4 Easy ways on how to teach a dog to fetch

Dogs love to play and run! The fetch game is a great way for the dog to get in both exercise and play with you. Commonly, fetch is one game in which you throw something and the dog runs to retrieve this item and then bring this back to you. A lot of dogs are naturally excellent at chasing something which is thrown to them; however they cannot always be excellent at bringing as well as giving it back. Therefore, in this article, VKool.com will introduce you 4 easy ways on how to teach a dog to fetch. The writing collected a list of effective ways from reliable sources. Keep reading this writing to learn these best ways on how to teach a dog to fetch in more detail!

4 Easy Ways On How To Teach A Dog To Fetch That Work

1. Choose The Suitable Toy For Your Dog

how to teach a dog to fetch - choose the suitable toy for your dog

Playing fetch is an excellent way to exercise the dog. You will want one favorite toy when studying how to teach a dog to fetch, but ensure that the toy is unharmed for your dog. For instant, small balls will be swallowed or something that break or chip would hurt the dog. You should buy some quality dog toys and then experiment with them around your house to observe which one is the dog’s favorite together with how he reacts as well. Here are some examples of great toys for fetch:

  • Tennis ball
  • Flyer for dogs
  • Squeaky toys for dogs
  • Flying disc for dogs
  • Tug of war style ropes for dogs
  • Rubber stick
  • Old socks tied together
  • Stuffed plush toys

If you’re having one hard time getting the dog to even play with these toys, just put a little meat juice or chicken broth on these toys to attract him.

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2. Train The Dog To Chase The Toy

how to teach a dog to fetch - train the dog to pick up the toy

You’ll need to know whether the dog is going to run after this toy or not when you toss this away from yourself. Some dogs can run right after this, but some can lay down for one nap. If this happens, you do not be disappointed at the dog. He just wants time to learn. Now, here are some ways you can spark the dog’s interest:

Play tug-of-war

  • Get the dog to take this toy in the mouth along with play tug-of-war. Next take this toy from the dog’s mouth. After that, shake this a little ahead of his face and then toss this away, yet not too far. If the dog grabs it, you play the game again and toss this toy much further.
  • If the dog just looks at this toy and completely has no opinion about what it means, you grab this and shake it ahead of him again till he starts to show interest. You toss it before he can to grab this from you.
  • Continue these above steps till the dog shows interest in this game. The dog will study that picking up this toy after having tossed it will result in a fun game which he likes.

Stuff The Treats Into The Toy

If the dog just lays there together with sees you with puppy eyes, this means the toy doesn’t work on the dog. Next, you may continue to interest your dog by taking one dog treat and next put it inside this toy. Allow him to sniff out this treat, indicate him this treat and place it back inside as well as toss the toy. You may repeat this till he figures out there’s a tasty treat for hunting the toy.

As he finally goes after this, you can supply him the treat.

3. Train The Dog To Pick Up The Toy

how to teach a dog to fetch - train the dog to chase the toy

Here are detailed guides to train your dog:

Praise Your Dog

After the dog is fond of the toy, supply it one toss and notice if your dog puts mouth on this. If you do not have any luck, chase the toy yourself along with grabbing it…
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However when your dog tries to grab the toy from you, indicate him praise and reward till he picks up this toy, then give him one treat. Keep tossing this toy further away from yourself as well as reward your dog with many treats and praise each time the dog picks up the toy.

Be Patient

The dog can either drop the toy in place or stand there holding it in his mouth. Tell him to “get your toy for me” or “pick up your toy”. When your dog does, you reward him again and deliver praise. Just be patient. You are almost there!

4. Train Your Dog To Drop The Toy And Come Back With It

how to teach a dog to fetch - train your dog to drop the toy and come back with it

This is also a great way on how to teach a dog to fetch.

Bait and switch

If you want to know information related to animals and pets, go to our main Home Lifestyle page. After reading the article of 4 easy ways on how to teach a dog to fetch, hope you find more some health tips for yourself. If you have any question, please leave them below, I will respond you as soon as possible. Also, you can share the experience if you know other ways on how to teach a dog to fetch to us.

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