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If you’ve been reading about weight loss pills, you’ve come across a lot of claims from companies that promise their product will burn off fat, boost your metabolism, and give you quick results. These people are promising a lot, and if you’re not paying attention, they can seem pretty legit. We’ve decided to investigate one of these recent diet pills and see if it’s all they say it is. What you’ll learn, though, is that appearances can be deceiving.

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Zantrex-3 Overview

Zantrex-3 is a pill designed to help you burn fat more quickly. It consists of a formula of natural herbal extracts that are intended to increase your energy and give you rapid weight loss. Each bottle contains 84 pills, so at a rate of two capsules a day, a bottle should last about a month and a half. (42 days). According to the product’s main information, you’re supposed to take it “in conjunction with” some sort of exercise regimen, and so this leads us to believe the product isn’t supposed to work on its own.

Zantrex-3 is made by Zoller Laboratories, LLC, a company based in Utah that seems to make only Zantrex and a handful of fat-burning products like it. We did some research on this company and found out that, far from being a spotless company, they’ve been the subject of legal action. In 2024, Zoller Laboratories was sued in a class-action lawsuit where people claimed the company had misled customers about the effectiveness of their product, and that the levels of caffeine are “dangerous.” The trial appears to be ongoing.

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Zantrex-3 Claims

The people behind Zantrex-3 say that these pills give you “extreme energy” and cause you to burn off fat quicker than the competition. By taking these pills (together with diet an exercise) you’re supposed to see the pounds melt away and be more toned and trim than ever before, and in a short amount of time, too. How much faster is this product supposed to be? “546% more” they say.

But how did they get to that number? Apparently they compared the average weight loss per week that other products like Hydroxycut and Lipozene claim (based on their own in-house trials) and compared it to Zantrex-3’s own trial. Since we don’t know how authentic or sound the results of any of these experiments were, we’re cautious in accepting this claim.

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Zantrex-3 Ingredients

This product has a lot of ingredients Here’s a selection of the main active ones:

  • Yerba Mate
  • Asian Ginseng
  • Guarana
  • Green tea
  • Kola
  • Black tea
  • Trimethylxanthine

Asian Ginseng is an herb that’s used in traditional herbal medicine as a way to increase both stamina and energy, as well as reduce recovery time after workouts. Maca is a plant known for its effect on hormone regulation. Green tea is supposed to be an ingredient that boosts weight loss, but we’ll look at that claim in the next section.

Black tea, guarana, and cola nut all contain high amounts of caffeine, which can make you want to be more active, but can also affect the heart rate and cause side effects like insomnia, paranoia, and shakiness. Trimethylxanthine is another word for pure caffeine.

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The Science Behind Zantrex-3

While this product claims its ingredient burn fat faster, we don’t actually see any ingredients that specifically burn fat. Instead, what we see is an herbal product that contains multiple sources of caffeine. While caffeine can give you more energy (one of their claims about the product) it can also cause the above-listed side effects, and so you need to be careful. The company even warns that this product has high amounts of caffeine and you shouldn’t take any other products containing it.

Even if maca and the Asian ginseng could help, we don’t know how much of them is in this, since it’s a proprietary blend, making it hard to gauge if there’s enough of these for the product to work.

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Word on the Street About Zantrex-3

We’ve seen a mix of responses to Zantrex-3. On the one hand, some people liked their results, saying that “as long as you work out, it works!” and “they curb my appetite.” Others said that the product “gave me energy” – but we didn’t see anyone say that it burned off fat, like it promises.

Others didn’t like the product, saying that they “got light-headed and sick” and that it has “awful side effects.” Other customers said “you have to be careful with this stuff” and that “it gave me energy at first, but then I started feeling nauseous and sick.

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Is Zantrex-3 Worth Trying?

We wouldn’t advise people take Zantrex-3. Why? Well first of all, the company that makes it is currently undergoing a class-action lawsuit alleging that their pills are a fraud. Secondly, the ingredients leave a lot to be desired: they seem to mostly be ingredients that contain caffeine, with no ingredients that have been shown to “burn fat” like the product says it can. Moreover, the levels of caffeine are so high that they’re mentioned as a part of the lawsuit we mentioned earlier.

Some customers like it, but they don’t make any claims about it burning fat. Other dislike it and say it has terrible side effects.

What more do you need? You’re better off with a product that doesn’t make you sick.

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Zantrex-3 vs Hydroxycut

These products make similar promises. Both claim to burn fat and make you lose weight faster, as well as give you more energy. Both contain herbs and caffeine, but Hydroxycut contains a calcium supplement as well (and much less caffeine). Hydroxycut also has a better web presence, with an app, workout videos, and recipes, while Zantrex-3 is just a pill. As far as we know, only Zantrex-3 is caught up in a lawsuit at the moment. You can buy both at places like Walmart.

Zantrex-3 vs Zantrex Black

These products have different names, so we expected them to be quite different. Turns out they’re nearly identical. Both are supposed to burn fat, both are supposed to increase your energy. Zantrex Black is supposed to improve your mood as well, which Zantrex-3 doesn’t claim.

However, the ingredients in these products are identical – with the exception of Zantrex Black’s .5g of protein. Other than that, same active ingredients, same amounts. Despite having the same ingredients, Zantrex Black’s claims are bolder, bigger, and more extreme for some reason.

Zantrex-3 vs Xenadrine

These are both weight loss capsules that are supposed to burn fat and make you fitter. Both contain herbal extracts, although Xenadrine contains more vitamin supplements in its formula. Xenadrine also claims to help you absorb food nutrients better, which Zantrex-3 doesn’t. Zantrex-3 is slightly cheaper at around $29.99 per bottle, while Xenadrine costs around $38 per bottle. Xenadrine’s bottles only last a month, though, while Zantrex-3 last for around a month and a half.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Zantrex-3 produce results?
    Customers have reported that it made them more energetic, but we didn’t see any claiming that it made them lose weight faster.
  2. What ingredients are in Zantrex-3?
    Niacin, Yerba Mate, Guarana, Trimethylxanthine, Damiana, Green Tea, Kola, Schizonepeta, Black Pepper, Rhodiola, Asian Ginseng, Maca, Cacao, Black Tea.
  3. What about Zantrex-3 Black?
    That’s a separate product (Zantrex Black) but it’s nearly identical.
  4. Are there before and after pictures from users of Zantrex-3?
    There might be in some weight loss forums.
  5. What about Zantrex-3 Red bottle reviews?
    You might find those at Walmart or Lucky Vitamin.
  6. Can I get Zantrex-3 at Walmart?
  7. How do Zantrex-3 Red bottle and Blue bottle compare?
    The red bottle is the “Fat-Burner” version that contains a slightly different formula, including kelp, fennel, and citrus.
  8. How is the caffeine content of Zantrex-3?
    Around 300mg per serving.

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So What Really Works?

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