Benefits Of Walnuts For Health And Skin

benefits of walnuts

Walnuts are in the nut family, along with cashews, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, pecans, macadamia nuts, pistachios and pine nuts. There exist about 30 various types of walnuts. The 3 popular verities that are grown for commercial purpose are the Persian walnut (English walnut or Juglans regia), the butternut walnut (white walnut or Juglans cinerea) and the Black walnut (or Juglans nigra). Commercially, walnuts are cultivated in different countries including the USA, Romania, Turkey, China and France.

Extracted walnut oil has been used as carrier oil or base in aromatherapy and in medicine. Just ¼ cup of the nut can provide over 100% of the requested value of omega-3 fatty acid, along with high amounts of biotin, molybdenum, copper and manganese. For these great nutritional values, walnuts are very beneficial for your health and beauty. In this article on VKool site in the line of Nutrition, you will discover more information about benefits of walnuts for health and skin. Check out and consider consuming more walnut for your overall health!

14 Benefits Of Walnuts For Health And Skin That Amaze You

1. Help You Sleep

benefits of walnuts

Walnuts can help improve your sleep, as they are rich in the melatonin hormone, which works to induce and regulate sleep. This hormone actually makes walnuts a delicious bedtime or evening snack to improve your sleep. So, just enjoy a handful of walnuts before bedtime for your better sleep as well as improved health related to your sleep.

2. Boost Sperm Quality In Men

benefits of walnuts

Men is recommended eating walnuts for boosting sperm quality as well as improving reproductive health in men. According to a research from the UCLA, eating about 2.5 ounces of this type of nut daily can help in improving semen quality; and eating about 75 g of walnuts daily can help improve motility, morphology of sperm and vitality in men aged 20 – 35.

3. Make Your Skin Glow

benefits of walnuts

When it comes to benefits of walnuts, they are also very beneficial for skin. Walnuts are high in antioxidants and B-vitamins so that they can help prevent the skin from free radicals, fine lines, wrinkles and slow down aging. Hence, if you want to achieve a young and glowing skin long into your age, consume walnuts!

4. Keep Dementia At Bay

benefits of walnuts

Next to benefits of walnuts for health, eating this type of nut daily can ward off dementia effectively. In the study, the scientist, Dr. Abha Chauhan from the New York Institute revealed that mice that were deprived of walnuts experienced a dramatic loss in memory, learning, emotional and physical control. According to the findings, flavanoids and vitamin E in walnuts can help in destroying harmful free radicals causing dementia.  Besides, walnuts are also scientifically proven to prevent Alzheimer’s. Keep reading to know how walnuts can help keep the brain healthy in the tip below!

5. Prevent Pancreatic Cancer

benefits of walnuts

A new study from the Nurses’ Health Study has shown that consumption of walnuts is inversely linked to risk of pancreatic cancer. The researchers in the study looked at the connection between the walnut consumption with the risk of pancreatic cancer in 75,680 women, with no history of cancer. It’s observed that those who ate a 1-ounce serving of walnuts 2 or more times a week experienced a reduced risk of pancreatic cancer in comparison with women who abstained from nuts.

6. Help You Live Longer

benefits of walnuts

It is believed that by consuming about a handful of walnuts thrice a week can help you live longer. In this study, the scientists found that walnut can lower the risk of death from different cancers by about 40% and reduce the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases by about 55%. General speaking, nut eaters in the study shown a 39% lesser risk of dying and walnut eaters reduced 45% of the threat.

7. Great For Pregnant Women

benefits of walnuts

Besides benefits of walnuts for cancer, women should also consume this type of nut more often.

Pregnant women, who have a diet high in fatty acids as what found in walnuts may lower chances of suffering from food allergies in the baby, say researchers. The study also found that if the diet of a mother-to-be contains a group of polyunsaturated fatty acids, the gut of baby may develop differently. The polyunsaturated fatty acids are thought to boost immune cells of the gut respond to harmful bacteria and substances that make the baby reduce the risk of allergies.

8. Lower The Risk Of Breast Cancer

benefits of walnuts

Next to benefits of walnuts for another cancer, this is breast cancer in women. The researchers from the Marshall University indicated that a daily moderate dose of walnuts (2 ounces/day) can help reduce the formation of breast cancer tumors. The researchers studied mice from their mother, through the conception and also through life. Then, they compared the mice given walnuts to mice that were fed a regular diet. The results showed that the group of mice whose diet had walnut at the 2 stages grew breast cancer less than 1/2 the rate of mouse group with a typical diet.  Additionally, the tumor number and the sizes of tumors were smaller.

9. Good For Heart

benefits of walnuts

Walnuts are rich in l-arginine that offers vascular benefits to those with heart disease, and cardiac risk factors.

If you suffer from herpes, you may just want to limit or avoid walnuts, because high levels of arginine in walnuts may deplete lysine that triggers your herpes recurrences.

When it comes to benefits of walnuts for heart, walnuts are known as a natural source of omega-3 fat ALA. This acid is anti-inflammatory and can prevent the growth of pathological blood clots. Scientific studies show that those who follow a diet rich in ALA reduce the risk of fatal heart attacks and achieve approximately 50% the risks of sudden cardiac death.

10. Help Combat Free Radicals

benefits of walnuts

Walnuts are rich in rare & powerful antioxidants so that they are very beneficial for combating free radicals causing diseases and aging.

In concrete, these antioxidants include the quinone juglone, the flavonol morin and the tannin tellimagrandin.

Besides, a research has proven that polyphenols in walnuts may aid in preventing chemically-induced liver damage.

Nuts in general are rich in polyphenol antioxidants. By binding to lipoproteins, these antioxidants can inhibit the oxidative processes, leading to atherosclerosis. In some supplementation studies, nuts have been also proven to improve lipid profile, boost endothelial function as well as reduce inflammation without causing fat or weight gain.

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11. Aid In Controlling Weight

benefits of walnuts

Now, let’s take a closer look at benefits of walnuts for weight control! It is said that walnut can help you maintain your healthy weight. In a report, those whose meals added nuts successfully lost about 1.4 pounds of their excessive weight and ½ inch from the waist. Also, eating walnuts is linked to increased satiety after 3 days.

12. Good For Brain

benefits of walnuts

Walnuts have a lot of neuroprotective compounds, like vitamin E, melatonin, folate, antioxidants and omega-3 fats. Researches show that regular consumption of walnuts can support brain health; also increase inferential reasoning in adults.

Another study indicated that eating antioxidant-rich foods like walnuts can help lower enhanced vulnerability to stress occurring in aging, also help increase health span, and enhance cognitive function in aging.

13. Treat Diabetes

benefits of walnuts

For those who suffer from diabetes, consider adding walnuts to their diets. The healthy fat in walnuts has been proven to enhance metabolic parameters in those with type II diabetes. In a study, obese adults with diabetes who consumed 1/4 cup of walnuts a day experienced significant reductions in their insulin levels in comparison with people who did not. Especially, the benefits of walnuts were achieved so fast, in just 1/3 months.

14. Help You Deal With Stress

benefits of walnuts

If you are stressed now, have a handful of walnuts and then you will feel better. A diet high in walnuts oil and walnuts are beneficial to help you cope with stress effectively. A research from the College Of Nutrition, America found that both walnut oil and walnut lowered blood pressure and resting blood pressure response to stress. Additionally, a dietary change can also help the body better respond to various stressful situations.

Bottom line:

These are top 14 benefits of walnuts for health and skin. Hope that you will love this type of nut more and add them to your diet for your overall better health. For any feedback on the writing, feel free to leave your comment at the end of the post!

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