The Novel Writing Academy Review – Will Julie’s Guide Useful?

the novel writing academy

How To Write A Novel – Author’s Claims

The Novel Writing Academy is a program that contains detailed instructions about plot building, scene writing, character development, and coaching, and more for helping users write, publish, and then market their novel that can guide all people on how to write a novel. Besides, the author claims that Novel Writing Academy is designed to providing support, the instruction, tools, and coaching that users need to be a successful writer.

how to write a novel

In addition, this program will give users the tutorials as well as support, which are available to them here is more beneficial than any other program they have seen or tried. Furthermore, the program is not only a collection of articles about writing, or bits as well as pieces of interesting stuff. The program is known as a step-by-step program, which users can follow with ease to write, publish and sell their novel. In addition, the author stresses that the program is not a hobby site where users can post their writing as well as allow other people to comment because it is a site for serious members who want to be successful.

How To Write A Novel – About The Author: Julie Coan

Julie Coan is the developer of this program, and she also is a writer, a successful female entrepreneur. This Woman worked as a marketer and writer for 22 years. If people have any question about Novel Writing Academy, people can visit at NovelWritingAcademy [at] hotmail dot com

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How To Write A Novel – How Novel Writing Academy Works

The Novel Writing Academy program covers 7 instruction modules that show all writers on how to write a novel, and each module contains planning guides, tutorials, as well as resources. In addition, tutorials are step-by-step plans that present users about the topic, and then give them a solid understanding of ways to apply the techniques to turn them into a successful, published author.

  • Module 1 – novel outline: this guide will show you how to write a novel by speeding up the writing process as well as support learners produce a strong, publishable novel. In addition, The novel outline guide will assist learners create character sketches, which really work, and plot points that produce a strong story. These character sketches will let learners easily determine the value of their subplots as well as plot layers.
  • Module 2 – novel writing: this module covers a proven method for building a list of ideas for their novels, 6 ways to hook their chapters in order that the reader will not want to set their book down until it is finished, and much more.
  • Module 3 – writing craft: this part will help users target specific areas in their writing where they might be struggling. Besides, people will receive some tutorials that are broken down difficult writing problems into fixable, simple routines.
  • Module 4 – Fiction Publishing – with this module, learners will discover all the pros and cons of print on demand, traditional publishing, electronic publishing, self publishing and much more.
  • Module 5 – Book Marketing: this module will show learners how to market their book and write it.
  • Module 6 – Building a Writing Career
  • Module 7 – Web Marketing

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how to write a novel order

Writing Novels – Pros and Cons


  • Novel Writing Academy program helps writers save a lot of time and effort for writing novels and sell them.
  • The program contains detailed instructions that can share how to write a novel, so learners can follow with ease
  • The system gets an interface that is clear.
  • The program provides video tutorials so learners can understand exactly how to write a novel.
  • In addition, learners will have a 24/7 access to the Help Center if they get stuck.
  • Julie Coan offers a policy of back money in case Novel Writing Academy program does not work for users.


Novel Writing Academy program covers many strong points; however, it also has some disadvantages. Novel writing academy program is not perfect course, which teaches you how to write a novel, and become successful writers  overnight. You have to spend time and effort for planning their own novel business strategies, and novel writing academy program only a supportive tool for them.

How to write a novel?

Writing Novels – Conclusion

This full Novel Writing Academy review made by me truthfully to see whether novel writing academy program works for your problem or not. In my experience, you should try it then you can understand how to write a novel. Try it right now!

novel writing academy review

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