Benefits Of Reading Books Regularly

benefits of reading books

In a school, we may call some people who are interested in reading books bookworms. We may not like them or see that they are boring people with a boring hobby. We may not know why they can spend hours reading a printed book quietly. However, there are a lot of benefits of reading books that you do not know. Teachers and professors always recommend reading books. They said that it is better than spend hours watching television or playing games.

In order to create the comfort and convenience for people reading books, e-books are introduced and now become more and more popular. With e-books, more people reach books despite their busy work and repeated daily activities. With a smartphone or iPad that can have internet access, you can download or read a book online whenever and wherever. You can read books on your road when you are waiting. You can read the book at the office after work is done completely. You can read books before bedtime. However, in spite of the appearance of internet and e-books, the printed real books do not disappear. In fact, many people keep reading it when they have their free time. They can also bring a small book with them to read it when they have a break. This is because, for many people, all the convenience of reading online, digital downloads does not bring them the great joy of reading good, old-fashioned books. It is estimated that up to eighty-eight percent of American people who can access to e-books still continue to read printed ones.

Benefits of Reading Books Regularly – The Power Of Reading That You Should Know

Nothing is great than the smell of old books and the joy of turning next pages of the book. If you have a good interesting book, you do not lose your energy or feel tired when reading from the front page to the end. It turns out that there are many benefits of reading books regularly toward your spirit, your health, and happiness. Both e-books and printed books have their own power to make you become an intelligent people. Here are the top reasons why you should read a book. If you concern, please read this article on to know more.

1. Make Readers Intelligent:

benefits of reading - make readers intelligent

The first benefits of reading books are increasing intelligence. According to Dr. Seuss, books give you the knowledge about everything on the plane. Opening an interesting book, you are able to go to any places you want through a book. You can have a great opportunity to travel a whole world of knowledge. Nothing is greater than opening your mind with a good and interesting book. Therefore, it is recommended starting to read books from a very young age. When we were children, our parents and teachers always encouraged us to read a book weekly instead of spending too much time on television or video games.  This is because they know the benefits of reading books regularly in the children. According to a study conducted by the University of California, Berkeley, when children read books, they are get exposed to 50 percent more words, compared with others who spend the same time on television. Therefore, we can say that reading a book is a great way for children to learn new vocabulary. The more vocabulary they learn through books, the higher score they get on reading tests. Moreover, children who build a good habit of reading books are likely to get the better scores on a test of intelligence. We always see that children who have stronger reading skills at the young age are more intelligent later in their life.

If you want to maintain a fast speed of reading, you should choose a traditional book. The research found out that reading book on a screen can decrease the speed of reading by about 20 to 30 percent.

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2. Boost Your Brain Power And Function:

benefits of reading - boost your brain power and function

Benefits of reading books regularly include not only making you smart but also boost your brain power. Jogging is an exercise for the healthy cardiovascular system while reading is an excellent work out for the memory capacity of your brain. It is recommended building a habit of reading books regularly in order to keep the best memory. The aging process is evitable. When we age, not only the aging signs such as wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots appear on my skin but also brain function and memory decline significantly. It is the reason why the old are more vulnerable to Alzheimer’s and dementia, the diseases associated with a decrease in the memory capacity. Fortunately, there are many natural solutions and home remedies that can help us to slow down the aging process. In addition to a healthy diet with good foods for the brain, reading a book can also improve the brain power and function. A research published in Neurology found out that reading good books can strengthen our minds and boosting its power. Furthermore, according to The Huffington Post, brain exercise may reduce the risk of mental decline by 32 percent.

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3. Make Us More Empathetic:

benefits of reading - make us more empathetic

Spending too much time indoor to play games may make people become selfish. Unlike other useless activities, reading books make us more empathetic. When we read a literary fiction, many characters come out the pages. We are able to understand their emotions and thoughts. Many researchers showed that books make us relate to other people well. This impact is more clear and significant when we compare readers of literary fiction with others who are keen on nonfiction. According to Emanuele Castano and David Comer Kidd, understanding people thoughts, emotions as well as mental states is the crucial skill in human society where we need to build a strong complex social relationship with others.

4. Make You Understand What You Read:

benefits of reading - make you understand what you read

Both e-books and printed books have their own benefits. However, if you want to understand and remember what you are reading, you should choose a real book rather than e-books. Reading a printed book give you the feel of paper pages under your fingertips, the smell of the old book, and the real feeling of holding a book. As a result, your brain receives some context and gives you a deeper understanding as well as better comprehension about the subjects and content of the book you are reading. Therefore, in order to reap the benefits of reading books, you had better choose a real book with physical pages.

