Health Benefits Of Garlic To The Human Body

benefits of garlic

Garlic has been considered as a natural remedy which has been used in order to treat many ailments. It can be found in most countries and you can consume garlic no matter if it is cooked or fresh. Most of the time, people will include garlic in their food but you can still eat it alone. Besides being a yummy addition to hundreds cooked dishes, no one can deny its amazing effect as garlic offers many wonderful health benefits that are going to enhance your everyday life as well as treat many different ailments. You are going to learn the health benefits of garlic in order to apply to your daily life in this article.

Benefits Of Garlic To Human Body’s Health

1. Contain A Low Number Of Calories

It is cannot be denied that garlic is extremely nutritious yet it has very few calories. More specifically, a serving (28 grams) or garlic has:

  • Manganese.
  • Vitamin C.
  • Selenium.
  • Vitamin B6.
  • Fiber
  • Good amounts of Copper, Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Vitamin B1 and Iron.
  • 42 calories, 9 grams of carbs and 1.8 grams of protein.

Moreover, garlic also contains many other nutrients that are necessary for our bodies. As a matter of fact, everything we need in order to maintain good health is contained in garlic.

2. Helps Beat Back Cold And Flus

helps beat back cold and flus download

Everyone knows that one of benefits of garlic supplementation is its special ability in boosting your immune system to make it function properly. In fact, a study has shown that if you consume garlic supplement every day, you will have the chance to reduce the number of flus by about 63%, compared with placebo. Moreover, the average duration of symptoms caused by the colds are also decreased by 70%. Also, if you consume a high dose of garlic extract, which is about 2.56 grams each day, you can significantly decrease the numbers of days that you get sick by about 61%. Therefore, if you are weak and you tend to get cold easily, it is necessary to add garlic to your daily meals in order to effectively prevent and cure the flus.

3. Reduce Blood Pressure

reduce blood pressure

Ones of the world’s most hated killers are cardiovascular diseases, such as strokes and heart attacks. You may have known that hypertension, or high blood pressure, is one of the biggest causes of these dangerous and fatal diseases.

However, the good news is that many studies have proven that you can help people with high blood pressure to substantially reduce their blood pressure by consuming garlic supplementation. In fact, garlic can be just as effective as Atenolol at decreasing blood pressure. Nonetheless, the garlic supplement doses are supposed to be high in order to achieve the mentioned effects.

4. Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease

reduce the risk of heart disease download

It is necessary to know that garlic has the power of lowering the LDL and Total cholesterol. For those people who have a high level of cholesterol, garlic supplementation can help reduce it by about 15%. Also, if we compare between the LDL and HDL cholesterol, it is clear to see that garlic lowers LDL yet do not have any obvious effect on HDL, which is a good thing. However, triglyceride levels, known as another risk factor that causes heart disease, is not affected by garlic.

5. Help Avoid Alzheimer’s Disease As Well As Dementia

help avoid alzheimer’s disease as well as dementia download

Do you know that the aging process is contributed by the oxidative damage that you get from free radicals? This is when garlic comes in handy since it contains a high amount of antioxidants which will help your body fight against oxidative damage. In fact, if you consume high doses of garlic supplementation, you will be able to produce more antioxidant enzymes as well as substantially decrease the oxidative stress if you have high blood pressure.

Since garlic has the power of decreasing cholesterol level as well as lowering blood pressure, not to mention its incredible antioxidant properties, garlic has the ability to help you avoid some common brain diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

6. Extend Your Lifespan

extend your lifespan

Despite the fact that it is impossible to prove benefits of garlic on our life expectancy, it is obvious that garlic can help you live longer due to its beneficial effects on some crucial risk factors such as cholesterol levels or blood pressure.

Moreover, it is also important to note that garlic can help you fight some infectious diseases because they are the common causes that lead to death, especially among elderly people or those who have dysfunctional immune systems.

7. Improve Your Physical Performance

improve your physical performance download

Do you know that garlic is one of the earliest tools that help enhance your physical performance? In fact, in the mast, it was used in order to reduce fatigue as well as improve the work capacity of workers. Moreover, it was even administered to Olympic athletes in the history of Greece. It has been shown in many studies that you will be able to improve your physical performance by consuming garlic. More notably, those with heart disease who had garlic oil for about 2 months experienced a significant reduction in peak heart rate of 12% as well as enhanced exercise capacity.

8. Help Get Rid Of Heavy Metals In Our Bodies

help get rid of heavy metals in our bodies download

If you take high doses of garlic supplementation, you will be able to protect your organs against damage caused by heavy metal toxicity thanks to the sulfur compounds contained in garlic. As a matter of fact, a study that was conducted in 4 weeks did a research on the employees of a car battery plant, who usually exposed to a high amount of lead, and they found out that those who took garlic supplementation had a reduction of lead levels in their blood by 19%. Moreover, garlic can help you reduce several clinical signs of toxicity, such as blood pressure and headaches.

9. Strengthen Your Bone

strengthen your bone

Despite the fact that no studies have shown obvious effects of garlic on our bone health, some rodent studies have proven that you can minimize bone loss by eating garlic since it increases the estrogen level in female.

Moreover, a study found out that if menopausal women consume a dose of dry garlic extract every day, they will have the chance to substantially reduce a marker of estrogen deficiency. This means that it is possible that garlic has some good effects on women’s bone health. In addition, it has been shown that garlic and onions bring about many health benefits on osteoarthritis.

10. Fits In Most Diets And Tastes Good

fits in most diets and tastes good download

Last but not least, it cannot be denied that garlic is a very easy ingredient that can be included in most diets. It makes most savory dishes taste better, such as sauces and soups. You can even add a hint to bland recipes thanks to its strong taste. You can find garlic in many forms, from smooth paste and whole cloves to supplements and powders, such as garlic oil or garlic extract. In order to achieve some therapeutic effects, the recommended dose is one clove each meals, from 2 to 3 times a day. Nonetheless, remember that besides incredible health benefits of garlic that it brings about, there are some downsides to it, including bad breath. Not to mention the fact that there are many people who are allergic to garlic.

In case you are suffering from a bleeding disorder or having to take blood thinning medications, it is highly recommended that you consult with your doctor first before starting to increase the daily garlic consumption.

fits in most diets and tastes good download

Moreover, keep in mind that you can only achieve the results of the active compound allicin if you crush or cleave garlic when it is still raw. Those health effects will be gone if you cook garlic before crushing it. Therefore, it is the best that you eat garlic in its raw form or cleave or crush it then wait for a while before cooking it or adding it to the recipes.

Many people like to use a garlic press to press some cloves of raw garlic and then mix them with some olive oil along with a hint of salt. This is indeed a healthy as well as delicious dressing for your meals.

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