The Consistent Golf School Review – Will The Course Work?

the consistent golf school

How To Play Golf With The Consistent Golf School

The consistent golf school review: This review’s purpose is to provide reader a multi-aspects review about the CGS, which includes 6 parts:

1. How To Play Golf – Author’s Claim

2. About Jeff Richmond – The Author of The Consistent Golf School

3. How The Consistent Golf School Works?

4. The Consistent Golf School – Advantages

5. The Consistent Golf School – Disadvantages

6. The Consistent Golf School – Conclusion

How To Play Golf – Author’s Claim

The Consistent Golf School claimed to be the 1st online golf school for golf players at all age/level who want to be an consistent, powerful players that are looked up by their mates and co-players. Though Golf is a quite popular sport to gain fitness, there have not been many online training golf courses.  

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The CGS promised to provides step-by-step guideline on how to play golf and improve golf skills in four detailed aspects of the games for users. The school then gives users a practical program that enhances the weakest side of player’s golf skills. More important, the CGS argued that users do not have to watch instructional video every day, they do not need training aids and too many tips or have to read a lot of information. They just simply follow the 5 step formula and keep practice and follow the program whenever they like until they are happy at a particular golf level. The school in fact believed that their program can make players become skilful, confident and understand what make a great golfer differ from an average player.

About Jeff Richmond – The Author Of The Consistent Golf School

Jeff Richmond is the founder and director of the Consistent Golf School. He is a professional golf instructor who has spent more than 25 years teaching and coaching golf players at all level. He can be contacted at:

Email: jeff [at] consistentgolf dot com OR

Addess: Jeff Richmond 616 Corporate Way, Suite 2 Valley Cottage, NY 10989-2050 USA

How The Consistent Golf School Works

Jeff, director of CGS indicated that any players who purchase the online golf course at $17 then will follow his 5 Step Formula to achieve their desirable level of playing golf. The 5 Step Formula consists of:

  •  Step 1: Rank 4 aspects of a golf game (long/short/putting/mental) in term of the weakest to the strongest.
  • Step 2: The school then offer a proven step–by–step practice program to help players improve student’s weakest point.
  • Step  3: Follows the program and keep practice until the player feel happy at a certain level
  • Step 4: Having a plan to maintain that level and even improve more.
  • Step 5: Go back to step 1 and repeat the process

As a matter of fact, the main point of this strategy is to make progress on the weakest side of the players since all sides of a game related strongly to each other, if once seems to fail, then the others tend to be affected as well. Therefore, players are encouraged to improve more on that weakest side first, which will consequently help them improve the others and bring an overall better result.

There are four part of a game that Jeff suggested players should focus and practice each at one time on which are:

  • The Long game
  • The Short game
  • The Putting game
  • The Mental game

Generally, the long, shot and putting games focus on the physical, technical skills of players so that they are advised to build more strength based on particular weakness, while on the mental side, players are consulted on how to be more confident, how to keep calm, how to be concentrated and how to be overcome depression, avoid how to be manage stress.

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The Consistent Golf School – Advantages

  • Save player’s money and time since the price of the course is reasonable compared to taking a real course or hiring a personal instructors.
  • The 5 step formula is flexible, easy to use.
  • The course comes with lots of bonuses includes DVDs, free online support from Jeff, eBook, databases and video instructions.
  • Content of the course are updated frequently.
  • The program can be easily downloaded and operated smoothly on every PC system.
  • No restriction on time and level of golf training since users are free to practice at any time they feel comfortable and practice until they feel happy at a particular level.
  • If users see no significant improvement, the school have money back 60 day guarantee program.

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The Consistent Golf School – Disadvantages

Though the CGS does have a lot of advantages, it does have some weak points where users have to consider. Firstly, the videos on their websites speed are slow and the information on the website somehow is not organized very well. Moreover, the support of the school is undertaken by Jeff only so it might take time for him to reply every student’s concern.

The Consistent Golf School – Conclusion

Overall, Jeff Richmond’s online training golf school seems like a potential and valuable choice for newbie and golf players at the beginning process. The price of the course is reasonable and his step-by-step progress improvement strategy which concentrated on the weakest skill of the players is easy to understand and imply. Nevertheless, players might doubt over the real effectiveness of the course and some might prefer face-to-face instruction. Therefore, the decision remains on each person’s preference.

the consistent golf school

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