5. Lower Risk Of Alzheimer’s Disease:

benefits of reading - lower risk of alzheimer’s disease

Reading makes your brain work out; therefore, reading books is considered as a good exercise for the brain. According to a plenty of recent researches and studies on human, brain activities such as chess, puzzles and reading can reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s by 2.5 times. Reading, chess, and puzzles are more stimulating activities for the brain. It helps to boost the brain function, power and increase the memory capacity. Therefore, reading can slow down the aging process and improve Alzheimer’s disease. If people do not practice physical exercise, their body becomes weaker and it is easy for them to suffer from many health problems. Like physical exercise, reading books is needed for the brain. Studies showed that inactivity may increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s as well as other mental diseases. It is recommended a reading book when you have the free time. Children should read books to become more intelligent and sympathy. The old should read books to exercise the brain, improve memory and keep Alzheimer’s disease at bay.

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6. Relax:

benefits of reading - relax

Reading books can help you relax after a long day. It is also one of the benefits of reading book, which sounds appealing and interesting. It is great to lie on your bed, flip pages of a good book while drinking a little red wine before sleeping. According to a study conducted by Sussex University researchers in 2024, reading books may help to reduce stress and anxiety by approximate 68 percent. Whatever the book you choose to read, traveling deeply inside a book may help you to escape the existing stresses and worries of every day and explore the imaginative world of the author, said neuropsychologist David Lewis in The Telegraph.

7. Help You Sleep Better:

benefits of reading - help you sleep better

If you experience sleepless or feel it difficult to fall asleep, reading a book before bedtime is a natural solution. It is also one of the benefits of reading books. Scientists always recommend reading a book before bedtime as a good bedtime ritual. Reading gives your body and your brain the signal of winding down and going to sleep. Relaxing is always a good effective solution that keeps you fall asleep. And as I mentioned above, reading is an excellent relaxing way. You should read a book rather than spend time in front of TV. Studies found out that watching television or using telephone before sleep can distract you from sleep. Screens such as tablets and e-readers can affect your sleep and make you awake longer. According to a research published in Pediatrics, fifty-four percent of children watching television before sleep may have 20 fewer minutes of sleep, compared with other children who do not watch television.

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8. Reading Books Is Contagious:

benefits of reading - reading books is contagious

Even though your children may feel that reading books is boring activities and they are not interested in it. You can encourage your children to start reading by reading a book out loud at home. This is because reading books are contagious. It is recommended the reading book for kids during their elementary school years to inspire them to read frequently for fun later in their life. When children are familiar with it and become interested in books, you can stop reading out loud and let your children read by their own.

9. Boost Stronger Analytical Thinking Skills:

benefits of reading - boost stronger analytical thinking skills

The benefits of reading book regularly also include improvement in analytical thinking skills. It is right for mystery novels. When you read an amazing mystery novel, you may feel curious. Finishing the book is the only way to solve your curiosity and the mystery. It is recommended writing all the details of the book in a note and sort them properly. It is an exercise for analytical and critical thinking skills. Maybe you can guess the result before finishing the book.

For the mystery novel, a plot is very important. You should determine whether the plot is well written, whether characters are developed logically and whether the storyline runs smoothly.

Reading a mystery book also give you the opportunity to discuss the book with other your friends. People have different opinions. You should state it clearly.

10. Improve Concentration:

benefits of reading - improve concentration

In the modern life, people are busier. Attention is easily distracted when we have to perform multi-task every day. On average, a normal person needs to divide his time for working, checking email and chatting with groups of people through skype, gchat, facebook or yahoo. They also use a smartphone, see information on twitter and talk with co-workers at the office. All these tasks are performed within 5 minutes at work. As a result, it decreases the concentration, levels up stress and reduces our productivity. It is important for you to improve the concentration and keep us from being distracted from surrounding.

Reading books is a great way to improve concentration. When you read, you need to focus on the story and immerse yourself in the plot and details of the story. Reading books for 30 minutes before work can help you to reap this benefit.

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11. Improve Writing Skill: 

benefits of reading - improve writing skill

Reading books help you not only get the higher score on reading tests but also improve writing skill by expanding your vocabulary. When you are exposed to a well-established written book, you can learn the fluidity, cadence, and writing styles of the writer.

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12. Build Tranquility:

benefits of reading - build tranquility

After a long day of work, if you want to find an inner world of tranquility and peace, reading book is highly recommended. Depending on your aim and the benefits of reading you want, there are different types of book you can choose to read. For example, if you want to reduce stress and find the calm in mind, spiritual texts are a great choice for you. If you suffer from certain mild mental illnesses or mood disorders, reading self-help books can give you a relief.

There is also another thing for you to do after reading this list of the best benefits of reading books regularly – spend time reading another writing that also talk about the same topic – the

List Of Tips On How To Increase Reading Comprehension Skills In Adults. This article is the comprehensive gathering of tips that will help people promote and perfect their reading skills within a very short period of time. All tips and tricks revealed in this article are combined by several people who got success in reading skill improvement thanks to them. If you are among people who want to improve reading skill, then you should not miss this recommended article.

These are 12 benefits of reading books regularly contained in the article today. Do you change your mind after reading this article? Do you find the reading book interesting? If you think that this article would be useful for both you and other people you know who are also looking for ways to improve their reading skill fast, feel free to share this article with them and make use together. If you have any questions to ask, please feel free to leave your comments bellow. We will answer as soon as possible.

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