18 Benefits Of Baobab Fruits, Powder, & Oil For Entire Health

benefits of baobab fruits

Baobab tree, a kind of plant belonged to Adansonia genus, is ranked on the list of the oldest also the most majestic trees all around the world. Baobab tree appears in some typical areas like Africa, Madagascar, Australia, and somewhere in the South Asia with totally 9 different spices though they are closely related along with very similar characteristics. This massive angiosperm tree has radii over 150 feet and the height of 50 feet on average. The benefits of baobab fruit, as well as its pulp, have been always appreciated because they contain a lot of nutrients and minerals.

All the baobab leaves, fruits, and their powder are actually abused. While baobab leaves are known as a leafy vegetable also sometimes harvested to extract their essential oils, the baobab powder is used as a supplement or as a thickener in some certain culinary recipes and baobab fruit has a tart taste which resembles a coconut. All of these things make it popular not only in natural food products but also in various medicinal uses with a range of health benefits.

At present, VKool.com would like to show you 18 benefits of baobab fruits, powder, and oil for entire health. All of the mentioned benefits relate to the consumption of baobab in the form of fruits, powder, and oil that are helpful for not only the internal health but also for the appearance. For those who don’t know or wonder the benefits of baobab, just spend a few minutes reading our article to have more experience!

18 Benefits Of Baobab Fruits, Powder, And Oil For Entire Health

1. Improve Circulatory Health

benefits of baobab - improve circulatory health

Supporting and improving the circulatory health is known as the first one of the benefits of baobab fruit. It is because of this fruit, also called a super fruit, has a good concentration of minerals including iron that is essential for the blood. More clearly, iron is a very important component in hemoglobin that brings the oxygenated blood to all the organs throughout the human body. As a result, it prevents anemia and supplies the body with a significant energy boost, which encourages you to pick up baobab fruit in any possible forms.

2. Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure

Among various minerals presented in baobab fruit, potassium is also an important one for the human health, particularly for the heart health. This mineral can relieve the strain causing to the cardiovascular system as a vasodilator by dilating the blood arteries and vessels thereby stimulating the blood flow while maintaining the heart in proper functioning. In addition, this lower blood pressure protects the body against heart attacks, stroke, atherosclerosis, and other serious cardiovascular conditions, which is another of the health benefits of baobab fruit.

3. Treat Heart Disease & Varicose Veins

Aiding in the treatment for heart disease and varicose veins is another of the health benefits of baobab. In fact, any foods that supply the body with a lot of vitamin C can all help you maintain a healthy heart as well as a healthy cardiovascular system. The benefits of vitamin C for the heart health has been proved by a study before that the participants taking a vitamin C supplement of 500 milligrams a day for 2 months had a 24% drop in the level of plasma C-reactive protein. Moreover, the C-reactive protein levels are considered as an excellent measure for heart disease risk even more potential than cholesterol levels.

Venous insufficiency and varicose veins are 2 typical conditions of cardiovascular problems that can be sometimes reduced by the addition of foods rich in vitamin C, for example, baobab fruit powder to the diet. More clearly, this vitamin is necessary for the manufacturing procedure of collagen and elastin that are connective tissues keeping veins toned and strong and boost the circulation throughout the body. This is the reason why the lack of vitamin C directly relates to varicose veins indeed. Moreover, it is highly appreciated if consuming vitamin C along with vitamin E which may bring better result.  Therefore, remember to add an adequate amount of vitamin E to the baobab pulp powder making a smoothie to get a healthy food for your heart and cardiovascular system.

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4. Prevent Chronic Disease

benefits of baobab - prevent chronic disease

Nowadays, the risks of chronic diseases gradually increase partly because of the lower food hygiene, so people are now paying more attention to their diet, especially finding foods beneficial for their health. And to prevent the risks or decrease the symptoms of chronic disease, it is advised to consume the foods high in antioxidants. You may hear much about the benefits of antioxidants that present much in vegetables and fruits including baobab fruit for the health. In fact, they are free radical-neutralizing compounds. According to the scientific inspection, baobab fruit has a good amount of oxygen radicals, which proves it to be high in antioxidant level. Therefore, this fruit, among the health benefits of baobab fruit, helps prevent various chronic diseases such as some forms of cancer caused by free radicals.

