Top 10 Reasons To Quit Smoking Cigarettes

top 10 reasons to quit smoking

Nowadays, smoking is less acceptable in society. Most shopping malls, workplaces, stores, and theaters prohibit smoking.

Law to ban smoking is enacted by many government entities from all public places, including restaurants and bars. However, this bad habit is still popular in society despite this law.

Almost people begin smoking when they are teens, and by the time they become adulthood, it will make them get addicted. There are various reasons to know why they smoke. They may begin because of their curiosity, a desire to look mature and older or join in a group or even to rebel.

They may also smoke due to being influenced by their parents or they smoke as a way to decrease stress as well as feel more comfortable. In a few countries like the US, the impact of media and advertising is waning because of the restriction of governments; however, it still continues in various areas in the world.

Smoking kills more people than substance abuse, traffic accidents, and infectious diseases.

There are approximately 600 ingredients contained in cigarettes which when burned will create over 7000 chemicals. When smoking, there are many harmful chemicals released such as tar, nicotine, hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide, arsenic, formaldehyde, lead, ammonia, butane, benzene, toluene, hexamine, cadmium, and lots more.

These harmful chemicals affect not only the smoker but also people exposing to the secondhand smoke.

It is very difficult to break this habit. Even when you reduce to smoke cigarettes, you will begin to come into a phase of withdrawal and suffer from a variety of signs such as fatigue, headaches, nicotine cravings, and irritability.

However, there are several reasons to quit smoking. Not the least of these reasons are to improve your health as well as to save your money. Today, in this writing, will introduce top 10 reasons to quit smoking cigarettes. This article listed the reasons why you should give up smoking from reliable sources. However, it is for the informational purpose. Keep following this writing to get more information!

Top 10 Reasons To Quit Smoking Cigarettes You Should Know

1. Increase The Chance Of Getting Lung Cancer

reasons to quit smoking - increase the chance of getting lung cancer

Smoking cigarette is the main factor causing lung cancer. In fact, in the US, 90 percentages of patients having lung cancer are the result of smoking.

According to a report published in 2024, between the risk of lung cancer and tobacco smoking has a strong relationship. People who do not smoke also have the risk of lung cancer; however, smokers are almost thrice more likely to have it. Besides, women smoking have the high chance of getting lung cancer more than men.

Therefore, at any age, avoiding secondhand smoke or giving up smoking may reduce the risk of lung cancer significantly.

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2. Accelerate The Aging Process

reasons to quit smoking - accelerate the aging process

Besides increasing the risk of lung cancer, smoking may also stimulate the normal skin aging process, which contributes to causing sagging skin, premature wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines. Skin ageing not only affects the face skin but also changes other parts of the body.

The nicotine contained in cigarettes will narrow the blood vessels, making less blood flow to your skin outermost layers. Because of reducing the blood flow, the skin will lack oxygen and vital nutrients like vitamin A.

In addition, smoking also decreases the production of collagen which gives skin its youthful look and firmness. Plus, this collagen also releases some certain enzymes degrading the connective tissue of your skin and alters the cellular turnover rate.

Accelerating the skin aging can happen after you smoke for only 10 years. So, if you began smoking recently, take a look at your skin and appearance and try to give up as soon as possible.

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3. Promote Mental Decline

reasons to quit smoking - promote mental decline

Both female and male smokers, with a family history of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, or not, suffer from a mental decline in the later years of their life.

Cigarettes have nicotine that is very harmful to your brain and promotes the begin of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia compared to those who don’t smoke.

Additionally, smokers have a risk of depression, schizophrenia, or anxiety disorders more than non-smokers.

A research reported that middle-aged men smoking suffered from cognitive decline and reduced executive function faster than those who never smoked. Besides, among smokers giving up smoking for 10 years, it had no side effect on cognitive decline.

Hence, it is not late for you to give up smoking before you forget in which you keep the cigarettes.

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4. Doubles Chance of Getting Rheumatoid Arthritis

reasons to quit smoking - doubles chance of getting rheumatoid arthritis

A study in 2001 found that smoking regularly is strongly related to RA (rheumatoid arthritis), even in those with no family history of this condition.

The chance of getting RA is nearly double for those smoking, which compared to non-smokers. In addition, smoking is also the main factor causing bone fractures and osteoporosis.

The blood of smokers contains more shared epitope (a sequence of the gene encoding protein), which is one of the main genetic factors associated with RA. Moreover, smoking will decrease the effect of drugs that are prescribed to cure the problem.

To protect the bones as well as eliminate the factor causing osteoporosis or RA, immediately quit smoking.

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5. Risk of A Stroke Triples

reasons to quit smoking - risk of a stroke triples

Another of top 10 reasons to quit smoking is the ability to increase the risk of stroke triples. Cigarettes have nicotine along with various toxic chemicals significantly increasing the chance of getting strokes and heart disease.

