How to reduce cortisol levels in the body – 11 tips

how to reduce cortisol

Cortisol is considered as a stress hormone because it is produced by human body to treat mental and physical stress. It can help to wake you up every morning and associated with muscle glycocen storage process in our body. Normally, cortisol is necessary for our body that effective in protecting the body from negative effects. But if they release too much in a long time, it can lead to many kinds of pathological conditions in the body. There are some symptoms of high cortisol levels such as dizziness, lack of energy, anxiety, insomnia, sweating, feeling worse in the morning… that have influence on your life seriously.

How To Reduce Cortisol Levels In The Body Without Using Medication

how to reduce cortisol

High cortisol level is a common trouble for many people. Most of them dont know that high cortisol levels can cause many diseases. That is why you should deal with this problem when discovering it. In this case, you can refer some following natural ingredients and solutions for how to reduce cortisol levels in the body. Most of them are found to be effective in dealing with high cortisol levels. They include:

1. Wild Salmon: 

how to reduce cortisol

It is proven that salmon is beneficial for stress hormone levels. Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon can help lower inflammation and oxidative stress, at the same time, reduce cortisol secreation in stressed people. Morever, salmon is also a great source of high quality dietary protein that is very good for your health.

2. Black Tea And Chamomile Tea:

how to reduce cortisol

Although black tea contains caffeine that can increase cortisol, drinking 4 cups of black tea a day for about 6 weeks can help to reduce cortisol levels, according to a study by Andrew Stepeo.

Chamomile is an old remedy for sleep aid that will help reduce cortisol levels. Flavonoids, essential oils, coumarin and other compound in chamomile are very effective in relaxing.

3. Giving Up Caffeine: 

how to reduce cortisol

If you are facing up with high cortisol levels, you should give up drinking the caffeine-rich beverage such as coffee. A study showed that, if amount of 800 mg’s of pre-workout caffeine can cause the increase of cortisol up to 44 % although it can help to make testosterone levels increase by 12 to 19 %. However, if your cortisol level in your body is balanced, caffeine is okie for you.

4. Vitamin C:

how to reduce cortisol

Vitamin C is one of the effective ways for how to reduce cortisol levels in the body. Many researches show that supplementing vitamin C after exercise can help balance the cortisol levels as well as boost recovery.

Adding 1000 to 1500 mg of vitamin C a day can be helpful for lowering the cortisol levels. In addition, you also supplement vitamin C by eating vitamin C-rich foods like oranges, berries…. vitamin C from fresh foods that is always suggested more than typical vitamin C supplements because of no GMO’s.

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5. Getting Up Earlier: 

how to reduce cortisol

Most of us know about the importance of getting up ealier in the morning. The first benefit when getting up earlier is to reduce your morning stress. If you can get up early, you can do many things that are good for your health such as doing exercise, having time for breakfast…. it may be difficult for you at first, but you will be acquainted with it later.

6. Garlic: 

how to reduce cortisol

Garlic has many benefits for our health. It helps provide some anti-inflammatory benefits, as well as speed up testerone and nitric oxide. It also helps to decrease the cortisol levels effectively.

7. Olive Oil: 

how to reduce cortisol

Olive oil with extremely strong anti-inflammatory properties, has become one of the best dietary fats for men. It is very useful for converting cholesterol into testosterone and cardio-protective, good ingredients for our health more easily. Oleuropein, a compound that creates the distinctive taste of olive oil may help lower cortisol levels. There are many ways to supplement olive oil to the body such as mixing or cooking with the other foods.

8. Oats: 

how to reduce cortisol

Oats is a great source of testosterone that is very useful for increasing steroidal saponins in the body. It is also found to increase the serotonin levels in the brain that is known as a good hormone in humans. Serotonin levels increase will help to reduce cortisol levels in the body.

9. Oysters: 

how to reduce cortisol

Oyster is considered as a good food for men. It is very rich in bio-active zinc that can increase testosterone levels in the body as well as decrease cortisol levels. The aphrodisiac effect of oysters is due to its source of bio-active zinc that can help increase testosteron levels.

10. Yoga:

how to reduce cortisol

Yoga is one of the most energizing exercise to relax. Practicing yoga has many benefits to our body such as detoxing the organs, removing the stress, stimulating the release of GAGA, an amino acid counteracting high cortisol evels in your brain.

Practicing yoga exercises before starting a day is a good way for all energizing day.

11. Relaxing:

how to reduce cortisol

You should try relaxing as much as possible by practicing deep breathing, taking a nap. Other ways to relax such as non-strenuous dancing, laughing by watching some funny TV show if stressed are the good ways to reduce cortisol levels in your body.

Sleep is one of the effective ways to relax. You need to sleep at least 8 hours per day. It seems difficult for people with high cortisol problems because one of the cortisol problems is insomnia. Hence, you should try to do everything to stimulate sleep such as wearing blue-light blocking glasses, watching TV show or eating zinc-rich foods in your dinner because zinc is also a substance for reducing cortisol levels.

Here are 11 natural items and solutions for how to reduce cortisol levels that we want to show you. It is sure that you know about the importance of this solution. Hence, you should use these solutions for high cortisol levels. And then, let me know your result you get after using them by leaving your comment on our website. We are always glad to get your contribution.

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