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5. Deal With Gastrointestinal Issues 

Dealing with gastrointestinal issues is another of the health benefits of baobab fruit. Not only does baobab fruit be rich in minerals but it is also a good source of fiber including both the soluble and insoluble fiber that gives gastrointestinal aid for generations. More clearly, the 2 types of dietary fiber help optimize the digestive process and decrease the inflammation in the gut or they are doing wonders for the system in other words. Moreover, the dietary fiber presented in baobab fruit is very beneficial in regulating insulin and glucose levels in the blood while lowering the bad cholesterol thereby boosting the heart health. Besides fiber, baobab fruit contains other certain prebiotic properties that help optimize digestion and increase the healthy bacteria levels in your gut.

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6. Improve Immune System

Among the health benefits of baobab fruit, improving the immune system is a typical one. Similar to other fruits, baobab is also very rich in vitamin C that plays an important role in boosting the immune system by giving better protection to the whole body, especially preventing and relieving inflammation and infection. More clearly, it fights off the foreign pathogens thereby stimulating this system as an antioxidant behavior.

7. Relieve Inflammation

Not only vitamin C but there are also other anti-inflammatory compounds presented in the baobab fruit that can aid in a range of conditions such as injuries, pains, stomach upset, acne, and respiratory conditions. And by decreasing inflammation in the body, the immune system may concentrate on more important missions like foreign bodies and eradicating pathogens.

8. Benefits Of Baobab Fruit For Skin


Similar to many other fruits, Baobab fruits are also very helpful in improving the skin health, which directly relates to the existence of vitamin C, the basis of an anti-wrinkle diet. This vitamin that is derived from foods and even dietary supplements stimulates the process of collagen and elastin formation thereby giving the skin effective support and elasticity.

Not only does Baobab fruit be a rich source of vitamin C but it also possesses strong antioxidant properties, as mentioned above, so that the benefits of baobab on the skin is boosted. While some types of fruits like orange, kiwifruit, apple, or strawberry contain less than 1 milligram per each 100 gram, baobab fruit has up to 11.11 milligrams of antioxidants, which means this fruit is even better than some fruits that are always famous for their benefits for the skin. In fact, antioxidants play a role in neutralizing free radicals, molecules, and unstable atoms that cause certain cellular damages thereby increasing the risks of serious diseases like cancer and other signs of skin like wrinkles and fine lines. For those, especially women, who want to improve their skin health, it is advised to consume baobab fruit or its powder to get better results.

Support Liver Health

While the liver plays a very important role in detoxifying toxic substances like metabolic wastes and removing them out of the body, it cannot function properly in an unhealthy condition. As you know, a high touch with the toxins like alcohol, cigarette smoke, chemicals, and other dangerous substances can lead to the liver damage, fatty liver thus limiting its detoxifying capabilities. Therefore, it is necessary to take in many foods as well as additional supplements that help the liver back on track and baobab fruit is really a good one.

A study conducted to test the capability of protecting the liver against damages of some substances including baobab indicated that its water- based extract has significant protective effects on this aspect. The potential benefits of baobab extract for the liver come from the presence of beta-sitosterol, beta-amyrin palmitate, triterpenoids, and ursolic acid. Therefore, everyone should consume baobab in any forms to receive a good liver health.

9. Benefits Of Baobab Powder For Weight Loss

Being overweighed is always a problem of human, both the men and women indeed. While they are trying to participate in exercising as much as possible, they also have to plan a proper diet that is low in fat and sugar but high in vitamins and minerals and able to provide enough energy. It is advised to add a large amount of vitamin C to the diet for a weight loss that can be found in various vegetables and fruits including baobab fruit and its powder as mentioned above. In fact, The existence of vitamin C in the body can enhance the process of burning fat during a workout and you can find how effective it is when adding this vitamin to your vitamin C-low diet at present. A study conducted in United State indicated that people with a high blood concentration of vitamin C lost 25% more fat than the others with adequate or low vitamin C during a 60-minite walk. The reason why vitamin C is necessary for the weight loss is that it associates with the production of carnitine, known as a compound encouraging the body to transform fat into fuel instead of storing it as body fat.

About the benefits of baobab for overweighted and obese people, this fruit may be beneficial because it gives effects on glycemic response and starch digestion. A study published in 2024 indicated that baking a white bread with an addition of baobab extract at 1.88% concentration considerably decreased digestible starch in compared to the only white bread samples. In addition, the baobab fruit’s extract could significantly lower the glycemic response when both slowly consumed, 18.5 grams for example, and highly consumed, 37 grams for instance, in 250 milliliters of water and white bread. It is because a meal triggering a low glycemic response helps reduce appetite and cravings and regulate the fat-storing hormone insulin thereby promoting the weight loss.

