Best cleanser for dry skin on face – 5 facial cleaning tips

best cleanser for dry skin

Each skin type will suit each different form of lotions and cleansers and if you use the wrong products, they will not bring high performance but also make your skin weakened. Therefore, if you want to completely treat dry skin with roughness, chap, and peeling, you need to have right choices to suit your condition.

I. Tips To Choose Best Cleanser For Dry Skin On Face – Best Cleansers:

The rough, peeling dry skin will make you feel itchy, painful, uncomfortable, and significantly impact your look. With some perfect ways to choose the best cleanser for dry skin on face, you will be able to get beautiful, whiter-looking skin without spending too much time, money, and efforts.

In this section of the entire article, I would like to introduce some of the best ways to choose the best cleanser for dry skin that people should keep the head on, including:

  • Low alkali cleansers
  • Moisturizing cleansers
  • Homemade olive oil cleanser

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1. Choose The Cleansers With Low Content Of Alkali:

This is the first out of the tips to choose the best cleanser for dry skin on face that I would like to introduce in this article and hope that people will apply it for good!

The reasons for rough, chapped dry skin are the frequent exposure of the skin to sunlight, dirt, pollution; the deficiencies of vitamin A, vitamin B; or the use of cosmetics, lotions which are inappropriate. Therefore, if you are suffering from dry skin, then you need to have a separate skin care regime to get the results you want.

Dry skin is caused by the lack of water and when the body does not provide the skin with enough moisture. Therefore, you need to choose the products with low contents of alkali and do not contain detergents for not worsening the dry skin condition. In addition, the cleansers need to contain high levels of moisturizers, vitamins A, vitamin C, and vitamin E to limit the early skin aging process and gently remove the sebum without affecting the moisture on your skin.

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2. Choose The Cleansers With Moisturizing Effect:

best cleanser for dry skin

Cleansers for dry skin need to contain moisturizing essential oils because it is not only good for moisturizing the skin but it also helps to quickly penetrate nutrients to the skin, making it softer and smoother every day.

You should choose the types of cleanser that contains natural oils, such as olive oil, lavender oil, coconut oil, sesame oil … to provide deep moisture to your skin. In addition, the products which are extracted from natural ingredients can often bring about high efficiency and come without skin irritation effect, so you can feel safe when use them. This is also one of the most effective ways to choose best cleanser for dry skin on face that people should not look down!

3. Recipe Of Homemade Cleanser For Dry Skin:

best cleanser for dry skin

If you cannot find the suitable type of cleanser for your dry skin condition, why don’t you give yourself a healthy homemade cleanser? With the following simple recipe for cleanser, you will be able to treat dry skin very effectively.


– Usual cleanser

– Olive oil (coconut oil or sesame oil is fine)

How To Make And Apply:

Step 1: Mix olive oil with a little cleanser and then rub all over your facial skin, and massage gently for a while before rinsing it off with warm water.

Step 2: After cleaning your face, you should apply a thin layer of olive oil on your face to keep your skin look soft.

II. Things To Avoid When Using Cleanser For Dry Skin:

Even you are male or female, you have your own beauty demands of yourself. However, there are some things you should keep in mind when using cleanser for dry skin because there are things which seem very small, but can left negative impacts on your skin. Here are the common things you should avoid when cleansing your dry skin.

1. Have Not Washed The Hand Before Cleansing The Face: 

best cleanser for dry skin

A familiar manipulation when washing face is that you will pour the cleanser to your hand with a little water for foamy, and then start to wash the face. There are many people forget to clean hands before cleansing the face. The reason for this “must-do” manner is that your hands touched, held many things that contain a lot of bacteria, such as money, door handles, the stairs … making both hands and your nails are jam-packed of bacteria, making the face cleansing action similar to giving your face more bacteria. For dry skin, this is very dangerous and can worsen the situation.

2. Rub The Skin Heavily: 

best cleanser for dry skin

There are many myths that rubbing the skin thoroughly will help to remove all the contaminants remaining on the skin. Even, some people use wet towel to rub the skin. This is not only helpless in improving the quality of skin as you desire, but conversely, it also makes your skin red or even prone to skin damage. Facial skin is very sensitive and relatively fragile. Therefore, you should remember to gentle clean it with a suitable cleanser to get healthy skin and improve dry skin. This is actually the last things not to do when cleaning dry skin that I would like to introduce in this article

This is the list of tips to choose best cleanser for dry skin on face and things not to do when cleaning dry skin with cleanser that are proven to be effective for people with all types of skin so that readers of and people who really love their skin and want to clean their skin without having skin damages or making it dry should learn and try at home.

If you see that the tips to choose best cleanser for dry skin on face that I – author Lien Nguyen of – released in this article are exactly what are perfect for your current situation and other people you know who are also suffering from dry skin, feel free to share this list with them and show me your own opinions by commenting in the form below.

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