Top 29 Worst Foods To Eat Before Bed & Suggestions For Bedtime Snack

When bedtime comes, we tend to feel hungry and have some cravings for snacks. We usually think that it is ok and healthy. However, you do not know that they can give you some troubles in sleeping and you even do not know that your sleep disorder happens due to this reason.

I.  Worst Foods To Eat Before Bed – Top 29 Worst Foods Ever:

You should know that the foods you eat before bed can affect the quality of your sleep greatly. I really understand that it is very difficult for everyone to go to bed without eating anything when you are starving. Actually, having a snack before sleeping is not a shame, but you should know what the worst foods to eat before bed are to avoid and make other smart choices for your need. Read on to learn about some of the worst foods to eat before bed and make sure that you can avoid these stuff anyway.

1. Fruit Salad:

Fruit Salad

The first out of the worst foods to eat before bedI want you to avoid is fruit salad. If you just start to think that fruitswerea safe selection for anytime in the day, you will be surprised to know that theyare actually not. Certain fruits, such as cranberries, watermelon, and citrus act as diuretics, meaning that they force your urinating system works more frequently. Certain vegetables like eggplant, asparagus, onions and celery have the same influence. Therefore, eating these fruits before bed means that you will find it very hard to fallasleep and get a goodnight’s sleep as wanted.

2. Soup:


A nice soup steaming hot bowl seems as soothing as a pot of tea. It can be very good for you and your stomach as long as you do notover-eat it, especially late at night.

In particular, canned soup contains a lot of salt and preservatives, even if they are labeled “low sodium.” That salt dehydrates you and rises your body’s temperature. Therefore, you will wake up aching for a drink. This is also one of the worst foods to eat before bed everyone should avoid at all costs.

3. Salsa:


If you are having a terrible craving for spicy foods, you may reach for the classic pairing of salsa or chips. Nevertheless, the spiciness of this food will make your stomach upset throughout all night long as it is “dancing”. The salsa’s acidity will also lead to acid reflux, and the chemicals which are found in spicy foods, including salsa will boost your senses.

4. Diet Soda:

worst foods to eat before bed - diet soda

If you are going to eat, you will want to drink as well, don’t you? You just need toensure that you will not drink diet soda or even regular soda because they are jam-packed with caffeine and sugar, which will not let the sleepiness come to you. In addition, a lot of researchersdiscovered that people who drink at least 2 sodas every day will get higher risk of weight gain than others.

5. Garlic Bread:

Garlic Bread

Carbs are not the single thing that keeps you up at night, garlic can also do this. Garlics, such asthose contained in spicy foods, have compounds which can lead to acid refluxand heartburn. Therefore, if you want toprevent your stomach from being upset, as well as to stay away fromhaving bad breath,you should never eat garlic late at night.

6. Beef Rib-Eye:

Beef Rib-Eye

If you are a fan of tasty, fatty red meat cuts, it is a bad news. It will take a long period of time for your digestive system to digest the cuts, meaning that your stomach will be forced to wake up at midnight and active while you are really want to sleep and your body is ready to get relaxation after a hard working day. Red meats also provide us with an amino acid named“tyrosine”, which triggers the activity of our brain. Therefore, not just your stomachwill be active, but your brain will also have to be active as well, meaning that the goodnight’s sleep will come late to you, or more terrible, it cannot at all, and you will stay awake until the sun rises. Meanwhile, beef rib-eye is very fatty, so you should never reach for this food late at night to promote our stomach function.

7. High Protein Meals:

High Protein Meals

While this may surprise you, researches have shown that consuming a meal which is high in protein before bedtime can directly lead to sleep disturbances or disorders. Digestion will obviously slowdown when you are sleeping. Therefore, bulking up with a lot of protein at dinner will force your digestive system to “deny” the sleep to deal with the high-protein dinner, which will finally wake your body up at night. For good, you shouldensure that you include vegetables and carbohydrates alongside protein at dinner to get a balanced, healthy meal, and then, welcome a good night’s sleep.

8. Spicy Foods:

Spicy Foods

In fact, spicy foods are the worst foods to eat before bed. Not only spicy foods can lead to heartburn, but researches have shown that these foods can also disturb your sleep by increasing the body’s temperature while core temperature, normally, decrease when it comes closer to bedtime. This can negatively interfere your sleep and wake you up during the night. Therefore, if you really love spicy foods, you should spend them foryour lunch, and for dinner, it is a smart choice for you to consume mild-flavored favorite foods.

9. Fatty Foods:

Fatty Foods

Eating a meal which contains a large amount of fat right before bedtime can make your natural sleep cycle imbalanced and lead to sleepiness more frequently throughout the day. To make sure that you will have a good night’s sleep, you should better opt for whole grains, lean proteins, and vegetables when the dinner comes.

10. Chicken:


The first out of the worst foods to eat before bed that I want to list out here is chicken meat. Protein in chicken will be counterproductive if you consume this food at night right before going to bed. Human digestion is supposed to slow by 50% while you are sleeping. However, if you eat too much protein, your digestion system will work even slower.
Meanwhile, your body will focus on digesting instead of focusing on sleeping, causing some digestive problems and even sleep disorders.

11. Indian Curry: 

Indian curry

This cannot blame on Indian foods themselves but the heavy spices they contain– they totally can wake you up at night. Spices can also cause heartburn.
A research conducted in Australia discovered that young men who poured mustard and Tabasco sauce on their dinner experience less deep sleep and have more trouble falling asleep than those who ate blander suppers.

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