11 Tips & Health Benefits Of Atkins Diet Plan For Internal Health

health benefits of atkins diet

Atkins diet has been developed by the late Dr. Robert C. Atkins have been also known as one of the controversial fad diets. Not only does this diet allow virtually no carbohydrates, especially at the initial stages but it also contains a high content of protein to meet the need of the human body. During the initial period, about 2 weeks, it is quite difficult to take Atkins diet particularly for those who used to have a large consumption of carbohydrate before since then they may have to experience some symptoms like headaches, faintness, dizziness, and nausea because of a sudden drop in carbohydrates. However, this diet is suitable for those who have the thought of fry-up each morning with eggs, sausage, bacon, cheese, and cream that are all low in carbohydrates.
With strict carbohydrate-restricting rules, it is not surprising that there are various benefits of Atkins diet for the whole health. While the initial stage gives a loss weight, the diet then helps maintain the healthy weight. In addition, this diet is also believed to treat some conditions and diseases like headaches, heart disease, cancer, and acne.
At present, VKool would like to show you 11 tips & health benefits of Atkins diet plan for internal health, particularly in dieters. All of the mentioned benefits of this diet are all proved from time to time. For those who have not or suppose to follow this diet, just spend a few minutes reading our article to have more experience!

11 Tips & Health Benefits Of Atkins Diet Plan For Internal Health

1. Lose Weight & Maintain Weight

benefits of atkins diet - lose weight & maintain weight

One of the typical benefits of Atkins diet is aiding in weight loss and weight maintenance, which makes it ideal for dieters in fact. As mentioned above, this diet allows no carbohydrate to absorb into the body and your body then converts available carbohydrates into energy to burn fat as the primary source of energy. In addition, Atkins diet builds a portion control in which there is no overconsumption of steak, bacon, butter, and cheese for a few weeks to lose weight. For dieters on the Atkins diet, they are advised to eat 2 to 4 servings of fat and three about 5- ounce servings of protein daily, which helps them have a weight loss after the first 2 weeks.

Weight maintenance is also one of the benefits of Atkins diet indeed. After an initial period of weight loss, dieters need to get and maintain a healthy weight that is suitable for their height. In fact, Atkins plan helps them to determine a carbohydrate level in which there is no lose and gain weight through the eventual increase in carbohydrates amount you can eat.

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2. Supply Energy

Supplying energy is another of the benefits of Atkins diet for the health. Fortunately, it does not supply energy in the form of carbohydrate and alternatively provides the body with enough protein for normal functioning. In fact, there will be some cases in which the ones on Atkins diet get some abnormal feelings such as fatigue or headaches because of a sudden drop in carbohydrate intake but this is necessary for those who want to lose weight. It may not supply energy as much as the diet you have taken before but it certainly gives you enough energy for daily activities. Therefore, don’t worry about energy deficiency during the Atkins diet!

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3. Aid In Treating Epilepsy

Not only does Atkins diet stimulate the dieters to eat healthy foods with various vitamins and nutritional supplements but it also plays an important role in treating several diseases indeed. A number of studies conducted from 2004 to 2024 agree that Modified Atkins Diet helps relieve the symptoms of epilepsy as well as related seizure disorders in both children and adults. Especially, Atkins diet aids children who have experienced childhood with epilepsy and cannot respond to the required seizure control medications. It is also one of the health benefits of Atkins diet indeed.

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4. Relieve Headaches

Headaches are very common symptoms nowadays also able to occur in anyone. While people are trying to find out some ways to treat this annoying condition, the dieters don’t have to worry because their Atkins diet can help you with this. Among the health benefits of Atkins diet, relieving the symptoms of headaches is a typical one. According to a study conducted in 2024, the patients with a migraine who followed a high-fat but low-carbohydrate diet experienced an improvement from their bad condition indeed beside getting a weight loss. It is the reason why this diet with low carbohydrates is helpful in treating any symptoms of headaches and makes this one of the benefits of Atkins diet for the health.

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5. Reduce Acid Reflux

benefits of atkins diet - reduce acid reflux

For those who often face a problem with digestion, acid reflux may be not a strange condition which also makes people annoyed after eating. According to some case studies, a low-carbohydrate diet including Atkins diet can help reduce acid reflux effectively beside the benefits of losing weight. Acid reflux is caused by typical foods high in fat or food with caffeine but a low-carbohydrate diet is helpful in preventing the condition brought on by these foods. In brief, the Atkins diet with low-carbohydrate brings a good effect on GERD, which is also one of the benefits of Atkins diet for health.