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10. Boost Bone Strength

benefits of baobab - boost bone strength

The bone strength always receives the attention of the human, particularly the older because their bone becomes gradually weaker along with the time gone. To maintain healthy bone strength, it is important to consume foods that can provide the bone with enough minerals and nutrients, especially calcium and magnesium. Fortunately, the dried baobab powder is very rich in various minerals including the 2 important minerals for the bone health. If you are troubled with the loss of mineral density in the bone as you age even already suffering from some bad conditions as the results of the age-related degradation, you should add a baobab supplement to your daily diet which helps keep your bones always strong and durable despite the age.

11.  Benefits Of Baobab Oil For Massaging

Baobab oil is extracted from the seeds of baobab tree that are regularly called an upside down tree as it looks like growing roots upwards. The baobab oil is rather viscous but silky feel and rich in nutrients with a mild aroma. In fact, it is much used in various cosmetic applications as an excellent moisturizer even added to the raw state of cosmetic products among a few natural oils.

The first one of the benefits of baobab oil is its application to a massage. This oil can be used to massage the skin in order to make it smoother and silky besides making massaging process easily facilitated. That means baobab oil is helpful for the dry and damaged skin or in other words, it aids in restructuring and healing the skin. By this way, the baobab oil helps heal the dry skin patches by quickly absorbing into the skin. Nevertheless, it cannot leave the skin actually dry due to its non-siccative property.

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12. Treat Stretch Marks

Another of the benefits of baobab oil is treating stretch marks, which makes it known as a nice home remedy for this skin problem. It is quite easy to use baobab oil by applying it on the areas that are affected by stretch marks on a regular basis to reduce their appearance and depth on the skin. More clearly, the baobab oil encourages the synthesis process of collagen and elastin under the skin which plays a role in healing the stretch marks. In addition, this oil can be used to relieve the wound scars such as post surgical scars.

13. Moisture Skin

Moisturizing the skin is another of the benefits of baobab oil. It is advised to apply a bit of baobab oil for the skin after a shower, which helps lock the moisture to stay on the skin. Because the oil may be absorbed, you will get a nongreasy feeling after a few minutes. In fact, it is also added it to some moisturizing lotions to improve its effectiveness.
Not only does baobab oil be applied to the skin but it is also used for chapped lips, which makes it a natural lotion for dry lips. Similar to coconut oil, baobab oil should be taken in a small amount to the lips in order to remove out the chapped-lip condition.

14. Condition Hair

benefits of baobab - condition hair

It may be not strange to apply natural oils to hair to condition it after thorough washing and baobab is also one of them. After being gently heated, it is applied to the scalp making a hot oil conditioning. You then cover your hair with a shower cap within a few hours before washing it off. By this way, your hair will be softer and more noticeably silky even its volume will be significantly increased. In addition, the application of this oil to the hair helps protect it against any damages caused by the sun or free radicals that make the hair separated, frizzy, and damaged.

15. Care Nails

Aiding in caring nails is the next one of the benefits of baobab oil. By soaking your hands and feet into this oil, they will be softer and easier to take care of. In addition, baobab oil is also helpful for mild ingrown toenails because the nail may become soft even easy to pull out. Your nails, as a result, can avoid unwanted breakage effectively.

16. Give Dental Care

Among various health benefits of baobab oils, giving dental care is included. This oil has been used to heal inflamed and swollen gums by directly massaging it on the gums, which protects them against inflammation.

17. Final Note

Besides a wide range of benefits of baobab fruit, powder, and oil for the health, it is advised to pay more attention to the consumption of baobab in any forms. For example, there will be sometimes baobab oil is extremely concentrated which should be taken in control and moderation. In addition, you should consume the baobab powder supplements as directed because of its concentrations of organic compounds, nutrients, and other substances that can also irritate the body in some certain ways. In conclusion, it is advised to consult a trained medical professional before making any important changes to your daily intake indeed.

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After reading the article on 18 benefits of baobab fruits, powder, and oil for entire health in our main Health page, hope that you can see how well the baobab tree can supply to your health so that you then add it to your daily diet in any of its forms. Please let us know if you have any question by leaving them below and share with us other health benefits of baobab if you know or experience.

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