9 Ways On How To Prevent Gangrene In Diabetes From Spreading

how to prevent gangrene from spreading

Gangrene is quite a serious condition which occurs as the body tissues die. The cause of this condition is the loss of blood provision because of an infection, an underlying illness or injury before. Gangrene can give outside affects to the fingers, toes, or even limbs and also the inside ones to the body organs and muscles thereby causing unexpected damages. There are e types of gangrene known as dry gangrene and wet gangrene which are both harmful to the body. That means it is important to find out the ways on how to prevent gangrene by yourself.

The main cause of gangrene is the improper functioning of blood flow that not only transports required oxygen and nutrients to the whole body but also delivers disease-fighting antibodies in order to protect the body from infection. If the blood fails to travel throughout the body freely, the body cells cannot survive and the infection may develop which causes the death of the body tissue. And there are other conditions possible to increase the risks of gangrene such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, obesity, smoking, peripheral arterial disease, trauma and serious injury, and Raynaud’s phenomenon, a condition causing the vessels narrowed.

It is time now for Vkool.com to show you 9 ways on how to prevent gangrene in diabetes from spreading at home. All of the suggested ways are effective, suitable, and quite simple to follow. For those who suspect the risks of this condition, spend a little time reading our article to know more useful ways to prevent it well.

9 Ways On How To Prevent Gangrene In Diabetes From Spreading

1. Foot Care

how to prevent gangrene - foot care

Foot care is known as the first way on how to prevent gangrene at home.
If you are suffering from diabetes or other long-term conditions causing atherosclerosis that is the thickening or hardening of the arteries, you should take more care of your feet immediately.

For those who have diabetes, having the feet checked once a year is highly recommended. Nevertheless, you should carry out more frequent check-ups in case you suffer from additional risk factors like long-term foot ulcers or peripheral neuropathy, the numbness in the feet and hands.

There are some tips for the ways on how to prevent gangrene when a diabetic foot ulcer develops as follows:

  • Don’t walk on barefoot and wear shoes without socks.
  • Wear the pairs of shoes that fit comfortably without squeezing and rubbing, otherwise, ulcers and nail problems, or corns and calluses can be caused.
  • Use warm water to wash the feet daily then remember to dry them thoroughly, especially between the toes.
  • Check the feet regularly for some problems like pain and swelling, discoloration, numbness, or breaks in the skin then report your problems to the GP if necessary.
  • Avoid using chemical preparations for ingrown toenails or corns and calluses and contact a specialist in foot care to get more advice instead.

In addition, for those who have had foot ulcers for a long time, wearing specially designed orthopedic or therapeutic shoes is suggested to restrict further ulcers development. In fact, your podiatrist will provide you with specially designed footwear or recommend a stockist suitable for you.

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2. Proper Diet

how to prevent gangrene - proper diet

Maintaining a proper diet is another way on how to prevent gangrene at home. It is because an unhealthy diet with a high level of fat can exacerbate existing atherosclerosis and raise the risks of having gangrene. Because fatty foods contain a high level of cholesterol, that continuing to consume this kind of food can cause more fatty plaques existing in the arteries.

When there are 2 types of fat known as saturated and unsaturated fat, it is necessary to avoid foods that contain saturated one as they may increase the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood.

The list of foods rich in saturated fat includes cakes and biscuits, sausages, butter, ghee (especially in Indian cooking), cream, hard cheese, lard, food with palm oil or coconut oil, meat pies, and fatty cuts of meat.

In addition, in the process on how to prevent gangrene, you should increase the consumption of vegetables and fruits, milk without fats, dishes made from fish and beef, and enough amount of meat without meat.

Finally, hydration is very important on the way how to prevent gangrene. When the human body is made up of approximately 70% water that helps the organ systems function properly, boost fluid balance and circulation, control blood pressure, and increase the immunity, it is necessary to supply water to the body on a regular basis. And if you have had a wound which becomes infected, in short, you should stay hydrated as well.

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3. Stop Smoking

how to prevent gangrene - stop smoking

Smoking is considered as one of the main causes of diseases related to arteries because it makes the arteries blocked thereby leading a decrease in blood supply to the arms or legs, which is called peripheral arterial disease (PAD). As a result, stopping smoking is known as an effective way on how to prevent gangrene by oneself.

If you decide to give up smoking, you can use necessary stop smoking service or take in proper medication that is prescribed by your GP. If you find the help from a stop smoking service, you will be provided with the best ways to stop smoking effectively. But if you do not want to keep giving up smoking associated with any services, the medical treatment is better for you to support any withdrawal symptoms. In case you find so difficult to stop smoking, you should make yourself busy all the time and carry out this process gradually with the help from around people.