6. Decrease Heart Disease

Decreasing heart disease is another of the benefits of Atkins diet as well.
A number of studies conducted from 2002 to 2024 on the role of low-carbohydrate, particularly for heart disease relief showed that this diet can help remove the risks of heart disease as well as hypertension and stroke in the human body. Atkins diet not only aids in weight loss but it also regulates blood pressure with healthy cholesterol levels in the blood and triglycerides that are all factors related to heart disease indeed.

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7. Prevent Cancer

benefits of atkins diet - prevent cancer

Preventing the risks of cancer is an indirect one of the health benefits of Atkins diet. More clearly, while obesity is a factor related to the risk of some cancers, Atkins diet is naturally low in carbohydrate which means this diet not only aids in losing weight and maintaining their weight loss but it also decreases the risk of certain cancers. A study conducted in 2024 showed that a higher intake of carbohydrates a higher load of dietary glycemic load were the causes of recurrence and mortality of colon cancer in stage 3, which proved that a low-carbohydrate diet like Atkins diet with low glycemic might help improve the survival rates because of colon cancer. In addition, another study conducted in 2024 showed that a low-carbohydrate diet could prevent overweighed women from breast cancer besides decreasing the risks of heart diseases as well as other obesity-related diseases.

8. Treat Acne

Not only treating internal diseases but improving the outlook is also one of the benefits of Atkins diet. More clearly, this diet has a direct association with the skin health in common and treats acne in particular. It has been proved that carbohydrates related to the development of acne with the hypothesis and a low-carbohydrate diet like Atkins diet had a positive effect on the acne treatment as well. It is the reason why treating acne is one of the benefits of Atkins diet for the whole health.

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9. Atkins Diet Suggestion Tips

To take advantage all of the benefits of Atkins diet for the health, it is important to pay attention to some of the tips below. There will be something to do besides something to avoid as follows:

  • Take in enough food because it is necessary to eat enough for a satisfied feeling but don’t eat to repletion.
  • Consume a lot of vegetables that just contain a low level of carbohydrate but various nutrients and fiber essential for digestion and the whole health and eat low-carbohydrate fruits that have to be carefully chosen for an appropriate portion size.
  • Get enough water which aids in digestion and the skin health and avoid drinking too many diet sodas not only because of their artificial sweeteners but also because of their ability to replace needed water in the diet.
  • Try new foods and make different methods of meal preparation and avoid eating too much cheese (just 1 to 2 ounces of cheese is advised per day on the Atkins diet). Constipation can be also caused by the overconsumption of cheese in some people.
  • Pay attention to the labels of each food product to find hidden sugar because high sugar amount or high-fructose corn syrup can sabotage your dieting efforts. Avoid eating too many foods with artificial sweeteners that can contribute to food cravings.

10. Atkins Diet Lifestyle Tips

There are many things to do to get all of the health benefits of Atkins diet including maintaining a good lifestyle. Follows are some tips for a healthy lifestyle along with the Atkins diet for you:

  • Exercise on a regular basis because a low-carbohydrate diet cannot absolutely replace the need of exercising though it helps reduce carbohydrates and burn fat.
  • Get enough sleep as sleep deficiency make it harder to lose weight.
  • Remove stress out of your life as much as possible because it not only makes you quickly older but it also makes you harder to lose weight.
  • Don’t let naysayers interrupt you because there are many detractors of the Atkins Diet but it can be effective to your weight-loss plan on the other hand since then you should make the best efforts to take all the benefits of the Atkins diet.
  • Be patient as your weight-loss plan can take more time than the others, which can be typically 2 months from the start of the Atkins diet and don’t be guilty when refusing the restricted foods in this diet.
  • Pay attention to your clothes and physical energy besides your Atkins diet to get the best benefits of Atkins diet for your health.

11. Health Risks

Besides various benefits of Atkins diet for the health, this diet plan can bring some unexpected side effects.

  • Although this diet concentrates on foods high in protein and low in carbohydrates, its foods can be high in fat as well and too much fat can increase the bad LDL cholesterol in the body causing cardiovascular diseases.
  • Atkins diet can cause discomfort such asheadaches, poor mood, constipation, halitosis, and even dehydration because of the sudden changes in the diet.
  • Those who return to eat foods high in carbohydrates as normal can get a regain of weight lost during the plan even gain more.

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After reading the article on 11 tips & health benefits of Atkins diet plan for internal health in our main Health page, hope that you can know how beneficial this diet plan brings so that consider whether following it or not. Please let us know if you have any question by leaving them below and share with us other benefits of Atkins diet if you really get.

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