When smoking, harmful chemicals will come into your lungs and then your blood, which changes and damages cells throughout the body. This may block the blood flowing from the carotid artery to your brain and thereby leading to a stroke.

In fact, a stroke may cause partial blindness, paralysis, poor speech and motor skills or even cause death.

It is proven that if you smoke much, the risk of a stroke will be higher. Smokers may suffer from a stroke 3 times as much as non-smokers.

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6. Inhibit The Wound Healing Process

reasons to quit smoking - inhibit the wound healing process

Besides causing several diseases, smoking can also affect to the healing process as it contributes to making difficulties in curing bone fractures and surgical wounds.

The cigarette smoke contains several compounds such as tar, nicotine, hydrogen cyanide, nitric oxide, aromatic amines, and carbon monoxide. All of these harmful compounds will inhibit the healing process through the effects of hypoxia, anoxia, enzymatic system toxicity, and vasoconstriction.

It is reported that smoking restricts the healing process of ligament after you have a ligament-repair surgery. Smoking triggers decreased macrophage response causing a decreased or delayed healing response.

The chance of getting complications from several fractures not healing and surgical wounds doubles for smokers. Smoking destroys bone cells, white blood cells, and red blood cells, which are very necessary for the healing process. This can result in blood clots, infections in the wound, and tissue scarring.

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7. Increase The Risk Of AMD

reasons to quit smoking - increase the risk of amd

People smoking have more chances of getting vision diseases, even vision loss due to AMD (age-related macular degeneration) than non-smokers.

Many researchers show a risk of increasing AMD in people who do not smoke but exposing to the secondhand smoke. Plus, smoking also increases the chance of getting glaucoma, cataracts, dry eye syndrome, and diabetic retinopathy.

Smoking contains ammonia, formaldehyde, and arsenic. When all these chemicals move through your bloodstream and then reach your eyes’ delicate tissues, they will destroy the retinal cell structure.

Moreover, cigarettes contain tar leading to the deposit formation in your retina, which in turn, forms the macular degeneration.

By giving up smoking, you may surely reduce the risk of AMD and own the good eyesight for many years.

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8. Lead To Low Fertility

reasons to quit smoking - lead to low fertility

Two of the common reasons causing infertility in both women and men are to smoke and to expose to the secondhand smoke too much.

It is proven that smoking has the ability to destroy a number of somatic cells and germ in developing embryos as well as men’s sperm.

In women, smoking will decrease the amount of oestrogen that their body produces and then cause fertility. In fact, women smoking have fewer chances to conceive than non-smokers.

Besides, female smokers may suffer from a miscarriage or have babies with many health problems. Moreover, smoking can lead to ovulation conditions, damage the reproductive organs, contribute to premature menopause, and damage your eggs.

You should stop smoking immediately to raise your chances of having babies.

9. Cause Type-2 Diabetes

reasons to quit smoking - cause type-2 diabetes

It is found that smoking is related to an increased chance of getting Type 2 diabetes. It can lead to insulin resistance which is a precursor of diabetes.

Besides, smoking also has a tendency to deteriorate the metabolism of glucose, which may cause the begin of Type 2 diabetes.

A research published in 2024 found that exposing to smoke in a passive way and smoking in an active way are independently and positively related to the chance of having Type 2 diabetes in females.

Additionally, women smoking during pregnancy have the high chance of getting gestational diabetes and their baby also has a high chance of developing diabetes in the future.

Because diabetes can cause more complications about health, it is better for you to give up smoking to ease the risk of developing this condition.

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10.  Cause Respiratory Problems

reasons to quit smoking - cause respiratory problems

Because of causing many health problems relating to respiratory such as tuberculosis (TB), asthma, and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), it is considered one of the main reasons to quit smoking. Both passive and active smokers have the higher chance of getting respiratory diseases than usual. Parental smoking causes asthma conditions among children and makes these conditions more serious. While smoking tobacco may cause an attack or make it worse.

Smoking will damage your airways along with the alveoli (small air sacs) in your lungs. In addition, the harmful chemicals contained in cigarette smoke may even destroy the minute hairs in your upper airways.

In addition, the smoke also has carbon monoxide, entering your bloodstream and then reduces the ability to transfer oxygen. This may encourage the phlegm production and make you breathe harder.

To maintain your healthy lungs and keep respiratory problems at bay, the best way is to give up smoking.

Well, look at the negative effects of smoking; ensure that you will want to quit this habit. Now, you firstly build up the willpower and followed by look for a professional help and your family support as well as home remedies to assist in giving up smoking.

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If you want to know more information about other healthy lifestyles, please go to visit our main Lifestyle page. After reading the writing about top 10 reasons to quit smoking cigarettes, hope that it can help you to know why you should give up this habit. If you have any question related to any problem, please leave your comments below, I will respond you soon.  Also, if you know other reasons to quit smoking, please share them with us.

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