got some helpful solutions to reduce weight fast and effectively at home. Those remedies are natural so they are really safe and simple to follow, as the result, you totally can do it every day at home. However, for taking supplements, you should ask a doctor before having them. If you have any question or any comment, please leave it below.

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