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4. Alcohol Decrease

When drinking a lot of alcohol, the risks of high blood pressure and the level of cholesterol in the blood will be significantly increased. Therefore, it is suggested to limit the consumption of alcohol as a way on how to prevent gangrene at home.

In fact, a proper consumption of alcohol is limited 3 to 4 units for men and 2 to3 units for women.  Meanwhile, a unit of alcohol equals to 1/2 a standard wine glass, ½ a pint of strength lager, or a pub measure of spirits.

It is not compulsory to give up alcohol from the daily diet but you should decrease its consumption as much as possible.

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5. Exercise Practice

Along with a healthy and well-balanced diet, maintaining regular exercise is a good way to keep the blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels at a stable and healthy level. This helps prevent the blood vessels from being damaged indeed and known as one way on how to prevent gangrene.

You can do exercises on your own or follow the advice of your doctor. By anyways, you should carry out at least 150 minutes a week with moderately intense physical exercise. You can go on fast walking, swimming, playing tennis, or cycling around hills or just on the level ground.

This kind of exercise is very beneficial in any supporting the heart and breathing rate. In addition, it makes you sweat while being able to keep a normal conversation.

It is necessary to maintain physical activities for a long term, thus, you should choose any activities that you enjoy so that you will continue doing them. Doing exercise requires the patience in the process achieving a good health and a firm body. It is impossible to meet some exercise targets immediately, so instead you should start and build up suitable exercise gradually over time.

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6. Weight Loss

how to prevent gangrene - weight loss

Similar to keep on doing exercise and proper diet to lower the blood pressure and cholesterol levels, losing weight is also helpful for this purpose. And if you reach an ideal weight that is suitable for your height, you can keep a good health and symmetrical body which supports you in the process how to prevent gangrene effectively. According to the studies before, an ideal weight loss program consists of daily exercise at least 30 minutes and smaller portions of foods with only healthy snacks between meals. And 0.5kh of weight loss a week is highly recommended.

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7. Echinacea

Echinacea has been known as one of the best remedies for the immune disorders for a long time. It is because Echinacea helps relieve pain and inflammation, particularly for wounds and infected areas on the skin and extremities. And due to the ability to eliminate swelling and improve the elimination of pathogens, Echinacea is really effective on the way to prevent gangrene.

8. Some Of Healthy Foods

The most important thing is to remember that gangrene is caused by the extreme infections and the lack of essential blood to all the damaged tissues. But if you are able to clear up the infection, it is easier to handle the rest of these issues. For example, you can consume cayenne pepper as a great immune system booster that also helps alleviate inflammation preventing the blood flow.

Another food beneficial for the immune system is Butcher’s broom, a common herb in the medicine cabinet, so it also aids in preventing gangrene. In fact, Butcher’s broom is naturally anti-inflammatory and helpful in improving the blood circulation that is known as a problem with gangrene.

For those who are finding the way on how to prevent gangrene, protein-rich foods are highly appreciated. It is because the growth and recovery of cells need protein to supply to the body so that the new cells will be built while the existing cells will be powered to function properly. There are some good sources of protein such as chicken, pork,  turkey, eggs, yogurt, and pistachio nuts. In addition, beans are considered as rich-protein food that helps improve the metabolism and the function of immune system. Therefore, if you are suffering from an infected wound that cannot receive enough blood flow, beans are highly suggested to speed the healing process and increase the blood flow thereby preventing gangrene.

On the other hand, on the process how to prevent gangrene, you should avoid consuming soy in any forms. Although consuming products made up of soy are always believed to be healthy options, it is advised to avoid them when you are fending off an infection or recovering from an injury. Moreover, soy has been indicated to promote the development of gangrene because of its impact on the hormonal levels.

9. Some Words Of Warning

In fact, gangrene can appear in many forms and move quickly, and it is absolutely possible to have an amputation even death when this condition occurs. As a result, although all of these ways on how to prevent gangrene are effective at home, you should also seek formal medical attention, especially when the gangrene has become a serious and potentially lethal state.

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After reading our article on 9 ways on how to prevent gangrene in diabetes from spreading in our main How to page, hope that you can find out more ways to restrict the risks of this serious condition on your own. Please let us know if you have any question or concern about gangrene by leaving comments below and feel free to share with us if you know other ways to prevent gangrene effectively.

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