How to cure fibromyalgia pain naturally – 8 techniques

how to cure fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia brings sleeplessness, fatigue and chronic pain, which is difficult for women to control. Because the particular causes of this disease still remain mystery, finding the treatments for this disease has difficulty. Some people find standard treatments, including painkillers, anti-seizure drugs and antidepressants helpful while some ones do not. However, the best solution is recommended by professionals and doctors, is to combine drug treatments with naturally ones.

How To Cure Fibromyalgia Pain Naturally – The Effective Techniques Forever

As I mentioned before, the particular causes of fibromyalgia are still unknown. A possible explanation might be that it is the loss of energy in the cells of the body. Another explanation is that the brain misunderstand the signals of the muscles; therefore causes the pain. The patients with fibromyalgia often suffer from the physical sensitive response to stress because their brain have great activation. When you doubt that the pain you have is resulted from fibromyalgia, please do not ignore. You should immediately make an appointment with the doctor to get diagnosed. The fibromyalgia is unbearable and the pain can vary. You may have different feeling during the day. If not treated, the pain will last for at least three months. And even in some cases, the pain become worse due to stress, anxiety, negative emotions.

how to cure fibromyalgia

So, diagnosing fibromyalgia is difficult because the symptoms of this disease are similar to other disorders such as anxiety disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome, a jaw disorder and myofascial pain. There are various treatments on how to cure fibromyalgia, including standard and national solutions. Several prescription drugs, for example Lyrica, Savella and Cymbalta are recommended to treat fibromyalgia by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, I think you should try natural treatments rather than using drugs because of drug’s downside effects. For instance, lyrica can cause weigh gain, dizziness and drowsiness. Therefore, as the author of, I would like to share with you some useful techniques on how to cure fibromyalgia pain naturally.

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1. Taking A 8-Hour Sleep:

how to cure fibromyalgia

Most parents with fibromyalgia said that they are lack of sleep and feel distressed. It is proven that sleep is the important way to relax the muscles and improve your nervous system. Therefore, taking enough sleep for at least 8 hours a day is considered as the natural treatment on how to cure fibromyalgia. If you have anything that interfere your sleep, you should ask the specialists immediately to treat sleep disorder. You can take 5-Hydroxytryptophan which helps you produce more serotonin and melatonin in order to fall into the deep sleep cycle. Ask the health care provide to take that supplement. Other botanical nervines such as passion flower, valerian and chamomile are also widely used to help people with sleep problem.

2. Vitamin D: 

how to cure fibromyalgia

Although there are a few evident to prove the effectiveness of vitamin D as the way on how to cure fibromyalgia pain naturally, a small clinical study carried out in  the January  2024 suggested that 30 women after 8 week of taking vitamin D supplementation show their improvement on fibromyalgia symptoms. Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin, which is very low in patient suffering from fibromyalgia. Some studies found the link between vitamin D deficiency and fibromyalgia pain while other researchers did not find any association. However, if you are diagnosed with this disease, you still should take more vitamin D than others who do not have fibromyalgia.

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3. Yoga: 

how to cure fibromyalgia

Yoga practice as the natural treatment on how to cure fibromyalgia is proven to effective by many studies. For example, some researches conducted by Oregon Health & Science University found out that yoga can alleviate the fibromyalgia pain. If you want to reduce the unbearable pain, you should take 75-minute yoga twice a week. After 8 weeks, you can see huge improvement.

4. Nutrition: 

how to cure fibromyalgia

I suggest a healthy diet for patients with fibromyalgia. It is important to keep in mind that fresh foods, including fruits, vegetables, protein, can boost your immune system and make the progress on fibromyalgia pain. If you have stress and anxiety, I advise you to take multivitamin and mineral. Your muscle, your nervous systems and your body need these nutrients to survive.

5. Acupuncture: 

how to cure fibromyalgia

In ancient Chinese medical practice, acupuncture is the effective way on how to cure fibromyalgia naturally. Moreover, it will achieve better result if you combine acupuncture with pulsed electric current to treat this disease. This method is called electroacupuncture

6. Massage Therapy:

how to cure fibromyalgia

Another effective pain treatment often used to cure fibromyalgia is massage therapy. Many clinic studies have proved the effects of massage therapy to help any muscle pain. The effects are relieving the tension and boosting relaxation. However, the better results will come if you combine different methods and treatments.  Massage therapy is not likely to be used for long-term fibromyalgia pain.

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7. Meditation:

how to cure fibromyalgia

In order to alleviate the pain, we need to change the way the brain react and respond. So, mediation is the effective technique on how to cure fibromyalgia. Some researchers have demonstrated that this method will relax the body and keep the brain calm. As a result, it helps to heal the body.

8. Tai Chi: 

how to cure fibromyalgia

Asking on how to cure fibromyalgia, the answer is to practise tai chi every day. Tai Chi is well known as the ancient Chinese physical practice, involving slow and gentle motion. It is proven to be effective and helpful. You should take 60- minute tai chi class for 12 weeks, your fibromyalgia symptoms will ease. Moreover with tai chi, people can see the improvement in sleep, quality of life and emotion.

Anyone who has tried a lot of different standard treatments but has not seen any effects, please do not give up. Make an appointment with your doctor to ask him for alternative treatments on how to cure fibromyalgia pain. Regular mediation, yoga, healthy diet, massage therapy and other natural techniques will make you feel better.

These are 8 treatments on how to cure fibromyalgia pain naturally that I would like to introduce to you. I hope that you will find these techniques informative and effective. If you have any question to ask me, please leave it at the end of post. I will answer you all

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