Natural Health Benefits Of Honey For Skin, Hair And Body

Do you want to know more about natural health benefits of honey for skin, hair and body? Recently, made a writing of top 20 health benefits of honey and proper ways to use it effectively and safely. This writing is a collection of top simple and easy tips to use honey properly for beauty and better health from reliable sources. However, this writing is not intended to give medical advice, so make sure that you will consult with your medical practitioner before following some of honey recipes presented in this article.

Top 20 Natural Health Benefits Of Honey For Skin, Hair & Body

1. Digestive Support 

health benefits of honey

Fresh lemon juice and honey help to remove toxins from the stomach. If you dinner too much or eat saturated, greasy foods on the previous day, this drink will help you cleanse your stomach.

Lemons contain minerals and vitamins that help the liver produce bile to support your digestive system. Warm lemon water is good for intestinal contractions and recommended by the American Cancer Society.

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2. Detoxifying, Diuretic Drin

health benefits of honey

This drink is not only beneficial for the digestive system, it is also known as a diuretic drug. It helps the urinary system be clean and healthy.

3. The Fresh Breath 

health benefits of honey

This is the most natural drink that helps deodorize the mouth after a long night’s sleep. Warm honey and lemon will not only bring you fresh feeling in the morning, but at the same time it also helps kill harmful bacteria in the oral cavity.

4. Smooth Skin 

health benefits of honey
This honey drink helps skin secrete less oil and prevent acne. Using a mixture of warm water, honey, and lemon juice regularly will make skin be nice and smooth.

5. Strengthen The Immune System 

health benefits of honey

Honey helps enhance the immune system and it is a good remedy for the prevention of colds, especially in the cold season. Not only by lemon and honey have antibacterial properties, they also contain antioxidants and vitamin C that are good for the body. Time to use a mixture of warm water, lemon, and honey is best in the morning, the moment before eating or before brushing.

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6. Improve Performance Of Athletes 

health benefits of honey

There are many studies that demonstrate that honey is like an ergogenic that works to increase the performance of athletes. Eating honey can help you restore glycogen, muscle health recovery and keep blood sugar levels controlled after exercise. Specifically, honey adjusts the energy consumption of the body and keeps insulin at the controlled level.

7. Effective For Skin Care 

health benefits of honey

Honey is nectar extracted from flowers, containing 80% sugar and many other minerals. You will find calcium, iron, phosphorus, and magnesium amino acid in honey. Honey is also rich in vitamins B and C, so it becomes a good ingredient in the skin cream lotion. Even in raw honey applied to the skin is also beneficial for the skin.

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8. Help Lose Weight Effectively 

health benefits of honey

Honey contains many more calories than sugar, but honey is dissolved in hot water, it will help burn fat. So, for those who want to remove fat from the body, they can drink warm water mixed with honey and lemon.

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9. Provide Abundant Energy Source 

health benefits of honey

Each tablespoon of honey contains about 64 calories and it helps honey to be a source of healthy energy. Meanwhile, each tablespoon of sugar only contains 15 calories. Carbohydrates in honey are converted into glucose easily. Honey is a natural substance, which is easier to digest than sugar.

10. Relieve Throat Irritation 

health benefits of honey

Honey is highly effective in curing sore throat due to coughing. One study demonstrated a dose of honey has equivalent effect with a dose of dextromethorphan. If drink honey before going to bed, the patient will reduce cough and sleep better.

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11. Healing The Wounds 

health benefits of honey

For a long time, honey has been used to treat external wounds. People often use a mixture of honey and silver sulfadiazine. Honey has anti-bacterial properties, dries sugar, so it is very effective in healing wounds.

12. Glycemic Control

health benefits of honey

Honey contains sugar, but it is not like white sugar that you use every day. Thanks to the combination of glucose and fructose, honey easily controls your blood sugar. With low levels of hypoglycemic index in a certain amount of honey, honey becomes the ideal choice for using as a sweetener without worrying about the risk of increased blood sugar levels.

13. Cure Stomach Pain 

health benefits of honey

Honey mixed with turmeric powder black (weldable), turmeric (to heat) can cure stomach ulcers. Ready to eat in 1-2 months will give good results. Another way to cure stomach pain with honey: 1 tablespoon honey + lemon juice + warm water, drink before eating when treating stomach pain.

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14. Easy To Sleep 

health benefits of honey

The evening before bedtime stir 2-3 tablespoons of honey in a glass of warm milk and drink slowly. This will help you sleep very quickly and deeply. Many people use this method instead of sleeping pills because it has a very good effect without any side effect.

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15. Help Skin Glow, Appetite And Deep Sleep 

health benefits of honey

Use regularly for adults and children over 1 ½ years old:

  • Take 2 tablespoons of honey mixed with warm water that is not too hot and not too cold, and then drink in the morning before eating anything into the stomach (best time is about 10-15 minutes after the breakfast)
  • Mark honey with egg yolk, eat an egg a day will help skin glow and healthy (can be added to the wine, making a scrumptious honey egg wine).
  • Mix honey with ventricle powder and eat a cup each meal. This will help recover health after illness.

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16. Antibacterial & Antiseptic Properties 

health benefits of honey

In modern science, the scientists have found beneficial effects of honey on curing chronic wounds. However, it should be noted that there are many health benefits of honey that have not been confirmed and still need scientific research to confirm.

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17. Acid Reflux Treatment 

health benefits of honey

Professor Mahantayya.V.Math, from MGM Medical College, Kamothe, Navi Mumbai, India, explained on the British Medical Journal that because the viscous level of honey is more 125.9 times than water at 37 degrees C (the body temperature), honey may be useful in preventing GERD (gastroesophageal reflux).

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18. Effects Of Gastroenteritis In Infant 

health benefits of honey

E. Haffejee and A.Moosa reported in the British Medical Journal that a clinical study in which they used honey in oral rehydration solution in children and infants with gastroenteritis.

With two purposes:

  • To determine the effect of honey to the time of acute diarrhea
  • Estimating honey to replace sugar in rehydration solution

They found that honey helps to shorten the time of bacterial diarrhea in infants and young children, and it can be safe as a substitute for glucose in the oral electrolyte solution for rehydration.

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19. Honey To Treat Allergies 

health benefits of honey

There are a number of studies that have shown that honey may be useful in reducing seasonal allergies. The Guardian reported that honey even “beat cough pills” mitigate and reduce the frequency of cough.

A placebo-controlled study of 36 people with eye allergies, found that participants treated with honey respond better than those who received placebo. However, 1/3 of them feedbacks that eating one tablespoon of honey every day made them uncomfortable due to its sweet taste.

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20. Healing Burns 

health benefits of honey

There have been a number of cases showed positive effects of honey in burn treatment. Hurlburt, a patient with diabetes shared that she was recurring cellulitis and staph infection, and she tried taking antibiotics for months, but did not alleviate the symptoms. Doctor of Hulburt, Jennifer Eddy at Eau Claire clinic, have advised her to try the honey treatment. Immediately after using the honey, she began to feel better. Hulburt said she thought, “It’s really different. It’s a lot better than having to take antibiotics.”

To see all of our writings about side effects and health benefits of honey and other foods, and ways to use them properly, go to our main Nutrition page. After reading the writing of top 20 natural health benefits of honey for skin, hair and body, hope that this writing helps you understand more about honey, side effects as well as its benefits on health and beauty. However, it is solely for the informational purpose and it is not intended to give medical advice. If you have any question, or you know other health benefits of honey, please leave them below.

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